Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amsterdam again?

The first time I went to Amsterdam was end of the year 2007 with my family members during our maiden trip to Holland. No blog post link for this cuz I haven't started blogging yet that time. :p

In March 2009, I was there again with my family but believe it or not I was in Europe only for one night. :)
Click One night in Amsterdam to read on that.

A year later, I went there again with my friend, Rumitha during our winter break in March when I started studying in Germany.
Click on this title for more. Köln - Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Köln

I celebrated Raya Aidilfitri for the first time in Europe at the Malaysian Embassy in Den Haag. After the celebration, Darwin, Rumitha, Ziad and I headed to Amsterdam city..Haha on the first day of raya..x bleh blah tul..
I know what you did on the first day of raya!!!

Then, during my Christmas holidays in the same year, Hanis came to Europe for a week.So I took her to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
Shopping or Sightseeing? was the title of my post.

During my winter break in 2011, I got the chance to spend a quality time with my mum and sister when they came to visit me in Germany. We went to Amsterdam on a day trip with Ayah James and Falinda.
DJ got us fallin' in love!!!

During my last winter break around February this year, my friends and I went to visit my relatives in Rotterdam. Darwin, Rumitha and Ina joined me on a day trip to Amsterdam city. I focused on writing about our visit to Madame Tussaud on this post.
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

And recently, I went to Amsterdam again! I refused to go at first but I was persuaded by my friends, Rahman and Maslina who came all the way from Egypt to visit this amazing city. :) 

So I became like an unofficial tour guide to them.I did a bit of research and used most of my experiences to help them get the best experience in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very nice city and there are a lot of great activities that you can experience there.Plan your trip well and chose wisely where you wanna go.
I would suggest to those who have a smartphone with them to download the "tripadvisor city guide" app. It's really really helpful. With an offline map, thousand of reviews and a great list of sightseeing places, it's a must have app that will never let you down...

A screen capture of the fascinating app.. loved it!

Even though I've been to Amsterdam quite a number of times, I've never spent the night there.
On the recent trip, we got a hotel and spend two nights in Amsterdam. :)

Oh the food at the hotel was love-layyy..

Taking a walk near the port of Amsterdam...

Taking picture with the Iamsterdam sign from the front is too mainstream.. :p

Rahman and Maslina in front of the Royal Palace at Dam Square

I pon nak gak...

We then took a walk along the canal....

and walk and walk till we reach....

Opps...tengok muka dah tau.. ngeh2..

The next day we did more on sightseeing..
Oh such a beautiful view facing the Amsterdam city..

Terpegun terus...

Amsterdam is famous as a city full of bicycles...Merata-rata nampak bikes je..

I will never get enough of the Amsterdam canals

Jalan-jalan sambil masuk butik..tertibe terserempak kucing besar gedabak ni..woh..sehattt

Tulips market ni jangan lupa visit...

 Oh kalau datang sini x rasa all the variety types of cheese memang x sah la..

 The best place to pose and act like a tourist kan Mas kan?

Hee kan dah cakap...

Oh I nak pose gak.. :p

The view in front of Dam Square

Pose la lagi sekali sebelum balik kan..

Bye bye canal..

I pon xtaw motif pose ni... :p

Goodbye Amsterdam...Till we meet again...

I can't believe that I've actually been to Amsterdam for at least 8 times...And I have a good feeling that I'll visit Amsterdam again soon when my family or friends come to visit me one of these days.. Jadi unofficial tour guide lagi lah... :p 

Till the next post..
Tschüss und mach's gut!


sitiezahim said...

heheh akak baru sampai sekali je amsterdam. cantik...

Cik Tomorrow said...

waahhh ...bestnyaaa ....bicycles!!! goshhh .......jalan-jalan kota amsterdam dgn basikal , so awesome !!! >_<!

bukankosong said...

jeles wehhh

Azyyati Elias said...

Best ye dan cantik je permandangan. :-)

kuning said...

kucing ke harimau tu ahahaha huge!! oh year gi lagi ye bang beyl..muahaahah

Steffany Daph said...

look like u got a lof of stories about amsterdan :D wish my leg sampai sana suatu hari nanti. hahaha..

Cik Tyra Lee said...


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To kak siti:
Cantik time gi nak try gi tempat2 luar city plak..

to Cik Tomorrow:
Yeap blend in ngan takut bicycle kena curi je..huhu..

to bukankosong
jangan jeles weh.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

Azyyati Elias:
Best pergi time winter sebab lake dia jadi keras..kalau lucky boleh ice-skating atas tu..

to kuning:
Haha..tahu xpe..sabo jela nanti..

to Steffany Daph:
Haha a lot of experience and funny stories..insyaallah akan sampai one day..

to cik tyra lee:

alizsahii said...

assalammualaikum abg nabil study kat amsterdam ke ?bestnye:) wish i cud study there someday:) nyway i've added you on facebook. yeah i knew abg takkenal saya. just want to let u know, kalau abg approve pun, i appreciate it a lot:)

Huzniey Saad said...

Awesome nya dapat pergi Amsterdam..... next time bawa saya pula ye. hihi

sully86 said...

nabs: oh nice.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to aliz:
Salam.Bukan study kat Amsterdam. I study kat Germany. Gi amsterdam bercuti je.. :)

to Huzniey:
Haha..blanje ticket ngan hotel ok je. :p

to sully:

Anonymous said...

da complete satu europe ke belum?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

Wan Ahmad Izudean :
Xde duit lor nak round satu europe..slowly cover skit2.. :)