Monday, October 14, 2013

Jom Teh Tarik!

Believe it or not, my first part-time job in Germany was to demonstrate Teh Tarik! Kinda cool when I think back about it.. :P

Well, how did I get the job, you might ask?
I got a text from my JPA officer asking if I would like to do a part time job "buat demo teh tarik" at a food exhibition in Cologne. "
"Demo tarik teh tarik ke?" I asked...haha..macam x caya plak kan..oh and I said ok. And the rest is history..

I got the chance to work under MATRADE Frankfurt for the whole 5 days of ANUGA (Allgemeine Nahrungs Und Genußmittel Ausstellung). Translated to Universal Food and Beverage Exhibition.

It was a very fun and exciting experience. Wanna know why? Because I was working at a food exhibition! Free food and drink sampling all day long..njam njam njam njam...sambil menyelam minum air..sambik buat kerja sambil ngap ngap.. :p

Well, I wasn't doing the part-time job alone. I had to drag Darwin along. :) Our job involved not only demonstrating Teh Tarik, but also to give out brochures, to communicate with potential customers and get their business cards, to distribute and collect forms, to set up wifi just to name a few. Oh and not forgetting, we also had to become translators of German to English and vice versa. :)

On the first day of working..maloe maloe kucing lagi..

On the second day, sedondon dengan kak Jasrene from Tourism Malaysia

Ewahhh demo teh tarik pakai baju melayu..kau hado?

On the 3rd day, dah ada kemajuan skit... Dapat tarik ramai visitors to the booth.. :)

Faces of Malaysia.

 List of Malaysian exhibitors under MATRADE

Most of the time I was working at the Malaysia Pavilion promoting Malaysia and collecting business cards.

Paling laku brochure with the title Culinary Delights..
Resipi rendang satay semua ada kat dalam.. :)

 Darwin and I with Kak Nora and Kak Diana, our employers. :)

There were 11 halls altogether. From one hall to another is like a 5 minutes walk. 
Imagine how big the exhibition was!

Malaysian booth at Hall 2.2

Taken at Hall 4.2, exhibition for frozen food. 
Slalu datang sini untuk makan karipap and paratha.. Hehe

With Ebru, one of the Malaysian hostesses

 Janine and I

The best part of working at this exhibition. Free ice-cream!!!

With Abang Fazil from Brahim's

With Mr Ryan from ASFAR. He's such a cool guy with a lot of experience to share.

With the lovely Gina. She's a fun person to talk to

Group pic with the exhibitors from MPOC. Seronok sembang dengan dorunk ni.
Thank you also for the lunch treat.. :)

The sweet kak Brigitte and I 
This is my favourite booth. I always come here for the durian flavoured coffee..
Terbaik di pasaran wa cakap lu.

Every morning Kak Maryann would come to our booth and offer oat germ biscuits and healthy drinks for breakfast. Oh I miss that!

Group picture with the exhibitors from Muhazirin Holdings and World Prominence. 
Kalau nak rasa tom yam dan spices kena datang booth dorunk ni. 

On the last day with the team from MATRADE Frankfurt

Hasil tangkapan on the last day.

Dah macam penyamun kedai runcit je I tengok.. :P

Tadaaaaa....macam-macam ada..

I had a tremendous time working under Matrade at the Food and  Beverage Exhibition. Even though there were hectic and panic moments but we managed to keep it cool and  performed our job nicely. I have to say, that I've gained a lot of interesting experience during the 5 days of working at ANUGA. I got the chance to introduce Malaysian culture to the visitors, met a lot of friendly people, had the opportunity to communicate with people from all walks of life and learnt a lil bit about the working environment. Thanks to Encik Nizam and Kak Diana for the job opportunity.

Oh how I miss my job!

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!

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well done nabil...
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