Friday, January 9, 2009

A traditional send-off..Bon Voyage...Gute Reise Senioren!!!

The moment of truth has come for the German seniors to fly..up up and away to Germany in pursuing their dreams of becoming a successful engineer. The moment to remember and cherish, dated 8 January 2009.

Only 17 made it through whereas the other three seniors have to remain here in Malaysia and might or might not be sponsored to further their studies locally. It is just hard imagining how u might also ended up becoming like one of those seniors who can’t make it. Knowing how much effort that I need to put in and the high level of patience that is required for this year, I am terrified to even imagine if it is even possible for me to follow the same path as the booming seniors. What I have to do is to just stay focus on my studies, don’t let myself get distracted, perform the greatest in everything I do and just hope for the best from ALLAH. Holding to these principles, I look forward to the month of January 2010 and hoping to see myself getting the same achievement. Insha’Allah.

The Agenda of the day:

  • 9am - 4pm : Class at KBU - Physic, Chemistry and Calculus
  • 4.30pm - 6 pm : Packing my stuff and getting ready to KLIA.
  • 6.05pm : My dad arrived. The five of us: Nabil, Ina, Shikin, Rumitha and Matilda stuffed ourselves into my dad's car.The plan was to send him home first to Subang Jaya.
  • 6.30pm : Home sweet home.Didn't stop by.Went straight to MYDIN.
  • 6.45pm - 7.30pm: Shopping at Mydin. We bought file folders,batteries, examination pads just to name a few.

Eh..tertiba Ina ader twin plak.
  • 7.30pm - 7.55pm : Made our way to Dengkil R&R. Stopped by for a while for dinner and Maghrib.

Dinner at Dengkil R&R

After that, we continued our journey to KLIA. We were supposed to convoy with the other two groups coming along but they were yeah..We had to go straight cuz the flight departure was due to be at 11pm and the seniors were required to board on earlier at 9.45pm.So i was afraid that we couldn't make it if we were to wait for the other two groups.

About 8.30 we arrived at the KLIA car park.Met MR Al, my malaysian studies and islamic studies lecturer, on the way to the lift.We went up together with his family members. Chatted along the tremendous long pathway to the departure level.Omg.From distance, I can see group of seniors, dressed up formally with blazers and formal pants,looking all smart,elegant,stylish and chic, but a lil bit of anxiety can be seen from their eyes...Standard la kan...nak gi Germany plak..Sngt Teruja.I'm Inspired!!

A year from now....hopefully...

The YTM Scholars and Jpa's(In the Middle)

One of the seniors that i'm close to..

Kak Que, Matilda und ich

Ber-background-kan Seniors

Rumitha und ich

Juniors and Seniors

Junioren mit Kak Que

Haha...Semangat Ng datang.

Recital of prayers

Bacaan Doa

Sama seperti di atas

Gambar ngan Mr Al wajib ado....

Congratulation, All the best, Good Luck, Goodbye.....were the greetings that could be heard during the farewell.Soon, their faces started to fade away as they stroll their last walk down the escalator and made their way to the immigration counter.We just give our hand gesture noting a Goodbye and Bon Voyage wishes to the seniors...


Having someone that inspire us to rise to higher and greater levels is an awesome gift. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to do better and inspire your friends as well. It is a profound truth that the people we hang out with will shape the path that we travel.

Sempat gi beli Famous Amos sebab dah kempunan.

After everything was over, we went to do our own photoshoot session with Imran, who was the professional photographer imported from Singapore and also with the use of our own phones to make it look more lively and

Next, we decided to LEPAK at a Mamak stall.The other boys still haven't had their dinner.So we went to this mamak restaurant, Makbul, in Subang Jaya.Near the place where i used to work at..Domino's Pizza.Bangge skit la...Chit-chatted till its time to get back to our respective destination..Haha.The others are going back to their hostels whereas im going back to my house.However, i had to send the girls back to damansara first..xpe..I memang Baek...haha.



Arrived at my house at about 1 sumthing.Exhausted, I went straight to sleep.Have to wake up early on the next day.Chemistry class starts at 10am plak..Sigh...


Dayang said...

somehow i feel inspired too =)

an-Suh u.K.m.s.E said...

I think i noe the guy dat recite the prayer!
Hahaha...Mohd Azri Bin Hamidon if i'm not mistaken. He was my x-classmate during form 1 till 3. erm..jejak kasihan..thanx Nabil Aizat bin Abdul Rahman=)

Anonymous said...

pinjam quote ye~

the one that start with
"Having someone that inspire us ... "

bouno vacanze!


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To an-Suh u.K.m.s.E
: Gembira dpt membantu..

To Anonymous
:guna la..bangga skit..

azwa said...

mcm knal je ur first words dlm post ni,huhu,,
heyya,da pic of me is really not acceptable.buang2.haha

ade gmba kt airport lg x?nak bole?