Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Doing the things I love with my loved ones...

What are the things I love to do? If you’ve read my profile and my blog, you would know that going out for an outing, watching movies, cooking, indulging sweet things and shopping are some of the things I really enjoy doing. What would be better than doing these activities with you loved ones, right?

My mum and my sister came here to visit me during my winter break.They touched down in Amsterdam on last Saturday and will be spending the rest 4 weeks in Europe with me...weeeee..

Jejak Kasih - With mak and my sis, Zalikha

    Before we went to watch the movie Tron (which I really don't recommend to watch), we went shopping at the Primark branch here in Rotterdam.Chock-a-block of people y'all

What we had for Dinner? - Homemade Fish and Chips made by Ayah james with the fish he caught himself.Sedappp...

Some of the desserts I've tasted for the past few days..The first pastry was from Aunty Yolanda's birthday.The deepfried oreos were made by Falinda.They were delicioussss.My sis and I went out shopping with Falinda and we had a tea time at La Place.We had melted white chocs and variety of desserts.I can't describe with words how good they were.The last picture was taken when we had a tea for two at Hema's cafe.The chocolates came with the tea.

Tea time at Hema's cafe

In the making of Lasagna.Falinda was the chef..My sis and I were the kitchen helpers. Aunty Jolanda was the Masterchef..hehe..

 Walllaaaa...Lasagna ready to be eaten..Owh for the second batch I did the layers...teruja!!!

Posing for the camera is also one of the things I love to do..I'm stating the obvious kan..haha..ada ke blog post without camwhoring moments..humma2

Chomeyl dua2 adik-beradik ni

Yang ni...erkk..

The Chinatown in Den Haag

We went to have our lunch at Simonis, a famous Seafood restaurant in Holland.

I ate this...Calamari with chips..Nikmat terasa x terhingga...

Happy campers...Senyum satisfied dan happy kan...

That's pretty much the things I've done so far with my family members.Stay tune for more updates in the coming posts.We're going on a Europe tour...weeeee


achik ezam said...

comel jer....

Nk kirim fridge magnet lah....hehehehe

Anyway selamat bercuti seisi keluarga

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To achik:
Thanks..take care..

Anonymous said...

Best nya dpt travel dgn family!!..have fun nabil :)
Farah Hani :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To farah hani:
Thanx for the wish...take care

:: Little Kouru:: said...

spending time with the family is the best.Happy holiday, Nabil.. =)

aMy said...

aaa best nye nabil,family datang melawat ehehe.
btw u guys are looking great! have fun !

yaya|azura said...

Calamari idaman hari! Eh. Lupe mimpi apa lak malam tadi but I don't recall any calamari in my dream. Hmmmmm.
Anyway, am so happy to see such a wonderful happy family together-gether. Ayah James tu adik beradik mak you ye? :)

gadizgula said...

how i wish i could be there... im planning to travel around europe 1 day...hehehe thanx nabil for the inspired story u've blog

DoOrDie said...

Note to self - Never ever read this blog when my tummy is still empty. It makes me suffer. #nanges.

*lap air liur*

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

nice picture

sully86 said...


AfiQ said...

wah!!! look yummy! mkn besar tuh! ^___^

aLiMaH__ SaNuSi said...

that the right thing to do, share ur interest with ur family member,have a great holiday with ur family..

skY Hayyat said...

Amaze. Jarang jumpa lelaki suke sweets things. And of coz juga, u also sweet. Have fun with family!

imah said...

oh yeah! cuti !!

Sara Hanny said...

yg spesel 0ne?takda ke?hehehe

.:rizaL:. said...

Baru je follow blog awk sebulan i if u notice, i've read evry post since then. I luv them all. n sure i realized u LOVE EATING ehhe...is it true bro?

