Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merhaba: From Istanbul with love...


Merhaba from Istanbul...with love..that's important.Humma2.

First thing first, let me enlighten you all with a little bit of info on Istanbul.
Byzantine or Constantinople and know widely known as Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey,with a population of 12.6 million.What is so special about Istanbul would be its location.Istanbul is located in the north-west Marmara Region of Turkey. It encloses the southern Bosporus which places the city on two continents—the western portion of Istanbul is in Europe, while the eastern portion is in Asia. The city has also been nicknamed "The City on Seven Hills" because the historic peninsula, the oldest part of the city, was built on seven hills (just like Rome), each of which bears a historic mosque.How cool is that?(source from Wikipedia)

We( My parents,my brother(Amin),my sister(Zalikha) and myself) departed from KLIA on the 19th of December at 0030 hour Malaysian time and arrived in Istanbul on the same day at around 0555 Istanbul time.The journey took us about 10 hrs 47 minutes.The temperature reported was 2 degree celcius..woh2..sejuk.Surprisingly funny was when I was approached by a teenage girl asking me "Are you Nabil Aizat?"."Yeah",I answered."I read your blog"she replied.I didn't know what to say, so I just replied "Seriously,thank you".That was it.A short conversation between the two of us.She was rushing to the baggage collection carousel and I was rushing to the toilet.Hehe.

Once we've done collecting our baggage, we headed to the arrival exit door.We were greeted by the hotel driver and taken to our hotel, Fehmibey hotel.I must say that I'm fully satisfied with the facilities in this hotel.The decorations at the lobby are amazing.Not forgetting the available wifi service(sngt penting) and breakfast provided(sngt sedap).Yeah gemoe dah..

The best part about the Fehmibey Hotel is that it is located in the centre of old city, Sultanahmet-Istanbul.
This hotel is strategically located within two minutes walk to the most important Ottoman & Byzantine monuments of Turkey such as St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and not more than ten minutes to The Grand Bazaar.

This post will be about the activities that went on in the first three days.All will be explained through the captions below the pictures...Enjoy!!!

KLIA AIRPORT...muka teruja sorung2..

1st Day

See you soon Malaysia...Hallo Istanbul!!!

The room key of Fehmibey hotel is attached with a heavy load to ensure that guest will remember to leave their keys when they are going out...huhu

Arrived at Fehmibey Hotel

Our room which is known as apartment at Fehmibey hotel...

Breakfast is provided everyday...gemoe kot makan buffet tiap2 hari...

Where to go?What to do?

Enjoying the panoramic view from the roof top.

View from the Lighthouse Cafe & Bar

First outing after taking a short rest from the long journey...

Time ni ada shooting untuk music video turkish singer...woh2.

The Obelisk of Theodosius

Owh lollipop ini sangat sedap sehingga menjilat batang kayu...A must try if you're in Istanbul

Lapar2...lunch at the restaurant next to Fehmibey Hotel

Nihan Carpet...Window Shopping...

Skali woh..carpet baru la new year ni...

Jenjalan malam2 exploring the city of Istanbul

Muka terlebey teruja sebab berjaya buktikan kesejukkan teramat dengan gambar bernafas kluar asap..owh yeah..

2nd Day

In front of a University and Museum

Fountain lawa

At the park...met Turk cell promoter..refused to hand in my phone for a survey..phobia dah phone kena bawak lari dulu kala..

Pic 1: Exchange money from euro to turkish lyra.Pic 2: Met a Malaysian family.Pic 3 :The tram station.Pic 4:Turkish Bath kat belakang...

Terpikat dengan the turkish apple tea served at Nihan's carpet shop, we went to search for Ali Baba's tea.Byk kot beli..nak bawak balik Malaysia..

Perut berbunyi..It's time to eat..semua makanan turkish sangat mengenyangkan...dah habis makan malas nak bangun ke haper entah..

After lunch,we headed to Hagia Sophia( A former Byzantine church and a former Ottoman mosque in Istanbul. Now it has become a museum.

In front of the Blue Mosque/Sultanahmet mosque

Magnificent architecture..

Tempat mengambil wudhuk

Dah penat berjalan...kita minum dulu...fresh orange and pomegranate juice is very popular in Istanbul.

Dinner time..takeaway from a restaurant heading to the beach...sedap2...

3rd Day

It's a new day...

Grand Bazaar ( covered market) - A place where more than 4000 shops are operating,selling carpets,turkish arts and crafts,shawls,bassware and trays,water ewers and many more...

Teruja jumpa sink macam dalam cita harry potter

Some of the goods that were being sold...

Mamam time...

In the evening,we went to Arasta bazaar which is close by to our hotel.Bought souvenirs there..

Mata rambang..semua hawt stuff.....definitely will come back and shop more..hehe..

The next post will be about our trip on Bosphorus cruise and maybe a belly-dancing show,Sultana..we'll see how thing goes...

Till next post...Allaha ismarladik...


syukrina othman said...

Very the excited!! Tak sabar part 2!!& tym ne otw ke bandar miri!! Nah! Sebab Gigih nak tengok nabeyl's blog dari istanbul ! Ok..tata..dah nak sampai dah..

