Friday, January 9, 2009

My phone got SNATCHED!!!

Was it a blessing in disguise or a wake up call?

I would say both!!!
Why u might ask?
Since last year, I've been wanting to buy a new mobile phone to take along to Germany if i even get the chance to further my studies there. But i thought of buying it this year...not now though.haha...maybe later...Cuz i need to buy laptop,camera and hard disk as im waiting for the price to drop to what i can afford...student kan..x gedik nak beli semua tu..Penting Kot.

To tell you the truth, I don't really mind if the phone got stolen or snatched or lost in transmission or wutsoever...This is because the phone is already a lil bit crazy since the countless number of times that the phone has been dropped by ME...yes my recklessness.Sometimes it doesn't detect any signal and keep on saying EMERGENCY CALL ONLY!!!Aperkah...haha.But what i'm really sad about is that all the memories that i stored in the phone are can be i have backed up except for the new ones...videos-nothing that i would miss... but.PHONE NUMBERS.GONE.recordings of conversation with my friends..Priceless...the most unforgettable recording would be when my friend and i sang duet of various songs during our conversation...That was the night before we were about to go back to our respective college and university..Sangat Chomeyl...but now everything is vanished...i mean the files...the memories are still kept deep in my mind...Will be cherished and treasured for the rest of my life...eceh..insha' Allah.

So what really happened was......

I had a chemistry replacement class for Chinese New Year that morning.From 10-12.After class finished, I went down to help my friends(Azizi and Zul) to print their assignments.Done with everything, we took the lift to go back to our classroom at level 7.Due to my bad,I forgot to press the level 7 button.So the lift went down to level 1...Because of that, I just said to them erm...why not I go back first to change to slippers since im at level 1...So I did...On the way out of the college, I called this one guy because he was supposed to send my HAPPY SIM CARD to my house and he wanted my ic no.So my mom called me to call him back.And I did.He said he was busy and will call me back later...Then,I continued my stroll heading to Centre Point.I was already at the road divider, ready to get to the other side of the road when suddenly someone called me from behind...

At that time,I know sumthing was fishy but the good Samaritan in me somehow clouded my instinct that something was not right.So i decided to approach that guy.He was driving a blue plak...and dressed up in a smart long sleeves light blue shirt..looked and sounded educated..His English was really good too...Seriously..nampak educated sangat.

The conversation was like this...

Arschloch guy:Excuse me brother.I'm LOST!!! I'm from Penang.I need to find my way to Ampang Jaya. Are you local?
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Yes.I'm local.
Arschloch guy: I dunno how to get there.So i just exit into Damansara.Is Ampang Jaya far from here?Do you know the way?
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Erm.Im not so sure.Do you know the way to Bangsar?
Arschloch guy:Nope.I'm from Penang.This is my first time here.I came here to meet my friend in Ampang Jaya.I tried to call him but my battery is low.
Nabeyl yang baek hati: Erm actually im not that good with directions.Im not from here.Im from Subang Jaya.I'm studying at Kbu.
Arschloch guy: Owh.Just now I passed by the Subang Jaya sign board.It is not close to Ampang Jaya right?
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Nope.Ampang Jaya is in KL.Let me think...U can take NPE....but...from here...
Arschloch guy: Do you know the nearest public phone?
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Haha.Im not so sure.Should be here somewhere.
Arschloch guy: Careful.The cars are fast!( I was like in the middle of the road-to the left a bit la...but cars were moving fast behind me)So i moved closer to his car.
Arschloch guy: Erm could you please maybe send my friend a message saying im here in Damansara and that im lost.
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Yep.Hold on.(I took out my phone)(Stupid of me) (Opening my phone slowly)
Nabeyl yg baek hati: (ready to type the message)
Arschloch guy:(He took out his friend's card) Kamarulzaman lagi nama.Probably I should just make a short call?May I?
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Yes.

I noe..I noe..Why was I so stupid to give him my phone.But he was really convincing...Sangat!!!
I seriously believed he was in trouble and needed my help.

Calling his friend...
Arschloch guy: Hello bang.Saya kat Damansara nie.
Nabeyl yang baek hati: Bandar Utama..
Arschloch guy: Erm Bandar Utama.Im lost.I dunno the way to get to your place.My battery is low.Its that far??!!Owh really..But i really dunno how to get to Ampang Jaya.Erm bang, I'm actually using this one gentleman's phone.Could you please call me back at this this no...

Sangat pandai BERLAKON. He even had some intervals during the conversation as if he was really talking to someone…hurm..Sangat Tipah Tertipoe..Paling percaya when he said I’m using this one gentlemen’s phone.As if he wanted to save my credit..KONON SANGAT!!!

Arschloch guy: I'm waiting for his call.(holding my phone)
Nabeyl yang baek hati: Okie.

We were having friendly talk while waiting for the call..Like OMG seriously this guy can act.
I believed everything he said.I was like charmed with the acting he put up....Seufz...

Arschloch guy: Erm..Its dangerous for u to be standing there.Why not I pull my car to the left.
Nabeyl yg baek hati: Okie(moving to the front of the car)

Suddenly, he just took off...nearly going to hit me.Omg.I was lyke...aperkah telah terjadi...I shouted to my two colleagues who had just arrived.PHONE AKU KENA CURI!!!!I ran whole-heartedly to catch the speeding car..Needless to say, it was just impossible...I gave up..Ran back to my friends asking them for the maxis helping line no.I need to block my line straight away. My credit limit is quite high.. I cannot risk him using all my credit...Sad to say, none of us remember the maxis helping line no...Dorunk plak x guna maxis..adoi...Luckily Azizi, Zul and Hakeem were walking passing by us.I immediately said my phone got stolen and i need to cancel my line NOW.Finally i got through maxis...but the girl said sorry sir but u got the wrong dept.I asked her whether she can direct me to the respective dept.She said u can dial this no...bla3...So i dialed the no and get through to this one Chinese guy..He was really helpful...he suspended the line right away.Gott sei Dank!!!But he did tell me that i will be charged rm 25 for the replacement sim card and rm 10 for unblocking the no....Bangang Tol...dah la handphone baru kena curi.....!@$^!$@

Thinking back all the things that could have change this incidence is just hopeless.There is nothing that can be done to change it.What is meant to be is meant to be..RIGHT???

