Friday, December 11, 2009

Semangat Patriotisme tertibe berkobar-kobar

Malaysia Tanah Airku

Ni la tempatnye

Finally, the reason why Nabeyl was away for four days will be revealed.I guess some of you guys have known from my previous post.Oh well...I was in Ulu Sepri, Rembau Negeri Sembilan for a 4D-3N course that is known as Kursus Kenegaraan Mahasiswa Luar Negara otherwise known as Biro Tatanegara (BTN).

From 7th till 10th of December, we( JPA & YTM KBU students and also few students from other colleges like Taylor's and Help) are required to attend and pass the exam in this Camp to enable us to fly to our respective destinations.During the camp,we were being alienated, no contact with the outside world as no phones are allowed.Woh2.Dugaan besar.Back to simple life.Tertibe paris hilton muncul dlm kepala.

Having said that, the life at the camp wasn't that simple.We were lavished with 6 meals a day and those who are vegetarian or allergic to certain kind of food are well taken care of.Good huh?

I have to admit that initially I was reluctant to attend the BTN camp due to things I've heard, different perspectives given by various people and due to the fact that I will lose contact with the outside world.However after attending this camp, I felt tremendous change in myself, not only that I'm becoming more patriotic to the country but also wiser in making the correct decision on choosing what is right and what is wrong.

The issue of BTN is widely spoken now.I personally think that this program is good to instil Patriotism value in the citizen of Malaysia.The experience that we could gain from the camp is also priceless and will change us for the better.I've now realised what I've been missing.My rights and the important of the federal constitution.These are the things that we as Malaysian should be aware of.However, I myself believe that there are still room for improvement ; the teaching module, presentation technique and interaction skill & etiquette.These would be a tremendous boost to attract future participation with an open mind.Well planned course will definitely create an environment that will benefit the participants to the fullest.yeah.

All in all, the camp was a blast.The friendship bonds that I've created with others are just priceless,the experiences that I've gained should be cherished and treasured, the knowledge that
I've acquired will I use wisely and practice it as a source of reference.

Activities that we've done, just to name a few that I could recall :
  1. Singing the theme song "MENARA BANGSA" every time there was a talk given by the presenter.
  2. Solat berjemaah, kuliah and tazkirah
  3. Pembentangan Kertas Kerja ( ceramah)
  4. Makan, makan, makan, minum, minum, minum(Im getting fat coming back from this camp)
  5. Absailing
  6. Menari poco-poco (teruja kot)
  7. Kembara (5 checkpoints- gain knowledge while having fun)
  8. LDK( Latihan dalam kumpulan)
The LDK should be explained further cuz the sessions in LDK were so much fun and funny, not forgetting that the sessions were also educational and they really left us to think deeply.

The first LDK began with an ice-breaking session.We were at first divided into group according to our month of birth.Then we were further segregated into groups of eight.First activity as a group is designing our own Flag, group name and motto.We've chosen Dato' Mahrajalela as our group name as required by the facilitator to choose one name from the list of Pahlawan Melayu.

2nd LDK: We were assigned to our facilitator, Abg Lan who started the LDK session with lets-get-to-know-more-about-your-group member activity.

3rd,4th LDK: Knowledge enhancement on Federal Constitution.

5th LDK : Duo exercise, 2012 saving game which was seriously funny, group discussion

6,7,8th LDK - Kembara

9th LDK - The night to be remembered.We were all working in our group to collect more marks so that we will emerge as a winner.Answering quizzes, acting out what is required and being enthusiastic and optismistic.We were then given a task, each group got an envelope containing 2 pieces of cloth.We can only open the envelope after agreeing to the rules given.1st rule, we are not allowed to stand and walk.You can crawl, slide and etc.2nd rule, we cannot speak.Sign language and skin & pen technique were used instead.3rd rule, we can't ask but we can give.After opening the envelope, all of us realised that the activity required us to not only work in our own group but instead involving everyone, total of 126 people.We have to use all the things given to us to create our own version of JALUR GEMILANG.I have to say that this activity has touched me the most.Apa yang penting? KERJASAMA!!!Wonderpet tertibe kan.

Sorry cuz pictures are limited to the few minutes on the first day and the last day..During the camp, my phone wasn't with me..Kena rampas plak kan..huhu.

Dalam bas menuju ke destinasi kem

Nyaman je kan suasana tempat ni...angin bertiup sepoi2 bahasa gitoe.

First thing first...register..semua pakai formal black and white.

Setiap sorunk dapat folder sendiri..


On the way nak gi mamam

Terasa cam dalam army la plak kan..nak bawak balik as x kesampaian

Dewan Makan

Last day dalam dewan and last lunch...bajet macam the last supper la kan.

Makan jangan x makan.

Nasi Ayam on the last day...before this ada nasi lemak, nasi biasa, nasi beriani once..tu sedap.

Nak balik dah...last time kot jumpa skali semua orang...sedey.

