Friday, December 4, 2009

Kuzen's Day Out - KL Bird Park

Yeay..finally I got the chance to explore and expand my horizon into the exciting life of feathered "friends".The world's largest free-flight walk-in Aviary, KL Bird Park is located within the idyllic and picturesque Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden.The colossal aviary is like a gigantic chocolate box.Filled with various flavours and shapes and colours and wrappers and.....What I'm trying to say is that the bird park is enormous, acts as an abode to over 3000 birds comprising of 200 local and foreign bird species.Woh..hebat.

Tu baru woh hebat...wait till u hear about its extraordinary feature compared to other bird parks in Malaysia.The concept of free-flight interest me the most.Stepping into the KL Bird Park is as if like u're entering a new world full of colourful birds flying and moving around freely and randomly everywhere.Visitors will have the chance to interact with the birds and witness closely wide array of birds living together in a harmony community...Sweet..

A must to check out!!!Don't miss them!!
  1. Love Aviary - The first aviary in the KL bird park...You'll be able to witness pairs of adorable Lovebirds loving and grooming each sweet...
  2. The feathered friends photo booth - You'll be able to take pictures up-close-and-personal with tame and colourful exotic bird
  3. World of Parrots - Witness collection of parrots consisting of macaws,lories,cockatoos and parakeets.
  4. Nursery, Education centre and Bird Gallery - Learn and love birds...Favourite place kot nursery ni..You'll get the chance to hold gently chicks and ducklings.
  5. Bird Show - Get yourself entertained at the Amphitheatre with cute and amazing bird show.The bird show is done twice daily, at 12.30pm and 3.30pm.
  6. Hornbill Park - Get the chance to view Hornbills at close distance.
  7. Bul Bul Land - Rest and relax at this serene place filled with benches while listening to the soothing sound of the waterfalls.You'll also be able to see vibrantly coloured birds flying here and there.Amazing...
  8. Flamingo pond - Awe,Uuuu ,Wow yourself at this pond where you'll get a glimpse of beautiful Flamingos sun-bathing and interacting with each other.
  9. Peacock & Hornbill Gift Shop - It offers a wide selection of unique souvenirs and merchandise as remembrance.
One thing to remember, the food and beverages sold inside the KL bird park is extremely please eat something before you enter the park.Kalau nak seludup masuk makanan sila buat muka chomeyl dan mengorat guard yang bagi pakai tag.Howoe.Imagine having to pay rm 4 per mineral water..same goes to can drinks..geela blood sucker...They should have special rate to mycard holders for food as well.Luckily for the entrée ticket, mycard holders get a cheaper rate of rm 15 for adult and rm6 for children.Foreigners mati kehilangan darah kena bayar extra rm30.

Fortunately we managed to smuggle in muffins and nasi lemak thanx to Nad's and Ika's gigantic handbags...humma2... save la duit skit.You should also bring along extra cash if you want to feed the birds inside the aviary.World of Parrots paling best kot nak feed the birds...Teruja dan terkejut kot burung tertibe hinggap atas tangan, baju, bahu dan lain2. Beware of the cute little whitish souvenir given by the birds...NASTY...

Sila teruja tengok gambar ye...enjoy!!!

In front of the KL Bird Park

Ticket Booth

Yeay2..nak masuk dah...

Info bout the KL Bird Park

Some of the bird species shown on signboards

Bird of Paradise

Ostrich and Emu


Small hornbill

Adorable birds in love aviary

Posing ngan burung itu penting


Tong sampah pown nak burung-ish je kan

Bird Show

Monkey Kong..sesat plak monyet ni

Tengok flamingo tido...chomeyl

Panoramic view of the waterfall is just magnificent

Zoom in kaki stock...polite sngt

Model Education

Model Education 2

Chicks and Ducklings Nursery

How adorable...

Early stage in the development of chicks

Everyone got the chance to pet the little charming chicks

Not forgetting the cute & endearing ducklings

Fish Food Dispenser

Flamingo Pond


World of Parrots sngt best ok!!

Bird Feeding

Muka teruja sangat kan.

Time ni tahan sakit..kuku burung merah ni mmg ar..menusuk ke kalbu

Teruja lagi

Albino bird of 1200+ pics were taken

Terasa best gambar ni

Bersama adik tersayang

Pondok untuk beristirehat dan berposing

Get a bite to eat and souvenirs at Hornbill Cafe and Gift Shop

Souvenirs and Merchandise as memento of an exciting adventure to remember

Pay a visit to the KL Bird Park and discover this exciting world of feathered friends for yourself!
The ambiance is beyond explanation.You have to see it to believe it!!!No matter how kaput and exhausted you'll be at the end of the day, the wonderful experiences that you've gain will definitely be a consolation.

Till the next post...Tschuess und mach's gut!!!


Ahmad Aminuddin Karim (saya BELL) said...

Dush!!!menarik seh....
ku mahu ke sana lepas ni..membawa semua gerombolan yang aku kenali di sunia..aku mahu bergambar dengan burung2 yang ajaib...adekah??hahaha

so lepas ni kamoo kena tukar kos babe...amikDv ( doctor vaterinar!!)heheheh

Romie Pujaan said...

dah better ehh tempat tersebut. aku pernah ziarah ketika kecil dahuloo. aku rasa mmg best kot. jom jd volunteer

Abir Abhar said...

terujanya kaw!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ahmad:
Haha..perlu2...patut sngt..tapi gi on weekdays ar..x ramai org...burung2 ajaib ada kot..

to romie:
Owh ye ker..xtaw pown apa dah tukar..first time.haha..i actually takot ngan benda bulu bergerak..muahaha..

to abir abhar: first time kot..tu ar pasal teruja lebey..

syukrina othman said...

Beyl! Sounds great bila nabeyl beri list2 tu, macam penyampai intisari rancangan ahahaha! Yes? NO! U did very well membuatkan keterujaan saya bila membaca untuk pergi kL bird park!! visit..thank you nabeyl!! *kalau ditambah 8rm boleh lah masuk genting untuk foreigner price tu ye*

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syukrina:
Haha..ada plak camtu..xde makne nak penyampai rancangan..tu ar..foreigner byr 45 kot nak masuk bird park...huhu..patut teruja pown..mmg best.

sukermelawatblogni said...

muker teruje banyak kott..

Anonymous said...

i like this post..sgt enviromental.
go green!

Shikin Hambali said...

!!!! bestnye! gile jealous... T_T love the pictures especially masa bird feeding...

PinQib said...

nABIL, ak nampak engko dalam Tv3.,
betul ke ehh?

masa raya yang arituh>?