Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Shopping in Germany?

Not a chance!!! You'll not be able to do much on a Sunday in Germany.It's very quite here on Sundays.Most people would just lock themselves in their cosy house doing nothing but to laze around. But2..we're Malaysians.We don't just sit around and do nothing on a Sunday, right? Ok, maybe sometimes we do...But it's Sunday Shopping yáll.Sape suka buat last minit shopping kalau bukan Malaysians kan..Hari Ahad je kalau Mydin x penuh xde tempat parking x sah la.Hari Ahad je kalau gi Megamall x pusing2 tiga empat kali cari parking x sah la.Ke tu hari sabtu? Ke hari-hari...Sigh..Slalu je gi Megamall kena pusing2..howoe.

Okay back to the Shopping in Germany on a Sunday.So what can we do?
Nak Shopping..Nak Shopping!!!
Let's go to Roermond!!! Okay wait, before I continue explaining about Roermond, let me enlighten you all with the reason why in Germany the shops are not opened on Sundays. 

(Source from Wikipedia)
Sunday shopping refers to the ability of retailers to operate stores on Sunday, a day that Christian tradition typically recognizes as the Sabbath, a "day of rest". Rules governing shopping hours, such as Sunday shopping, vary around the world but some European nations continue to ban Sunday shopping.

If you really need to do groceries shopping on Sundays, the only alternative you can do is to shop at the airport or the central station.But you won't get much varieties of the stuff and the price would be damn expensive. yeah...

I've actually written a post on Shopping in Roermond. If you would like to read the post, click here. Roermond is very near to the border between Germany and Holland.In Holland, shops are opened even on Sundays. Best kan..Deswai Germans also love to go to Roermond on Sundays.Even though I was in Roermond, I felt like I was in Germany due to the number of people talking in German there.hee.Mediums of conversation at the shops are English, German and Dutch.You all pilih la nak cakap mana satu.

Semua teruja naik train heading to Roermond.
Pic above : Fizz, My mum and Darwin. Pic below : Zhaf, Rumitha, Zalikha and I

It's Roermond yáll..We're here!!!

Free ride on the Shop Bus to all shopping outlets in Roermond.Only available on Saturday and Sunday.

The shopping atmosphere at Roermond Designer Outlet.

We had our lunch at Chris Vis..Sedapppp

Fish & Chips...mhhhmmm

Ternampak tiga orang budak pompuan gelak2 makan benda ni.Terus teruja gi cari kedai jual Cotton Candy kan..Wee..Terus ambik Supersized Cotton Candy..

Can you imagine how big the cotton candy was? Tu baru ambik size Super belum Turbo lagi kan..hoho..

Tengok muka sorung2 menikmati Cotton Candy tu..Menjilat jari lagi..

X puas okay shopping satu hari kat sini.Tempat besar geela mata rambang terus.

Penat dah berjalan...howoe

Heading back home...Happy Shoppers!!!

So now you know where you can go shop till you drop on Sundays. Roermond!! Roermond!!
Till the next post, tschüss und mach's gut!


farah booboo said...

nak jgak cotton candy tu!!!
warna biru ade? hehe

mahirahnazlim said...

wahhh bestttt ! shopping smpi lebam3 HAHA

.:rizaL:. said...

and again...I envy ur life. i got a friend in Germany & he's a turkish.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to farah:
Hehe..xde la sangat synonym ngan cotton candy kan.

to mahirahnazlim:
Haha..penat malas nak bangun dah..kaki lenguh2

to rizal:
Owh really? which part of Germany?

:: Little Kouru:: said...

can i have one of those cotton spree time mmg bestkan??.. =)

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Syioq tak kira no...!!
Makan cotton candy lagi...
Shopping satu lorry ker?....hehehe!
- Ayah

miszlullaby said...

besar gile cotton candy!boleyh wat bantal.hihi =D

nazrul ashraff said...

candy yang sangat gemuk lagi menyelerakan..

qiqi said...

nak jgk cotton candy!!!!!
dah besar~~huk2..mesti puas mkn!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to little kouru:
Shopping sentiasa best..tu kalau ada duit la..hehe

to ayah:
Haha..kalau boleh memang nak shopping satu lorry..

to miszlullaby:
U have no idea..sedap je tido xmo bangun dah.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nazrul:"
Lepas makan kita plak gemoe kan.

to qiqi:
Nak makan sorunk..baru puas..muahaha

.:rizaL:. said...

hannover or sumthing, i cnt remmber

.:rizaL:. said...

hannover or sumthing, i cnt remmber

Mainur Hasnah said...

mungkin kerana Nabil selalu dikelilingi girl yg 4 orang nabil secara tak langsung suka shopping eh..hehehe
nbak cotton candy juga..sedap nya

SyahmiFikri said...

serius kalu aku beli cotton candy tu..

mau terbahak2 gelak! yer laa..

besat doe.,. nak makan pon malu

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To rizal:
Oh ok...

To mainur:
Ada la jugak kot kena tempias budak pompuan tu..

To syahmi:
haha..hari tu pon maloe jugak..semua orang pandang hari tu..jadi centre of attention jugak la..

fatihahafiza said...

cotton candy dah same besar mcm christmast tree

yaya|azura said...

Babyphat.... kali ni entry kurang skit pasal makanan. Dah insaf barangkali? Hihihi. Tapi ai tetap jeles with da cotton candy!!!

MingMing said...

waa.. cotton candy.. besa giler..

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