Saturday, December 12, 2009

OMG lets learn....vol 3


Macam dah basi je kan tajuk ni...8 months have passed by so quickly and now only I am starting back to write a post on OMG lets learn...vol 3.I have a mission.That is to teach u guys basic German language through my blog.Hopefully I'll succeed.Two posts about learning German have been posted in the past one year.I know right...Hangat2 tahi ayam je nak ajar basic German.Howoe.But now since I have the time and desire (Zeit und Lust) to write on this title "OMG lets learn...,i should take this opportunity to do so.I hope that with my humble knowledge, I can teach you guys the basic knowledge of German language.

Before proceeding to my aim on this post today that is to teach you all about numbers in German, here are the two links on OMG lets learn...which i have posted earlier.
click here vol 1 , vol 2

English Deutsch
0 zero null
1 one eins
2 two zwei
3 three drei
4 four vier
5 five fünf
6 six sechs
7 seven sieben
8 eight acht
9 nine neun

10 ten zehn

11 eleven elf

12 twelve
13 thirteen dreizehn
14 fourteen vierzehn
15 fifteen fünfzehn
16 sixteen sechzehn
17 seventeen siebzehn
18 eighteen achtzehn
19 nineteen neunzehn
20 twenty zwanzig
21 twenty-one einundzwanzig
22 twenty-two zweiundzwanzig
30 thirty
33 thirty-three dreiunddreißig
34 thiry-four vierund
40 fourty vierzig
45 fourty-five
46 fourty-six sechsundvierzig
fifty fünfzig
57 fifty-seven siebenundfünfzig
58 fifty-eight achtundfünfzig
60 sixty sechzig
69 sixty-nine neunundsechzig
70 seventy siebzig
80 eighty achtzig
90 ninety neunzig
100 hundred hundert
101 hundred and one hunderteins
102 hundred and two hundertzwei
200 two hundred zweihundert
250 two hundred fifty zweihundert
500 five hundred
1000 one thousand tausend
100,000 one hundred thousand hunderttausend
one million eine Million

Ordinal Numbers
the first der erste
the second der zweite
the third der dritte
the fourth der vierte
the fifth der fünfte
the sixth der sechste
the seventh der siebte
the eighth der achte
the ninth der neunte
the tenth der zehnte
the eleventh der elfte
the twelfth der zwölfte

German Math Terms - Mathematische Ausdrücke

add addieren / plus
minus minus /
multiply multiplizieren / mal

quarter ein Viertel
half ein halb
three-quarters drei Viertel
a third ein Drittel
two-thirds zwei Drittel

centimetres Zentimeter
metres Meter
kilometres Kilometer
a litre ein Liter
gramme Gramm
100 grammes 100 Gramm

In order to learn on how to pronounce these numbers, do read the previous posts.Some of the difficult pronunciation would be ten - zehn (tsayn) , four - vier (feer), five - fünf ( fewnf) and twelve - zwölf ( tsverlf). Haha.Sabar jerla terbelit lidah.

The next post will be about time(days,months,seasons) and how to tell them.Don't forget to stay tune!!!

Till next post..tschuess und mach's gut!!!


Aku Orang Biasa said...

wow.bestnyer learn new things neyh.nak try la.

mmg tebeliat abes lidah gue.haha.:p

[z@ck] said...

cm ne nk pronounce perkataan2 tu ek..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to aku org biasa:
Hehe..baguih2..ada semangat nak buat i nak post ngan lebey gigih ni..

to z@ck:
Huhu..kalau tgk first post titled OMG lets learn..ada i post cara2 nak pronounce.

Faramin said...

adik nabil..macammna nak pronoun sume words tuh..tergeliat lidah.heh.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to faramin:
Haha..nak tau cara pronounce kena baca first post..agak susah..nak buat audio files maloe la..suara cam katak..hehe

syukrina othman said...

Hahahaha..suara macam katak? Kehkehkeh!
Anyway, it's great nabeyl! Auf jeden for the ilmu! Hope to see this blog alive walaupun nabeyl kat german nanti as khabar berita from you nabeyl!!
*auf jeden tu betul ke? Ahaha*

chokio_nia said...

may i be ur student plisss..??haha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syukrina:
haha..betul la suara katak tu..hopefully i akan gigih dan jadi cam travel blogger plak kan..hehe..u nak ckp thanx ke?Auf jeden tu slalu ckp auf jeden Fall which means in any case.Kalau nak ckp thanx is Dankeschön or vielen Dank.

to chokio:
EH bukan anda juga blaja german ke..haha..boleh2..pendaftaran dibuka sentiasa..bawak ic je penting.

cik erin said...

hahah sgt interessant.
pengaruh others utk blaja german jgk.

*jahat gila da lama tak practice. kesian linguaphone suda merajuk kerana di-anak-tiri-kan. isk.

Ayyman Rahim said...

Nabil, I think I saw u at Sunway Pyramid tadi. Hehe

intan.maisarah said...

mari sebut ramai ramai


mari sebut lagi!