Fatin Aliyya said...

wow nabeyl!!!

love u.haha.juz kiddin
luv ur stories n oics.

ur experience inspire me...suke sgt.:p

have a nice day.jelesnyer tgk ko vacaying merata tmpt.bilaler aku nk merasa.

pics are so da bomb!!!:)

AreL said...

wow... nicenyew pergi Istanbul.. n nice entry.. banyak pic.. puas ati bace.. hehehe...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syukrina:
hehe..thanx..tapi 2nd part lambat lagi taw...after 3 days baru semangat tulis...kang tiap2 hari tulis pasal Istanbul..org nyampah plak kan...huhu..have a safe journey k...take care..

to Fatin:
Thanx2..blushing tertibe..insyaallah akan merasa gak one day...no worries.

to arel:
Yeay..puas hati baca...hehe..gigih tu in between trips..nak tulis and edit gambar..

Abir Abhar said...

one day i'll go there gak kot

AkU said...

kewl man..
why didn't u visit (try) d open bath house..

syukrina othman said...

nabeyl..baru saya perasan!
gaya nabeyl feat muffler..hehehe..

kojah said...

uiks, bestnyerrrr

fridge magnet lbh2 xda ke??hahahahaha

Miss Lula said...

yeahh2 nabeyl berjaya buat diri mendengki dirinya. tamo baca. tapi pictures memang.. haihh, best ahh.


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to abir:
Yeay2..you should..invite me along..hehe

to aku:
Would love to...but2..dorunk buat mix kot laki pompuan..maloe2...

to syukrina:
Owh you xtaw kat sini byk selendang/scarf/muffler hawt2 stuff best nak beli semua tapi pikir balik..baik beli nanti bler dah confirm pergi germany...amin...

to kojah:
Haha...frigde magnet berlambak kot..tunggu nak kena beli je..

to miss lula:
Haha...thanx...more to come..byk sngt smpi xtaw mana nak pilih letak dlm blog..howoe

HIZAMI said...

i'm speechless.
sgt bez!
aku jelez!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to hizami:
Haha..i'm speechless too...tgk dolmabache palace mmg ar...

AkU said...

xslah kalu nk try..cri le yg xmix..

reez said...


best dowh
xnak cun lak bangunan dia.
lawa lak tu tempat tu.

ko jgn nak tetibe selit unsur sensual leyh x kt blog ko?

don't forget souvenirs!

liyanaKim said...

gigih yer u upload suma ni.
best. best . best!

athnfthn said...

bawa pulang aku pigeon biru yang last sekali. eh kenapa tak on skype ?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to aku:
Hehe..next time la i gi..ngan kawan2 baru best..

to reez:
Tertibe je over excited eh reez.Haha.terselit ke..wait till u see the belly dancing show i went to watch...gambar tu xle masuk blog kot..heeee

to liyana:
Gigih tu penting..ada part two..maybe bler i balik malaysia baru post kot..

to tyn:
Woh kaya kaw pigeon tu mahal geela tapi sngt lawa dan tempting.hurm..laptop bapak aku buat hal..skype xmoe on..

AkU said...


.::annemishi::. said...

damn. the only thing that catching my eyes is the FOOD!

start to drooling~~~~


the art of buildings.(architecture)

sit said...

hey! your photos look awesome! I'm going there too on january 1st. Is it super cold there? All the wheather websites show that istanbul is always 12-19 degree (which is quite warm to me) :P

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to annemeshi:
Haha..kan..mmg drooling terus

to sit:
thanx for the compliment..wait till u see the 2nd part..the weather was quite cold when i was there...about 0 to 3 degrees.and windy too.i heard it will start snowing next week..so the temp might get colder.

Z said...

nabil! while indeed I am a teenage girl, we're the same age tau :D 19 right? And actually I xtau nak ckp ape jugak, cm speechless gile mase approach u HAHA

Istanbul best kannnn the park in between Hagya Sophia and the Blue Mosque tu beautiful sangat!! I miss Istanbul so much :( I'm in Rome now!

Although sejuk, there's always kebabs and saleb drinks to warm us up kan? Ah..I wish I could go there again.

Nice to have met you!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to z:
haha...kewl..we're the same age..owh u kat rome..jealous2..im back in Malaysia..preparing to take my results this wed and insyaallah if i pass will be flying to germany in less than two weeks..huhu..u went to istanbul with ur family?

anamunawwarah said...


ok silent reader mula nk bising kat sini.

excue the meroyan sound.huhu sebabnya mmg simpan impian la kn nk gi istanbul...sgt cantik...

n the foods...drools~

p/s: siap jumpa pembaca setia kat sana..not bad =p

sultanahmet said...

Pics are great.
I think , your holiday was great.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to anamunawwarah:
Salam...haha..meroyan sound sngt chomeyl..cantik2..u should go there one day...berbaloi...tu la..agak terkejut jumpa reader kat sana..hehe..teruja2.

to sultanahmet:
Yeah that's for sure..i had tremendous fun there.

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Anak ku Nabil.
I could not have done better to story-tell the way u did.... awesome...wonderfully narrated...and distinctly interesting!!!

Glad that u have enjoyed the trip...
The next one will be a long time yet, now that u will be off to Germany in another 9 days time... huhuhu...

I will be writing something too about the Istanbul holidays... soon i hope... hehe.
- Ayah