Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning a new language made easy...

As easy as eating fries...

Learning a new foreign language is not that problematic..but mastering a new foreign language is extremely difficult and complicated.That takes up time, requires years and years of practice.Definitely.

To gain a new language today would be easier than doing it in the olden days due to the various learning methods that are available in the market..You name it...learning by going to language classes or through mediums like books, radios, television programmes, and not forgetting the most up-to-date learning medium, the Internet.So yeah..learning a new language made easy, don't you think?

There is a wide array of resources to learn languages on the web and the most important thing about these websites is that they offer quality structured lesson plans for free..I repeat for Nabeyl..I think they get what u mean..

Some of the good quality websites that offer language lessons for free...

BBC Languages
The perfect website to learn a new foreign language.It offers “Quick Fix Phrases” in 36 languages to aid travelers mainly, those who only need to have a basic knowledge of the language spoken in order to stay in a foreign country. However, BBC languages also offers a total of six 12-week courses for those who are keen to learn a foreign language namely French, Spanish, German, or Italian.

Free Online Languages
You'll find list of links according to the language you wish to learn.How convenient is that!!!There are so many links that you can choose from.So you should have no reason not to explore and click on the links to enlighten yourself with something new.

Live Mocha
Live Mocha is one of the most complete featured language learning sites on the web.It doesn't just offer structured lessons for over twenty languages, but it also links you with other users all over the globe who are learning, or already fluent in the language you are learning. A great website where you would be able to learn a new language through interactions with quizzes and also people from other countries.

I have actually found the best way of learning a new language..That is by interacting with the native speaker of the language itself.How to do so, you might ask?Well finding a native speaker of a certain foreign language in ur own country might be such a troublesome.Don't worry...E-tandem is here to the rescue!!!Yay2.Wait..E-tandem wut?

In E-Tandem, you will work together with a language learning partner from another country - by telephone, e-mail or other media. From your partner, you will learn his or her language while he or she learns your native language.You'll definitely gain positive outcomes from this e-tandem program.I have enrolled myself in this program and I must say that it has helped me a lot in my journey of learning the German language.The mediums of conversation that I'm using are E-mail, Messenger, Skype and also Facebook.Easy ways to communicate huh?exactly...

To get started, click here.Then register by clicking here.
After verifying ur email, you'll just have to wait.Please be patient: If there are not enough eTandem partners available for this language or if many people are looking for a partner with the same profile, this may take weeks or even months.Take my advice if you want to get an E-tandem partner earlier,within two or three days.Put your native language as English and for sure you'll find your partner within less than a week.But make sure you have good command of English yeah...

That should be all for today...I hope that you guys have gained something from this post and will take this opportunity to better yourself for the future world.Till next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Babaroga said...

cara yang bagus untuk mencari pasangan international yeahh!(terpesong) THANKSSS!!

btw semangat gila korang! good lepas ni boleh jadi batch terrHEBAT deutsch. nanti kasi tahu sikit ape cerite benda alah ni okay?


Rahmat Hidayat said...

nice sites for learning new languages, beyl
i mesti gigih nk blaja japanese hehe

Miss Lula said...

thanx for the infos.. that`s really great..

[z@ck] said...

mastering a new language is challenging yet complicated..

yg penting..ada usaha yang berterusan.

shandye. said...

you wanna know something?

basically your blog has inspired me to take up french as an extra credit for this semester. i mean, my course's curriculum deemed us tesl students to take up 6 credits of 'pilihan bebas' or 'free electives', provided that the subject is offered by other faculties except your very own; and thus a lot of us quickly decided to take up writing courses or something like that and shunned away from third language courses.

then it made me thinking; "would it be cool if i take like german or french or something like that? you never know when you're going to use it, right?"

talked to my mom for a bit about the idea and she say that french is kinda awesome.

and... reading your blog and you were like babbling in german every now and then makes it sounds and feel so effortlessly.

long story short... its my fifth weeks in french class now and i am loving it.

the fact madame irene told us about the 'educational' trip that they are planning early march 2011 makes me all pumped up to brush up my french so that hopefully i was selected for that trip. hahaha...