Fie Omar said...

wah! bestnya!
happy kan! :)

suka tgk pic kat area kapal tu.
ala2 model !!~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to little kouru:
thanks..it is the best moment, right?

to Amy:
Thanx Amy.

to yaya:
Haha..x mimpi calamari ke..huhu..ayah james is my mum's brother.hee...

to gadiz gula:
No problem.I'm happy to share with you my experiences.Hope u'll get to do the europe tour soon..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Doordie:
LOL..itu penting kan..

to faiz:

to sully:

to afiq:
memang besar.tu baru tgk setengah gambar..tengok gambar penuh calamari tu pengsan terus..such a big portion.

to alimah:
Thank you so much.take care

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sky hayyat:
Jarang ke jumpa..i think lelaki lagi suka sweet things than perempuan.Gula dalam kopi nak lebey ye..hoho..thanx hayyat.

to imah:

to sara:
The last time I checked, xde la pulak.

to rizal:
Thank you so much rizal..appreciate it a lot.Yeah I LOVE to eat!!

to fie:
Haha..tu time berangan ala2 model...xle blah skit

skY Hayyat said...

More specifically I'm referring to those lelaki yang suka kek, brownies and perhaps lolipop?. Heee

jackieKOH said...

woahhhh..haha..nabel2 ak tgok gmbar je td..mlm ne ak baca entri ne..penat giler..ok?? [sempat komen je]

abeshazwani said...

adik pompuan bang bil (as per raja lawak nabil bahasakan diri dia) pun nama zalikha? ala-ala hanis plak. huhu

Kembali Senyum said...

HAHA. cerite tron tuh memang tak best. rugi tengok kan. enjoy ur holiday ! ;)

Mainur Hasnah said...

best sangat .. bertuah betul Nabil family datang tinggal sebulan pulak tu..lagi gempak Nabil terer buat desert..
happy holiday

Mainur Hasnah said...

best sangat .. bertuah betul Nabil family datang tinggal sebulan pulak tu..lagi gempak Nabil terer buat desert..
happy holiday

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To sky hayyat:
Haha..yeah brownies mmg best...

To jackie:
Okay je.thanx dah gigih comment awal

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To abeshazwani:
Haha..ada post pasal tu..nama memainkan peranan kah.

To.kembali senyum:
Thanx..take care yeah..

To mainur:
Hee..nak gempak masak masakan melayu..nak suruh mak masak best2

Salmiyati Raus said...

Hye nabil..first time bace blog u,,terpikat sudeh! admit!
i read all ur father wrote first..i jatuh hati care dye menulis,,tapi lame dye xupdate,,
& U,,terus jatuh hati!,,u've posses the cute face with lesung pipit!
niway enjoy ur day with family k!

~Miss_eiyDa ~ said...

muka u kn sebijik macam muka mak u kan...hehehhe

Macham Iz Punye said...

hehehehehehhe mesti kau teruja gila mak kau dgn adik kau kat sana, mesti tidur bwh ketiak mak terus

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To Salmiyati:
Oh that is so sweet of you.nanti akan gigih mintak my dad tulis new post..thanx for the compliments and wishes...

To miss eiyda:
Haha...ramai yg cakap muka I macam my dad..x tgk lagi actually..

to iz:
Ye kaw jerla memahami aku..

Anonymous said...


D'lla said...

sweet..xsabo nk pi jenjln..hmm..
hope dream come true..huhuu

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to d'lla:
Hee..dah start pergi berjalan-jalan pon..hehe

gadizgula said...

looking at you pics in this entry mmg u look like 25 yrs old man...hehehe jgn marah. nampak macho what!! ;D

eiyra said...

susah tak nak buat dia..?

emelia said...

nk resepi lasagna tu boleh??
nmpak mcm sedap je!!!nk cube nie!!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To gadizgula:
Haha..kalau nampak macho xpe.. ;p

To eiyra:
I cuma tolong je..banyak benda gak kena buat tp lepas makan puas hati sangat..

To emelia:
Resipi? Haha hari tu x sempat tulis la..tu my aunt's recipe..