Sunday, January 4, 2009

Treat at Uptown Damansara!!!

My brother and his girlfriend were so "semangat" on giving us a treat at Uptown Damansara yesterday night.The reason: My sister achieved a good result in her PMR examination.Abg Danial promised her to blanja makan the whole family and also to buy something for her.

Salute2 Ika!!Congrats!!Nak lawan gwe nampak..

On the way..Unterwegs..Sedang dalam perjalanan

Inilah Taman Selera Uptown Damansara

Muka bler kekenyangan

Sedap ke Nad..

Nabil with Azeem and Sabrina n (mamat kat blakang gak)

We were here!!!

So yeah....we went to Taman Selera Uptown Hawkers in Damansara..Serious sebijik macam food court.Chock-a-block with people...But the food there...speechless kejap...Lip smacking..Delicious...Luscious...Mouth-watering...sedap sehingga menjilat jari..Haha..I love to exaggerate...Tapi memang sedap lar..Especially the Tahu Bakar,Kuey Teow and Sotong Goreng Tepung...Yummy2!!!The food there are quite reasonably priced.So for those of you who haven't tried eating at Uptown Damansara, should really go for it..U have nothing to lose...Vertrauen Sie mir!!

After the food indulgence at Taman Selera Uptown Damansara, we made our way to Uptown Damansara(Market),where a variety of things are put up for sale.The place offers a wide array of stuff ranging from make up equipments,apparel,shades to even children toys..Second Hand stuff are being sold at a low price as bundle..rm5,rm10,rm15...not more..

Nad as usual finding make up kit

Sab ngan Ika nak join gak..

Hallo....We come in peace...@$%@#T&*

However, the quality of the things u find here are not that good.There are also not many choices and sometimes the price of certain things just don't make sense..Cekik Darah skit arh..Compared to the uptown at Danau Kota,I would say that the Uptown Damansara is better for the sake that it is not too crowded with people.Nevertheless,I still prefer Uptown Danau Kota as the place is more happening,lively and offers better selection of things.

Next thing we did was having our supper at a restaurant,das Anggerik heisst,which is located near my house.My father decided to join us there.We had Satay,drinks(Kopi Kaw skit ar) and tried a new dish imported from Australia(tertiba maju plak kedai anggerik nie).OKiela...not a strange taste to it but nonetheless it was appetizing and appealing(with apple and orange decoration on top).We went home straight after that...chatted for about an hour.I myself was trying to persuade my aunty to spend overnight at my it was already 2 am that time.But she insisted on going back to Ampang...Seufzen..melepas tido ngan kazens....tido ker??haha.

Nad and I at Anggerik

Mak and Aunty Aini

Sab, Ayah, Mak andAunty Aini

Guess what's the name of the fruit?
Thanx Kak Meen for the fruits...

Last but not least,I would like to express my gratitude to Abg Danial,Kak Meen,Ayah and to everyone who made this day happened.Vielen Dank!!!


.:rainbeau:. said...

yep!!!danau kota rawks!!!hahhahahah
buah apa tu?
mcm bunge pon ada

Nadira said...

trimas la kerana meletakkan gmbr ku yg sgt gemok..
anyway.. gile cool gmbr u ngan kak meen.alien eyes :P photographer dia pown cool kan! hehe