Friday, October 18, 2013

Road Trip dengan keluarga tersayang...

Oh guess what I found... I was just going down the memory lane looking at the pictures that I took when I was back in Malaysia and I found my family's road trip pictures that I've not posted online. Huhu I think I was busy preparing to go back to Germany that I forgot to upload these pictures earlier. Howoe..

So today I'd like to share with you guys the pictures of my family's road trip to Malacca. I went to Malacca twice with my family. The first time was because of the road trip to Simpang Renggam. We stopped by in Malacca and spent a night there before heading to Johor. I had a wonderful time exploring Malacca city at night with my family members and my sister's friends. The best part would be when we ate seafood at The Seafarer in Pantai Klebang. Njam Njam!

 The Seafarer , Pantai Klebang

 Zalikha and her roommates

Mi Familia

Amagadddd I miss this so much!

Malacca City

Jonker Walk/Street
Everytime I go to Malacca, I'll never miss the chance to visit Jonker Walk/Street. Some people would say there's nothing much going on at Jonker Walk. But I personally like the environment there. Just strolling from one stall to another, browsing what they have to offer can also be exciting. :)

Hard Rock Cafe Malacca
This Hard Rock Cafe was officially opened in June 2013 and strategically located in Jonker Walk. So it becomes a new landmark to the city and something to look forward to when you come to Malacca.

 Makam Hang Kasturi

Jonker 88

 Oh Cendol terbaekkkkkkk!

Jonker Walk World Heritage Park

 Halal Portugese egg tarts and durian puffs... They are to die for!

My second family trip to Malacca was about few days before I came back to Germany. I suggested a family trip to my dad as I would like to spend quality time with my beloved family before being apart again. We decided to go to Bayou Lagoon Resort in Malacca. It was like a reminiscent of my childhood. So tetibe mood kanak-kanak ribena menjelma.. :p

Kaki sape entah tu.. :p

 Sophie, Zalikha and I

 One of the cutest moments at the Bayou Lagoon

Okay ni lagi cute.. :p

Haha mak occupying herself with her tab

 Dinner at Pak Putra..Njam Njam

I smile when I think about the wonderful moments that I had with my family during our trip to Malacca. It was such an amazing experience and I wished it would never end. But like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So yeah. Ok dah boleh stop getting all emotional and let's just hope that I can finish my studies soon and go back to Malaysia to spend more quality time with my family.. :)

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


nadegata said...

Family. Always fun and comforting to have them around. I miss mine. December please come fast!

sitiezahim said...

cendolllll rindunyaaaa

shu said...

portugese egg tarts tu d Jonker street jgk?

Nabil Aizat said...

to shu:
Yeap portugese egg tarts tu dekat Jonker Street..