Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happie Birthday Nabeyl's Blog!

I went down the memory lane yesterday, viewing my old posts and reading each one of them, selecting the ones I like the most.It's hard to believe that I've actually created this blog for almost a year now, have written exactly 100 articles including this one, not forgetting the amount of pictures I've put into the blog...how many times the "muka blog Nabeyl" appeared in the blog, the "Humma2, chomeyl, howoe, geela and so much more words that u've come across when reading this blog, the transformation I've gone thru from being an amateur blogger to a not-so-amateur blogger, from being said to resemble Abe Jimmy till i was said to be the male version of Hanis Zalikha. Omg..seriously...such wonderful experiences i've gained and those which i will cherished and treasured forever and ever...

The initial reason why i created this blog was just for fun, to write mainly about the things i do in my daily life and my personal reviews on certain things.But now i've ended up writing about topics such as shopping, food, music, language, outing just to name a few.I've gain so much from creating this blog and what is so special about having this blog is the opportunity it has given me to meet new friends, to widen my horizon on seeing new things and has actually improved the way i write tremendously...that's what i personally think.

Here are some of my favourite posts (Listed by dates) - Top 12 sempena tarikh lahir 12 February:
A man's review on Shopping in Bangsar
My phone got SNATCHED!!!
The Froggish Birthday Surprise!!
One night in Amsterdam...
Two guys, a girl and god knows what else...
Tak, bapa saya bukan bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang buat rombongan pergi London itu.
MTV WORLD STAGE - What an awesome night!!!
Another tick on my "Dream On" list
Disaster Dish on a Date!!!
Eid Mubarak - Kengkawan, Friends, Freunde
Eid Mubarak - Keluarga, Family, Familie

This is just the beginning of more wonderful activities and personal reviews to be written in this blog.I hope that this blog will continue giving positive energy and good vibe to those who read and enjoy it.Amin...

Till next post...Tschuess und Mach's gut!!!


Abir Abhar said...


chah~ said...

hepi birthday to u..
hepi birthday to u..
hepi birthday to nabeyl's blog!!
hepi birtday to u..

chah~ said...

hepi birthday to u..
hepi birthday to u..
hepi birthday to nabeyl's blog.
hepi birthday to u..


mrs camillo said...

whew!! nabil! u rock! :D

*u remind me of something ive never ever done before* :)

oh, dear lovely blog, u know how much i love u and i cant live witout u. if i cant talk to muhan eh human being, please talk to me or i'll weng2. hahaha~

i appreciate my blog as much as i appreciate other's blog. for whateva reason we create them...

i hope, u will not stop blogging kalau dah kat german nanti.

hahahaahrrrr..... nanti akak nak pesan souvenir dari sana ke ape ke, senang la jugak kan?

*AKAK???* ---> mengkantoikan status dah tua. lalalalala~

btw, nabil... jangan lupa singgah 'rumah' a.k.a blog saya. :)

p/s: abe jimmy tau x pasal awak ada iras dia? hahaha,, watch out taw! takut tibe2 dia muncul depan rumah. then,,,


syukrina othman said...

Oh nabeyl nabeyl nabeyl!
Happy birthday to your humble-but-so-coool blog eh!!
Simply adorable!!
U such a good blogger boy beyl!! Well done..

Akmar Anuar said...

hey nabil...

cara u tulis mmg ikhlas..boleh nampak tuh...i like the way u handle this blog..u tulis memang pure dari hati...sebab lepas baca blog kamu ni, senyum sorang2 sebab dapat tumpang rasa ur happiness...sadness camtuh...

keep on writing! da setahun and akmar masih suka blog nih..hehe ;)

Miss Lula said...

oh it has been a year so do some changes as the 'present' for this blog yawww.. :D
it`ll be great.

haniey said...

hepi besdayyyy blog nabeyl~~~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To abir abhar:
Mari lompat together...gee2..

to chah:
Eh terpublished dua plak..thanx2...saja nak suruh u nyanyi dua kali..muahaha..

to mrs camillo:
haha..betul2..we have to show our appreciation..takot nanti dia merajuk plak..akak ke...insyaallah kalau rajin balik bleh je..hopefully kat sana nanti xde la busy sngt..abe jimmy?hoho...xtaw ar..ada ke iras..bagai langit ngan bumi je.

to syukrina:
aww..u're so sweet...thanx for the compliments..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to akmar anuar:
Thank you so much for supporting this blog...sngt terharu...

to miss lula:
Changes??to the blog or myself...haha...kang buat makeover takot x sker plak...nanti i tukar perlahan-lahan...

to haniey:
Thank you haniey!!(suara kecik dan chomeyl blog berkata-kata)

Faramin said...

wah,happy bday to ur blog lil bro.mula2 i biasa je dgn ur blog ni,tapi lama2 tertarik.dari singgah2 trs linked.heh.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to faramin:
thank you so much kak faramin.Im so honoured....

k.A said...

happy birthday..errr..blog..nanti kena update love from German pulak kan.heheh

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to K.A:

~roslinda~ said...

keep d c0ol style 0f writing~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to roslinda:
Thanx yeah for supporting.