pretty crazy, huh?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to babaroga:
Haha..tu pown bleh gak..kesten kan..terhebat ke..x sehebat kamoe..tu la pasal kena guna website ni dgn gigih..

to matt:
baguih2...u go matt..

to miss lula:
u're most welcome

to z@ck:
betul2..sngt setuju

mrs camillo said...

nabil.. when u keep that misai and janggut, u look so matured duhh~ :) i wonder muka nabil with full beard, kahkahakha...

selamat stdy di tempat baru..
jangan lupa solat. :)

selamat berkenalan lagi? boleh ke?

Milo Skilos said...

eh..kejap je dah fly germany.
say hi to all students there :)

AkU said...

erk~~AkU kena master German language la nmpaknye..T_T

baikpunyeblog said...

aku nak bace entry BIpun tergagap2 ni pulak nak blaja bahse lain alamatnye terbelit la lidah.aku bahse sendri pandai la.hak2

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to shandye: u have to get urself registered in any of the websites mentioned above,right?Hope to see u in 2011...insyaallah...go shandye!!!Viel Glueck!

to mrs camillo:
Haha..semalam baru je shave..some of my friends preferred me with the moustache and gootee...I do think I look better with them..skang nmpk chubby dan muda sngt..haha

to milo:
Yup2.thanx.insyaallah akan sampaikan

to aku:
Kalau master lagi baguih..hehe

to baikpunyeblog:
hehe..xpe take things slow..lama mesti bleh punya

Anonymous said...

ya ke?blaja bahasa baru sesenang makan kentang?

haha,but thanks utk info itu abg nabil tapi nak perkukuh bahasa inggeris dulu.:D

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to jannah j:
haha..xde la sesenang tu kot...kalau basic phrases je bleh la kata senang..motif letak statement tu sebab nak letak gambar perasan hensem tu..hehe

fahrulazmi said...

aku selalu teringin nak belajar bahasa jepun (bkan german) tp selalu malas. haha.

AkU said...

jgn lupe ek..

.:rainbeau:. said...

hyep nabeyl!!!*lambai lambai*
livemocha is great! i mmg blajar hangul(bahasa korea) kat situ...sbb ada cara tulis, n cara sebut yang betul. tp sbb i pemalas kan, tak naik tahap pun setelah sekian lama.hahahaha

Hazwan Hassan said... yg sgt brgune..ewan pon skrng nie dlm usaha yg bertrusan utk blaja french dlm mse trdekat nie...

neway u tgh study deutsch ke skrng?
amacam..ok x?? :P

neway nabil, ewan dah start blogging smule singgah la yek.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fahrulazmi:
Haha..rajin2 kan la diri ek..viel Glück

to aku:
jangan lupa ape?

to rainbeau:
Hehe..sama la gak..malas dah..lagipown xde masa...yg penting e-tandem still gigih berjalan..

to ewan:
Owh gud2..makin susah geela...sigh..tapi okie kot..dah dalam environment org ckp german senang sini nak pick up..

AkU said...

no aweks sne..ops..ngee~~

NIZAM said...

Hi Nabil,

tadi terklik entri ni. sy suka bhs sebenarnya. i mean bukan utk exam purpose la. sbb bila kat uni, foreign languange is compulsory to take. so, everyone just want to make sure pass for enter next level. in my uni, foreign laguange should be taken in 3 level. i think is not fun where we must take quizzes, listening test n etc to fulfill requirement to pass. oh, MUET assesment is simple rather than foreign language, i thought.

knape sy cakap bnda ni plak kat entri ni. haha. cuma nk cakap: languange is fun kalo kita blaja relax2 kan.

nice entri. sy cdg nak blaja french la. sbb suke dgr lagu carla bruni. romantik je bunyi french tu. hehe.


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Nizam:
Haha..semangat..French is a very romantic i x suka sangat kot..sebab kena dengar betul2..what u read is not what you say out..I kena blaja language sebab blaja engineering in nak xnak kena cuba improve..howoe