Monday, March 7, 2011

Dj got us fallin' in love!!!

The title says it all. The Dj is Falinda a.k.a Dj Mixturess who got us falling in love with Holland. Rotterdam and Amsterdam to be exact.The last few days with my mum and sis were spent in Holland with the company of Ayah James, Aunty Jolanda and Falinda.We had so much fun together, celebrating Falinda's birthday, going around Holland, exploring Amsterdam and Rotterdam, trying various kinds of food and clothing, and the best part of all would be going to a concert.It was the highlight of the awesome time I spent with my family in Holland.

Usher's OMG Concert

 Hello Mr Dj....Let's get the party started!!!
 Usher's concert was held at Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam

 Omg..It's Usher OMG Tour..Omg..

Excited when i got the chance to indulge this heavenly dessert, Swirl's...Sedappp

 Who's in the mood to get groovy with Usher? Me..Me..

 Sekejup Merah...
Sekejup Biru
And then Rainbow before going to Black and White...

If only the animated GIF image works here...

And here too...


Dj silap..Nabil yáll..V for Versus... Raymond versus Raymond

Food Fiesta
Spare Ribs and Rabbit...What's Up, Doc?
Amsterdam - Dam Square

Amsterdam - Breakdancing 

Interesting Shops in Amsterdam

This shop is actually a public toilet...And it's cute that they sell various things to decorate your toilet...hee

This shop sells all kinds of postcards...chomeyl..hawt..sexay..semua ada la..

The Best Cheese in Holland? More like the most expensive cheese in Holland. If you come across this kind of shop, don't hesitate to enter and try all the cheese flavours available..Then go to the supermarket to buy the cheese at cheaper prices. Humma2

Rock my body at Hard Rock Cafe

We're here!!! Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

Meet our waiter..He's really nice and friendly...

Happy Camper smiles....

I had the famous fajitas with shrimps..Mhhhmmmmm so good...

The decorations in Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

Rotterdam - Shabu Shabu 

Rotterdam City
Beautiful city isn't it?

Saying Goodbye.....

I came back to Germany few days before my mum and my sis went back to Malaysia. I have lectures, tutorials and my exam is just around the corner.Didn't get the chance to send them at the airport..Howoe..
It's okay. I'm going back to Malaysia for Raya this year..5 months won't be that long kan..pejam celik pejam celik..

Tschüss und mach's gut!!! Till the next post...byeeee!!!


Fie Omar said...


bestnya dapat explore other countries!!~ :)

.:rizaL:. said...

one word: jealous.......................waaaaaaaaa nabeyl please bring me along next time

Emmie Idris said...

coolness laaa :") envy you dapat tgk usher secara live ohhh!!! and the family part, alalala. sweet la. family mane x sweet kan? duhhh~!

asybedazzle said...


Azie Azra said...

aaaaaaa.usher OMG tour.jeles @__@

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fie:
Alhamdullillah im lucky to be in this position..

to rizal: time datang bagitau.

to emmie:
Hehe..yeah family mmg cousin tertibe tanya nak gi x..i cam woh2 excited terus..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to asybedazzle:
Omg back.

to Azie:

Noriz said...

klu hanis ada mesti nabil lgi hepi kan!

Emmie Idris said...

woh2 excited terus??? kalau i dah koma 2 minggu~!!!!! wahahaha

DoOrDie said...

selalu tertekan tengok makanan...this time around USHER! feel like wanna paku u alot men!

Now, go study and master that paper. This is a order. (ayat jeles)


yaya|azura said...

Dah enjoy puas-puas now time to study, ok? Tapi takyah study pon takpe, bila lagi nak enjoy kan? Lol.
Alaaa siannya, mesti dah rasa homesick :( Takpe2, pejam celik 5 months gone fast and you'll be back home for raya. :)

farah booboo said...

Nak jalan jalan jugak...huuuu

lyeanna said...

aiyarkkkk...jelezzz sudah nih blajar eluk2 bah nnti sa buleh fly srupa ama kamu too..
b.t.w : OMG!!