Monday, December 24, 2012

Weihnachtsmarkt fever!

Weihnachtsmarkt? Remember my post on "Meet the Mugologist"? The term Weihnachtsmarkt has been explained in that post. Weihnachtsmarkt a.k.a German Christmas market is the main reason why people go out during winter. The lovely decorations and awesome food make you forget about the freezing cold weather instantly. It's an amazing place for you to hang out with your friends and family members, drinking hot chocolate or glühwein or simply going around looking at beautiful things and great food that the market has to offer.

German Christmas market fever is very infectious.Once you get infected, there's no turning back ;p. I always look forward to go to the Christmas Market because of the roasted almonds and the beautiful mugs they have there. I would go from one market to the other looking for the best roasted almonds available and if the market has a cute mug, i would buy myself a cup of hot chocolate and take the mug home. Now I got a collection of Weihnachtsmarkt mugs mostly from the cities in NRW.

Okay enough with the babbling, let's take a look at the variety of Christmas markets I've explored... Enjoy!


The view of the Hexenhof Christmas market in Aachen

Nani and Darwin waiting for the Flammkuchen

Nobis ni ada merata-rata kat Aachen.. 
Kalau datang sini x beli something from here memang x sah! 

Hee kan dah terbeli... 

Fizz and Darwin promoting Lebkuchen 

Amagadddd look at these lovely Lebkuchen... 

Weihnachtsmarkt near Aachener Dom

A model of the Aachener Dom

Scary x? 

Ni lagi satu spot Christmas market kat Aachen 

Siap ada giant gingerbread man lagi

Hey it's Fizz, Nani and I in front of the Gingerbread man..  

Abe ni tengah roll marzipan untuk buat dessert

The delicious food you can find at the Christmas market here in Aachen.. 
Meleleh air liur.. 

Jalan2 sambil makan.. 

Can't get enough of the Nobis Lebkuchen! 

The starting view of the Dortmunder Weihnachtsmarkt 

Darwin, Nabeyl,  Rumitha,  Rintha and Zikri

Darwin,  Rumitha, Tony,  Fizz and Alena

Oh Karussell... 

The lovely Christmas market in Dortmund


Weihnachtsmarkt at Heinrich-Heine-Allee, Düsseldorf 

Beautiful light decoration at the Christmas market 

Another Christmas markt called Sternchenmarkt (stars market) 

Schaumkuss a.k.a Schokokuss


Jalan2 terserempak lagi satu Weihnachtsmarkt... 

Zikri and Zairol


Krefelder Weihnachtsmarkt xde la besar sangat but it's still a fun place to hang out and eat good food

Backfisch! Oily skit tapi sedappppp

Fizz sedang menjamu selera

Went to Christmas in the evening with Darwin and Fizz

Champignons mit Käsesoße (mushrooms with cheese sauce) 

Chomeyl mug kat Christmas market Krefeld ni.. Cam ornament ball..


Bintang2 berkerdipan... Taken at the Cologne central station 

The Christmas market at Rudolfplatz

Mug dia pon menjadi pojaan hatiku

Interesting light decoration at the Christmas market

The Christmas decoration near Kölner Dom



The light decoration at Markt der Engel Christmas Market 

The best roasted almonds can be found here..  ;) 

No we go to the Christmas market near the Kölner Dom 

Cantik kan the view of the Kölner Dom from the Christmas market 

The light decoration on the Christmas tree

Yeay dapat ambik gambar with the wishing star

Anisah, Rumitha,  Rintha and Darwin

Oh hot chocolate with whipping cream! 

So now you know why the Christmas market fever is very infectious.. I had so much fun with my friends going around the Christmas market and eating good food there. 
This is a really good place to spend your evening during winter. 

Make sure you don't miss it next year! 

Till the next post... 
Tschüss und mach's gut! 


sitiezahim said...

tak sabar nak neujahr leh main mercunnn hehehhe

Seneorita Baharin said...

super geil! :D ich liebe Weinachtsmarkt! hhhhuhu...ich hab' vermisse es...

Rizal Sadiman said...

Lama x dtg blog ko nabeyl..ko mcm makin berisi je hehe

Sue said...

arghhhh loving all the pictures! tak sabar nak pergi sana one day

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kak siti:
Haha tahu xpe..xtaw lagi camne nak celebrate ni..nak kena plan..

to seneorita baharin:
:) best kan..

to Rizal:
Hahah...winter la katakan..kalau x berisi sikit x sah la..

to Sue:
yeah u should come here especially during Christmas..