Monday, December 29, 2008

A last-minute vacation to Melaka

I am becoming too lazy to write lengthy post. So im gonna try to make it short and sweet this time even though it should be long and extended regarding to the things we have done the entire time we were in Melaka.More photos are to be shown though.
The people involved in this amazing vacation
: My parents,my sister,my brother and his girlfriend,my aunt,my cousins and I.Why was it a last minute plan?This is because we decided to go there only on the day before.We tried to book either a hotel,an apartment or a chalet but all the options were occupied.Adoi.So we were just gonna take our chances and try to get a room once we arrived in Melaka.Gitoe la citer dier.

What happened on 28th and 29th December:
  • Kenduri at my cousin's house somewhere in Nilai.Kenduri kat kampung is truly special because of the surroundings(angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa,suasana yg nyaman,ayam berkokok,itik menguak und so weiter).Makanan dimasak secara gotong royong ye.Das hat gut geschmeckt!!Sehr Lecker!!

Ber-background-kan suasana kampung...nyaman



Siap ada group kompang lagi...

Ketibaan pengantin lelaki dan perempuan

  • Trip to Melaka str8 after the kenduri.There was a traffic congestion on the way to Melaka and even in Melaka.The reason: tragic car accident on the highway.Omg.Eine Katastrophe!!!

On the way to Melaka

Traffic jam on the highway..Bus pown gune emergency lane.

Nie la reason kenapa itu....gler kan..tragic sungguh!!

  • We went str8 to Garden City apartment,which my aunt had reserved earlier while driving on the way to Melaka).Tertiba berjaya plak..Tahniah.Syabas.Herzlichen Gluechwunsh!!Congratulation.Yes2!!

Posing from the balcony of our apartment
  • After bathing,praying,eating and watching tv,at about 9.30 we went to Jonker Walk.We were supposed to meet my eldest brother and his girlfriend there.

The most popular view in Melaka

The night view of Jonker Walk

Nabil at Jonker Walk

  • Jonker Walk is like pasar malam,chowkit road,petaling street punya adik beradik.But the main reason why i came to Melaka was to shop for cute design t-shirts at Jonker Gallery.Unfortunately,the design that i wanted was out of stock and the salesgirl asked me to come on the next day.So i did,and i bought two t-shirts.Chomeyl dan teruja kegembiraan.
  • That nite after Jonker Walk visit,we(together with my brother and Kak Meen) went to have our extremely late dinner at 11.30 pm.Everyone was ravenous,famished,starving...Haha..saje nak tunjuk kelaparan teramat.We had our seafood dinner at Umbai,which is located approximately 20 minutes from Bandar Melaka if you know the way.Sorry to say,we got lost.Haha.

While waiting for our seafood dinner

My eldest brother and his girlfriend

Kak Meen and I

Muka nak suci jer kan..

Nad ngan teh tarik

Kazens....and I

Nadira and I
  • Back at the apartment,my cousins and I chose to sleep together in one room.Girls were supposed to sleep on the bed and guys sleep on the mattress we had brought along.Tapi x tido pown!
  • We talked,chit-chatted,gossiped all night long that we lost track of the time.It was already 5.30am!!!None of us felt sleepy so we thought of doing something else while waiting to go for breakfast at 8. Owh before that,I forgot to tell u guys,29th December was my sister's birthday.So cam konon celebrate skit arh malam tu.
  • So all of us were enjoying ourselves,dancing,singing,doing all sorts of things we could think of.Haha.Kak Meen helped to straighten my sister's hair and she put make up on her.She looked totally different.My other cousins waited for their turn.Funny.I wanted to get my hair straightened although i noe it's like impossible to do that, reasoned that my hair is too short.I was 15% successful in straightening my hair.Buat lawak tol.

This was the outcome of 15% success in straightening my hair
  • Such an incredible,enjoyable and unforgetable night,i must say.All I can say is that we had incredible fun,even when we were scolded by our parents for making extreme noises(resulting from dancing,jumping and singing) and might have ticked off the neighbours.Luckily nobody came to complain.Nasib....
  • We had our breakfast at around 8.30 at a mamak stall.We took back 4 packets of nasi lemak for my parents,aunt and my brother.
  • Plan on going for a swimming after breakfast was called off since all of us were too tired as we didn't sleep at all the nite before.
  • We all went to sleep and woke up at 1.30pm.Just about the right time to check out from the apartment.
  • Before going back to Subang Jaya,we went once again to Jonker Walk,particularly Jonker gallery where i finally got the shirt i wanted.Next,we went to Cafe 501 to have our lunch.Nice place,nostalgic,reasonable price and delicious food.All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it.

Jonker Street or Jonker Walk..dah pening..

Lunch at 501 Cafe

Laksa and Apple-lime juice


Jonker Gallery

There are various wonderful places that are worth visiting in Melaka.Interesting places like A Famosa,Menara Taming Sari, The Stadthuys, Kampung Keling Mosque,Jonker's Street/Walk just to name a few.For those youngsters who think that Melaka is a boring historical place,think again!!Today, Melaka has undergone a tremendous change and is keeping up-to-date with the latest building design,fashion,food und so weiter. Take Mahkota Parade for example.A shopping paradise!!One can find designer clothes,boutiques,renowned restaurants and huge department stores..So yeah!!Mari ramai-ramai serbu Melaka!!!

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