Saturday, March 5, 2011

Secret agent of Happiness?

Love and Friendship are the secret agents of Happiness.There are so many keys of Happiness but I believe these two will forever top the list.Being with your loved ones, spending quality time together, having fun, laughing and smiling are just precious. Having good friends to enjoy life with, fooling around, exploring new things, challenging each other in a healthy competition are just some of things that would bring happiness into our lives.All I can say is "Live your life like there's no tomorrow"...Do the things you love especially with your loved ones...

Last few weeks were awesome as I had the chance to spend time with my beloved family members and my dear friends.We had so many great moments together.Lots of fun experiences to be cherished and shared.I would like to share some of the activities that we've done...Enjoy reading.

Dinner Gathering - Family and Friends

The dinner was senior's treat.They cooked for us Nasi Beriyani with kari kambing, ayam masak merah, and acar.Owh, that was one of the best dinners I've had.Thank you seniors.The gathering was actually to celebrate Syafiq's achievement on finishing his studies with a Diplom which is equivalent to a Master in Malaysia.Owh and I thought it would be great to celebrate his birthday as well which fall on 1st of March.Oh ,I just love gatherings!!

Those present at the dinner gathering...

Makan time!!!

Main Dish - Nasi Beriyani, Kari Kambing, Ayam Masak Merah, Sayur and Acar.
Dessert - Oreo Truffels and Chocolate Cake

Memang terangkat ar Nasi Beriyani ni...sedap menjilat jari dan kuku!
Birthday Boy with his cake...

Love and Friendship...

Pool Billiard!!! 
Having fun with my family and friends playing pool billiard at Scotty's.Ayah James joined us for the two hours of exciting billiard experience.

 The players : Darwin, Rumitha, Ayah James, Zalikha, Fizz and Nabil

 Disco Bowling
The fun didn't stop at pool billiard.After resting for about two hours, we went for disco bowling.It was an awesome experience, bowling in the dark with disco balls illuminating the room, bowling pins glowing and great disco music playing on the stereo.Grooving while bowling kan..

The Bowlers





Yeah..Those are some of the great things we did last week.I had tremendous fun with my family and friends.Love, Friendship and Happiness were in the air...Hope to do these exciting activities again soon...Till the next post..

Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Biey said...

telan liur jap tengok makanan yg very the delicious.. bon apetit..[tetiba..tul ke tue..haha..].. bonjour..

ayie said...

cute gak girl tudung rimau tu..hehe

perg sedap je nasi beriani ni

Rahmat Hidayat said...

That I can guarantee u felt so happy kan nabeyl dear.. It's nice to have gatherings and hanging out together with friends and families

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to biey:
Haha..tu french..dalam German Guten Appetit! thanx biey

to ayie:
Haha..suke la kalau dia dengar..

to matt:
exactly..sangat2 best...nak balik Malaysia hang out ngan family and friends lagi..

farah booboo said...

rasa lapar balik walaupun baru j mkn nasi beriyani td...hikhik

asybedazzle said...

disco bowling! wah. mcm disco betul je nmpk. hahaa :D

namasayasitipanggilfizzieponokay said...

Aku mmg xkan sempaat jd first commentatorrr.

namasayasitipanggilfizzieponokay said...

Anyway so much for toy story 3. Awal u bangun?

Anonymous said...

girl yng tudung rimau tu your sis ke? muka nak sama je :)

Anonymous said...

Arghhhh! Lapar tengok makanan sedap2 macam tuu! :)

Paklung Tony said...

tru happiness indeed!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to farah:
Hee..nasi beriyani tu mmg terbaek ar..rinduuuu

to asybedazzle:
Agak ar..dengan disco ball semua..nasib x pakai boot cut pants..kang disco mood terus..

to fizz:
It's more like lambatnye u tido..haha..couldn't sleep last night..Pepsi really works..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to farahin:
Uh uh my sis, Zalikha.

to dobot:
I pon lapar balik tengok makanan sedap2 tu..

to tony:
yeah tony..

sueMUNCET said...

wahhhh..bestnya tempat bowling tu.. cool giler.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hye nabil, pls send my regards to azlan pls.. tq..

Anonymous said...

seronok life dkt sana,org dkt sana jumpa dkt rumah,surau ada ke

Anonymous said...

seronok life dkt sana,org dkt sana jumpa dkt rumah,surau ada ke

.:rizaL:. said...

wahh...i love gathering as well.. love & friendshp really r the agent of happiness. cant agree more. I wish i was there eating those mouth watering foods

qiqi said...

i ske tgk ur pic n ur sis.yg 1st pic tu.nmpk comey!! ^_^

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sue:
Kewl kan..hari selasa pon cool..semua 1 euro je...hee

to naxa:
Insyaallah I will

to anonymous:
Alhamdullillah seronok duduk kat sini lagi2 bila ada kawan2 and family datang jenguk..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

Kan..hehe...I wish I was in Malaysia eating cendol and abc...

to qiqi:
Thanx.. :D