Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tut mir leid, dass ich eine Sonnenbrille tragen muss, weil ich eine Augenentzündung habe...

Shikin,Herr Botschafter and Nabeyl

Ni la page online quiz tu...

That was the phrase that I said to the ambassador while shaking his hand after entering his wonderful residence for the second time.The German phrase that came out of my mouth expresses the meaning "I'm sorry that I have to wear sunglasses because I am having eye inflammation (Conjunctivitis).

Huhu.I was having dilemmas on whether i should just stay at home or go to the On-line Prize giving ceremony at the Residence of German Ambassador and on whether i should wear my normal glasses or my sunglasses.Kang pakai normal glasses org pengsan plak kan!!!

Finally i made up my mind to go on with the latter.So i went to the German ambassador's residence wearing a pair of sunglasses.Howoe."Kaw hengat kaw hawt"."What's up with this guy?.Was ist los mit dir?."Hawt nyer mamat nie" were some of the thoughts i assumed the visitors there were having about me.Haha..yang last tu paling xle blah kan..baekla.
I explained about my condition to three important people, Herr Dr Grueber, Susanne and Andreas whom i've met last year during a visit with my German group and teacher, Frau Pfeiffer..click here to read about that..They all understood and wished me "Get well soon and Take Care".I had to explain or they would think that i was being rude wearing a pair of sunglasses indoor on a rainy day.Yeah.

The programme started with the Ambassador giving his speech,and then continued with the price giving ceremony.The announcer presented the list of winners from the lowest position, that is from 20th position.But I think there were more winners who didn't make it.Prizes available were about 35 if im not mistaken.

I wasn't hoping much because I knew i was rushing when i was doing the online quiz.It was during my MOCK exam period..so yeah...Being called to the German Ambassador's residence for the second time is good enough for me, especially knowing the delicious dessert that will be served there..Ulalala...

I got the 11th position,Shikin was 7th, and Edwin who couldn't make it and ask me to take on his behalf was in the 6th position.Hoho.I got myself a hard cover book entitled "Great Ideas" sponsored by DAAD.Shikin took home a USB port attached with an alarm clock from Bayer.Co, and Edwin got himself a pendrive and a t-shirt from BASF.All prizes were sponsored by German companies.Untuk sedapkan hati..."Ilmu lebih berharga daripada segalanya"..Humma2

Gigih driving gi Jalan Kia Peng..thanx to my dad's GPS, we didnt get lost..yeah.

Dia ni mmg enthusiastic skit bleh ckp...

Some of the guests that were present...

Prize giving ceremony...Me2...Shikin yg ambik gambar...ter-parkison sebentar..

Nabeyl ambik...ter-parkison skit je

This guy took home the prize on behalf of his sis...She won one day in KL with the Ambassador including transport to & from KL and overnight stay at the German Residence.

Omg..jealous geela with this guy.He won the grand price..return ticket to Germany...

Our prizes...

Sebelum mamam, ambik gmbr dulu

Tea time...

Delicious, sedap banget, Sehr Lecker

Yang penting shades tu...

Nasib Shikin pown menang...ada gak teman..

This guy was so nice..he was the one who took the prize on behalf of his sis..

Andreas...he was so nice that he suggested to take pic with this background.Dah la time tegur nak balik, dia tgh busy ckp ngan people who sponsored this event...huhu

The books that i took home..

Pictures inside the book are just breathtaking...i edit bagi lawa skit..hehe

Till the next post...Tschuess und mach's gut!!!


syukrina othman said...

Ahahaha! Coolnya beyl!!
Anyway congrates yeah!!
Congrates in german apa?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syukrina:
Haha..thanx..dalam german Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

StrawKuning said...

The first..
* congaratulation atas kemenagan tersebut...
* jeles gak la org tu dpt return ticket g Jerman...
* kalau ada contest lagi boleh join la lps ni...[ macam la aku ni paham german punya bahasa]..

Second and last

* boleh share x that book..hahhhaha cam menarik jer~~~

Abir Abhar said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to strawkuning:
second:sangat jealous
third: yes2...perlu join
fourth:Meh2...photostat buku ini..eh2..illegal..

Adam M.A said...

hoh. mouth watering food!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to adam:
Finger and nail licking good juga

reez said...

terparkinson ek

mesti ko plg hot dowh dlm kedutaan tu

terry bogart said...

so sweet..

aku tau lpas ni mesti ko punya post makin banyak word geramany..please put the meaning in English or malay after u pronounce it in germany tau!!!!..


zerronemo said...

love the, shades.
why does he looks like mr.magoo though?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to reez:
haha..maloe terus

to terry bogart:

to zharin:
Thanx..haha..mr magoo?