Muka happy je dua2 nak balik umah,bukak facebook dan gigih blogging dan tido(NI PALING PENTING)

Till next time,tchuess und mach's gut!!!


nsy said...

yes! yg penting ada gmbr aku. hahaha. thanks nabil!! btn best gler walopown aku x leh join kembara n abseiling. sob3.. rindu korg...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nsy:
haha..tu penting kan.kesian kat kaw..xper gi australia, try something extreme..naik atas kangaroo ke?gaga

farhana said...

yeaah BTN..i did mine masa diploma xlama dulu, kt kelantan ok, amik tuh jauh nauu haha

i bet u dah hafal the theme song kn hehe! oh xde nightwalk? or jln tutup mata & ikat tgn ya?

|munira| said...

haha.nasi ayam tu look exactly like the one i had back in boarding school.
oh rinduu..

♥ s y i r a ♥ said...

oh ! aku pernah pegi kem ulu sepri ni last april.sangat best....

-ade sungai kecik yang mengalir (pernah kena rendam dalm tu sebab x dgr kate sejuk giler)

-kembara hutan mantap giler2

-and oh, ade jumpe cicak besor tak?
1st time nampak mmg tekejot giler kot, cicak tu sama besar ngan botol air mineral 1.5ml HOHO.
jumpe tak? jumpe tak?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to farhana:
haha..kelantan mmg jauh nau..kitorunk nyer this time x byk activity sebab time constraint.hafal..muahaha..x kot..rhythm smpi skang x ingat..hehe

to munira:
ye ker...rindu jugak..hehe..tertibe.

to syira:
kitorunk x sempat kembara dlm hutan..kembara kat luar hutan je..lari2..muka masuk dlm tepung..cicak tu jumpa yg besar..tapi nmpk dari jauh pown dah geli..x tgk besar mana..hehe.

liyanaKim said...

BTN,auh kat rembau. penah g tempat ni hantar uncle I.
best ke nabil>

cham's said...

pernah gak btn kat sini... adooooiiiyaai mcm paris hilton g btn siot! mcm2 i merengek dgn pegawai kat situ, suck la.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to liyana kim:
erm best la gak..byk aktiviti yg i rasa best sngt..tapi ada gak part yg bosan dan ngantok...huhu

to cham:
Haha..kan simple life jadi paris hilton terus

Zuratul Ain said...

BTN;dari sekolah menengah sampai masuk U pun still kena pergi.

Poco-poco tarian wajib ada.Haha

++***hana zaty**++ said...

i know that menara bangsa song!~~

ohh...i loike! i loike!~~


norfaridahanum said...

baju putih,slack hitam,6 meals a day, poco-poco.ok,i percaya u pergi BTN. haha!teringat my BTN experience before.except the part i kna masuk dalam lumpur.DANG!

have been reading your blog quite a while.and it makes me reminiscing my memories back then.what a journey down the memory lane lah.all the best in germany!you'll be doing fine,insyaAllah. [ouch,did i sound so kakak or nanny,for worse?haha!]

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to zuratul:
Excited kot time blaja poco-poco..hehe

to hana:
Haha..sker ke..i susah kot nak hafal..x dapat rhythm..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to norfaridahanum:
haha..nasib i x kena masuk lumpur..masuk muka dalam tepung and air arang je.thanx for supporting my blog....x kisah're sweet..thanx yeah

.::annemishi::. said...

tsk.. tadak gamaq aku. sobs.
T.T satu pun x da.

xpa. yg penting dalam hati semua.
eceh. yg tuh jgan lupa..

nabil! aku x add lgi pun putera mahameru. so, cmna nk suggest kt ang? :P

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to annemishi:
Adoi..jgn la xde time kita buat activity..kalau x dah berlambak gambaq hang dlm ni..hoho.xpe nanti dah add suggest la k.

mushcanter said...

i have been here before. it was blast, wasnt it? xoxo

Nadira Jeannot said...

Ntahnye. Gmbr ak pon xde. Camni r groupmate..
kn Anneh kn?
Eh, x sangka nabil ada blog.
Ok2 teruskn blogging! Saje nk kaco~
Bleh la aku blaja german skali..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mushcanter:

to Nadira Jeannot:
Hehe..that's the spirit..alo2..gambar korunk xde sebab baru dapat phone balik korunk dah hilang..time makan lupa plak nak ambik kan..hehe

nmz said... 1st time comment here.sllu baca diam2 je..haha..BTN..its good to hear that u enjoy BTN there..mmg best dad dulu BTN 6years..btn n9 then putrajaya..haha

keep blogging anyway..all the best in germany!:)

C L J said...

Tahniah Nabil. You're quite a reporter. U kept me tagged very interestingly for quite some time. I am picking your note partly for my ref. of what happens to boys like you. ie if you dont mind. Expecting the best news from u in 2013 (?). But may I at times check on u here ?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nmz:
thanx nmz...i'll keep on blogging if i have the time...insyaallah..

to C L J:
Thanx c l j..yeah sure why not..erm if get the chance to go to germany,i'll be doing masters as only in 2015 will i be done with my course..sigh..

C L J said...

I am very proud of you. My regards to your parents. All the best. 2015 eh. Meaning your pointer got to be maintained very well from the start. Sure you can.

Anonymous said...

wah aku dah pegi sane twice LOL
erm hpofully nnti ad yg ketiga(sebab nk g overc)


kesomboyz.haneefa90 said...

huhuhuuuu..........nervous dupdapdupdap nk p.........smga mmpu hdpinya sebaik yg mngkinnnn........insyaAllah....