"The less said about life's sores the better"

The phone that got snatched

Back to Basics....teringat Christina Aguilera la plak..
Sape yang ingat phone motorola tu sila lah angkat tangan tinggi2 di udara!!!
Phone geela tetap ku pakai....

Please for those who have my no....msg me with ur name...I dont have any record of your no...I don't have back up phone numbers.Shyeet.I noe...Thanx a lot.


Macham Iz Punye said...

OMG WEH SUMPAH DEMI ALLAH KAU TELAH DIPERDAYEKAN OLEH SEORANG LELAKI BODOH DAN DIE TEKLAH BERJAYA MENIPU SEORG BUDAK ENGINEERING YANG BAKAL KE GERMANY? bravooooo. tapi mmg kimak ah kan. tuh ah psl. aku dh agak dah kalau aku ade ngn kau time tuh msti aku ckp takpayah layan lah wehh. pergh tapi kau aku tau kau suke kan tunjukkan kemahiran geografi kau pada org bermuke ala bukan melayu. ishh biase tau kau ni. kan dah kene pki fon wani haha skrg kitorg pny fon dah lagi up dari kau. *p/s takpe weh. aku ade simpan vidiyo2 kite yg comel rekod suare menyanyi. (eh kau maksudkan kita kan? bukan vidiyo kau berkaraoke dgn sepupu atau ape kaaan)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said... la iz..weih..sejak aku guna balik phone motorola ini..aku perasan gambar nenek gwe ader la weih..haha..memories2...

kak dee said...

sian gila kot~

Nadira said...

motorola yg alarm dia bunyi walaupon dah off ke kekeke

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

haha..nad..kamoe sngt betul..tu la..geela dan berhantu phone tu

Wanoy said...

betul kata iz tuh.lain kali jgn baik sgt.biarlah pki mercedes ke apa ke.tak yah layan.

eh eh phone motorola tuh *angkat tgn ke udara*

.:rainbeau:. said...

tak terkata2 bla baca!!!

ayat psositif konon baek: takpe,semoga hp tu bg dia kebaikan n u dpt pahala sedekah n bg pertolongan kat dia...amin...mayb dia tedesak nak beli ubat panadol ke chikitteckon ke sbb skt nak mati dh kna lah wat camtu. dia amik hp u, jual n beli ubat byk2 supaya tak mati skt perut..

ayat tak berapa nk positif: ayo!!!amaaa appaaaa~ ^%#(&$$@Y(**&$#$@
mmg leh menang grammy award lah tu!!baik dia jek dpt dato' dr si srk! sggp plak tu lama2 mnipu,nk curi curi je la...lg nk ayat org,kan ke dh dua dosa...dosa menipu n dosa mencuri.ntah tau tak erti dosa ntah.hohohoho...geram.

tak amik no plat ke?

pak su man said...

...huhuhu....but I was glad that u remember pepetah org dulu2...."dapat yg baroo...yg lama jangan lupakan..."
So next time jgn lupa bawa dummy handset, bila org nak pinjam, bagi yg tu....hahaha...biaq dia yg terkena...!!

janet said...

Wei i love the glasses u pakai in Uptown Damansara(Market),cool wei. Well u know me i suka all these weird stuff... Tapikan u look the same b4 n after ur haircut. I tak perasan pun wei. BTW i love ur old phone wei. How is ur german language going on....

athnfthn said...

ish nabil. aku komen kau earlier aku ingat dah send rupanya belum. barbie.

omg weh. i feel sorry for you. benda dah nak terjadi kan. omg aku rasa kau kena hypnotized doh. kan sekarang kes macam tu berleluasa. foreigners buat2 tanya direction and mintak tukar duit Malaysia. lepas tu dia hypnotize kau and rampas semua barang2 kau. sebab tu kau terjadi baik kan. hmm barangkali la.

Hanis Zalikha said...

bukan nabil memang baik ke? sebab itulah dia tulis nabil yang baik hati. kalau tidak mestilah, nabil yang jahat hati takpun, nabil yang berhati-hati di jalan raya, maka ke kiri sedikit untuk bersembang lebih lanjut. bukan kena hypnotized lah athina fathin. its great that youre sharing your unfortunate incident here tahu. sebab jadi peringatan kepada i, jangan tolong orang tua lintas jalan eh eh teringat ada pengakap tolong mr.krab lintas jalan sebab dia tua, mid-life crisis. lepas tuh spongebob dan patrick bawa dia jadi orang muda dengan mencuri seluar dalam xxl milik emak mr.krab. kau kehilangan phone, aku pula baru dapat phone baru haha sial tak, nak cerita kat sini, this exact entry juga. haha. bye.

hartini islet of lingerhen said...

kita serupe. henpon sy disnatch dgn cara yg same. pak cik baju kelabu tu mmg pndai brlakon. visit my blog,

liyanaKim said...

ish sedey bangsat auh.
kuang hasam punya itu jantan.
jagn cpat prcaya kan orang.

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