Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hari yang memenatkan...NOKTAH...

Headline nak eye-catching je memang kot..benar sngt.

On the way to Plaza Masalam

The day started with an excursion by the four of us, Iz, Hanis, Tyn and I to Plaza Masalam. Iz and Hanis wanted to collect their new Identification Card, shortened IC. As we arrived at the National Registration Department (JPN), all eyes were on us. Konon baru jalan on red carpet ke hape. Some were even giving us the piercing look. As if like they’ve never seen a cluster of teenagers before. Ignoring their intense look, we just acted like typical teenagers, taking photos, laughing along, kanak2 ribena-ing and making inquiries (question like “Kalau xde resit bleh ambik IC x?”).Now it’s the waiting part. So Tyn and I decided to go for a walk.

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara

While waiting for the number to be called

Cermin di Escalator menjadi pojaan hati kami

At the arcade..woh2

We went to the arcade. Tyn semangat lebey nak main HOUSE OF THE DEAD, a multiplayer shooting game. Not bad heh! It reminded me of my childhood. Mengembalikan nostalgia dahulu kala main tembak2 hantu dgn keluarga tercinta.Okeyh. I bought Dentyne Splash whereas Tyn purchased a BBQ flavored Twisties. Have u tried Dentyne Splash?Sedap gler.Es schmeckt gut.Seriously.I tried it for the first time at my college. They were having this promotion on Futsal in water competition and were introducing the new product of Dentyne. I got two handfuls of the samples.Try it! U’ll never regret!

So we went up to level 6, where the JPN is located. Hanis and Iz had already collected their ICs and were behaving like small kids maloe2 nak tunjuk gambar IC. But gravely, what’s up with the passport photo on the IC. It always turns out to be HIDEOUS, DARK and LACK OF ALLURE. Stupid kan.Dahla we have to stick to the same IC for like FOREVER unless we lose them or we need to change from the old IC to Smart card..wah2. Kalau bleh report je hilang IC se mata2 nak ambik gambar lagi skali..OMG going through all those troubles again. SIGH. I bet the staffs there continue taking photos of themselves until they are satisfied with the outcome. X aci kot. Who knows? They might be doing that all along…

1901 Hotdog and Kyros Kebab were the places we took our lunch .Then we headed to PKNS .As my car was parked at SACC mall; we had to walk cross the road to PKNS. Iz sought Baju Kurung and Selendang(Scarf) to bring back to UITM Kedah. She didn’t find the scarf but did buy a pair of cute flowery designed Baju Kurung.Sangat Chomeyl.Hanis said the same thing.Tyn pown kot.mungkin..

Hanis desired to go to IKEA to buy a carpet and the things that she needed for her studies in UITM Segamat. She had asked me earlier whether im cool with going back home late, as in 8+ pm?I don’t mind really. It’s probably the last time we’re going to see each other. So what the heck right.However, Tyn had to go home early by 6.So I had to send her all the way back to Subang Jaya and took the NKVE highway straight to IKEA. Tiring I know, but Hanis wiled saying that she’ll share the fuel expense, so I agreed. Hanis mmg PNDI berlakon buat mata bulat besar2 just so that I’ll drive her to IKEA. Watch MOMOK the movie to catch more of her acting.Haha.

First thing I did when we arrived at Ikea was withdrawing my money.Hanis GEDIK nak tekan2 butang rm500 sedangkan duit pown x cukup..haha..maloe dah.Duit account kerja Domino's mmg nak habis dah ye..

Shopping at IKEA would be a blast if we are able to throw money about. I mean spending lavishly without having to concern about the price of the products being sold. Beshnyer.If you can afford the price; for sure your house can be transformed wonderfully with the stuff you can get just under one roof, IKEA. I’m not saying that the things there are too expensive. Some of them are pricey while others seem affordable. As a student (I know I always say this and it's annoying), I can’t come up with the money for all the things I want. Everything looks so colourful, mesmerizing and appealing. If u have the talent to mix and match furniture, curtains and small decorations, dahla weih kaw memang phantastisch!!Okie, now im acting like a MAK CIK telling u guys I love IKEA so much sedangkan pergi bler mak mak dan bapa bapa semangat nak renovate or redecorate rumah je.

Finding mug for instant mee cooking...

Showing a helping hand...Sibuk je sebenarnye.

Hanis,coming back to u.She didn't find the RM15 carpet that she had found few months back while shopping with her mom,so she didn't buy anything except for the file holders(5 in one plak) for RM 7+.Haha.At least we didn't have to pay for the parking ticket.

Seeing that she wanted the rm 15 carpet,
I suggested Hanis to buy 5 pieces of this carpet(5 x 3 = 15)
Jahit2 jadi la panjang.

Chomeyl kan this carpet section.Farbenfreudig!!

Colourful mmg the "IT" right now..

Then, we made our way to The Curve, where I wanted to get something for myself at Padini concept store but i didn't.There was a sale but nothing seems to catch my attention.Seufzen.Hanis managed to buy a pair of white shoes though.Lucky her...

I dunno what's wrong with me.But I'm always having the hard time making decision on choosing my clothes due to the SIZE(S / XS),price,quality,originality,suitability(colour) bla.bla.bla. Usually my friends would do the deciding part for me,but now most of them are going back to their universities namely UITM Kedah,Perak dan Segamat.Sigh.I NEED TO FIND A NEW SHOPPING PARTNER!!!Anyone interested?


Wanoy said...

nabil aizat, aku & aida kan masih ada. Okay, i'm interested to be your shopping partner dude !

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

haha..wanoy..kaw memang membuktikan kehebatan kita sbg shopping partners semalam..besh2..jom..

NenekPenne said...

i always love shopping kat ikea..even the toilet brush..ha ha ha...