Thursday, December 18, 2008

A man's review on Shopping in


The fabulous four: Hanis, Izzah, Tyn and I went on an outing in the area of Telawi, Bangsar. Such a cool place to hangout with ur friends and family members.

Actually, we went there because i've promised Hanis to give her a treat at her most favourite restaurant, Delicious...and also as a farewell as she is going to further her studies in UITM Segamat,Johor.

First thing we did was having our lunch at first we decided to have a bite to eat at Devi's Corner but changed it to Chawan instead. Not a bad decision i have to say. Chawan is a really nice place, cosy and a suitable place to mamam. Benar.

Hanis and Tyn

Nabil and Izzah

Shopping experience with HANIS MDG , Izzah and Tyn in BANGSAR

Bangsar is seriously a shopping paradise(
Einkaufs-Paradies) for Shopaholics especially women and teenage duh-uh..

The actual plan of just getting something to eat and hangout was induced with shopping persuasion by our own shopaholic, HANIS ZALIKHA BINTI ZAINAL RASHID.I have to say, shopping with girls is undoubtedly an experience that every guy should undergoes..It has really widened my horizon on the new fashion trends,"what women are willing to do to look good",variety of boutiques available for both sexes etc.Why i blame this shopping indulgence on Hanis is because she was really in desperation to get a
WHITE dress for an occasion.So,she persuaded us to follow her shopping.I wouldn't say i regret the experience, it was really exciting except for the part that we have to climb up stairs by stairs to visit most of the least we exercise a little after having our lunch..right...

We went into
SO MANY BOUTIQUES that i failed to keep track with the number of boutiques we've visited.Shopping with Hanis....What do you expect??

Just to mention those boutiques that i still have in mind:

  1. Mooie
  2. People's....Egg
  3. Little.Black.Book
  4. Blöok
  5. Cats Whiskers
  6. Sew and Soul
  7. Gossips
  8. Baci
  9. Gallo
  10. Oopsie Daisie
  11. Sixpenze
Tahniah kan I can still remember some of the boutiques we went to.The most memorable boutiques would be Cats Whiskers and The people's...Egg.One thing that i really like about the boutique Cats Whiskers is that it displays the clothes, accessories, shoes and so much more in colour coded. Makes it much easier when you are finding a particular colour dress.Like for Hanis, who was looking for a white dress could simply go straight to the white dress section.Kewl huh? So einfach!!

The marvelous thing about People’s…Egg is that they sell both men and women’s fashion. Although the men's section is limited, the boutique offers a wide array of men's clothing.It really suits my taste.
Sangat Chomeyl!!Its trendy, up-to-date with the latest trends and suitable for those who are still young at heart.Unfortunately, I am still a student.How I wish I could earn my own money and spend it on clothes.There are a variety of clothes and accessories that you can choose from.Simply said in malay "Rambang Mata".

Street of Bangsar...

Posing after visiting a boutique

Baci Boutique

Hanis trying on a granny's dress
which i find kinda Chomeyl

A bit too much don't you think...Hanis agreed.


While waiting for Hanis to try on some of the dresses, i had a thought, Why is it so difficult for women to find a suitable dress.I mean,there are so many choices that they can choose from and there are numerous boutiques that offer a wide array of woman's apparel.But after spending much time with those girls on shopping,I realized that although u may find various clothing and accessories, not everything suits you well and different people have different taste and fashion sense.So...for guys..u should really understand what women want for them to look good and give your opinions when necessary..Don't give too much critics if you don't like a certain dress.Tell her that the dress is okay but she'll look better in the other dress.Something like that.

For guys,I think we are easier in making decision on what we wanna wear to look good but due to the higher price, lesser variety and unoriginality that makes it really hard for us to make the right choice.Guys or girls,both having problems to get up-to-date with fashion trend.What can I say...

Unfortunately,Hanis didn't find the white dress that she wanted...Sigh.But it was worthwhile as we spent our time together,gained experience in between and get to know each other better.An unforgetable experience,I must say.


That's the name of Hanis' favorite place to get a bite of desserts.OMG. This place really lives up to its name,DELICIOUS.The wide range of desserts that they offer are just so tempting and everything seems so indulging and a must to try!!!

I was really satisfied with the food.We had fun tasting each others dessert..Mostly chocolate based....yummy2..The environment was at first a little bit romantic ,then it was just too bright.Suddenly they switched on the light.Haha.Funny.It's better i guess for our photo session.

The environment in Delicious

Carrot Cake

Brownies with chocolate sauce and ice cream on top

Tyn's chocolate cake

Omg...I envy Hanis' Chocolate Sundae with Strawberries and Crunchy stuff
The best dessert ever!!!
A must try!!

Death-iced chocolate...
Sehr Lecker!!

Fabulous Four enjoying our dessert...

Hanis and I..I love big cushion...

The end product after the dessert indulgence..

One of the drawbacks to hangout in Bangsar is that there are limited free parking space.So we had to park inside Bangsar Village.The other thing is that the place is sometimes too crowded and there will be traffic congestion.Sigh.However, Bangsar is still a place where you can have fun and a FABULOUS outing.


Amirul Rezza Amer Johari said...

wow. tempting. sangat tempting.

Hanis Zalikha said...

end product bukankah tahi??

haha wah dah pandai belog ya anda sekarang. amboi amboi amboi. haha gambar waiting waiting waiting itu sumpah annoying sebab macam aku torture korang suruh tunggu PADAHAL AKU YANG AMBIL GAMBAR ITU SJJIFJGTKRK. eh mengapakah gambar handsome kau tak banyak. aku rasa banyak je dalam folder bangsar day out kita.

dy said...

aiks? hanis took off her braces!

dy said...

aiks? hanis took off her braces!

L said...

setuju. semua lelaki patut merasai detik2 shopping bersama kaum wanita. haha. eh, saya suka baca dua perkataan ini, sangat comel. sebab saya suka sebut perkataan2 ini. sangat comel bunyi bila sebut sangat comel.

budleee said...

i salute you brother, for actually liking to go shopping with not one, not two, but FOUR girls!!!

I would probably lost my mind at the third shop ..


*but then you seemed to enjoy it... maybe its not torture for you after all....

.M. said...

crunchy stuff my man: meringue pieces. sekian.

oooh yeah.
weh delicious amat best kan weh kan? hmmph. tapi harga.hmph lagi.