Monday, March 28, 2011

Oreo Craze!!!

Who doesn't know Oreo? The cookie with a catchy slogan "Oreo.Milk's favourite cookie".How do you eat it? Get your glass of milk ready! Twist..Lick..and Dunk. Well, that's one of the ways to enjoy the heavenly made cookies. But guess what? There are plenty of deliciously different ways to indulge yourself with Oreo cookies.

Got Oreo?

I've been experimenting with a number of recipes involving Oreo cookies. Remember the Oreo Cheesecake recipe I've posted here? If you don't, click here for the link. I was really happy when I got good feedbacks from those who've tried the recipe..Best kan...

To all you Oreo lovers out there...Get ready for some of the best Oreo recipe's of all time..hee...I got these recipes online.As usual my favourite website, is there when i need it the most..yeah..I tried the recipe which I think would turn out good and modified here and there to suit my taste and preference.

Oreo Truffels - Getting your hands dirty has never felt so good!!!

The basic oreo balls

Oreo balls coated with fullmilk or white choc and sprinkled with crushed oreos

Oreo balls variety with almond nuts.Oreo balls coated with almond then choc is better than oreo balls coated with choc then almond.

The one on the left is oreo ball coated with fullmilk choc.The right is oreo ball coated with choc and almond.The below one is the nicest of them all, oreo ball coated with almond and then choc.The taste from almond does not overpower the taste of oreo and cream cheese.Highly recommended!!! 

32 oreo cookies (I've tried without the filling and also with the filling) With tasted better!!!
1 package of cream cheese ( 175 g)
300 grams of Baking Chocolate, melted ( It's up to you to use any flavours you like) I'll go for fullmilk choc or white choc...Mhhmmmmm.
200 gram of chopped almond, roasted . (optional)

  1. Finely crush the Oreo cookies.Keep about 1/2 cup if you like to sprinkle the finely crushed oreos as topping later.
  2. Put the crushed Oreos in a medium bowl. Add in cream cheese. Mix the Oreo cookies and cream cheese until well blended.It takes time. Be patient. It is worth it..Trust me!
  3. Roll the mixture into a big ball.Refrigerate for one hour.Or before you do that, you can also straight away roll the mixture into 32 balls, about 1 inch in size and then get them refrigerated.This step is kinda messy.Lick your fingers once you've finished rolling the balls..Nikmat terasa terus...
  4. If you haven't rolled the mixture into balls.Now is the right time to do it.Then, use two forks to roll the Oreo balls with almond or if you don't want to use the almond, straight into the chocolate.
  5. After almond, roll them into the chocolate.Place the balls on baking tray covered with baking paper.Refrigerate them for about 1 hour.
  6. Take a bite and say mmhhmmmmm.

Deep Fried Oreos - It sounds weird right, but it tastes sooo GOOD!!!

Enough vegetable oil to do deep frying 
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 cup pancake mix
1 package of Oreo cookies
1 cup powdered sugar a.k.a confectioners' sugar

  1. Heat oil in deep-fryer or a wok to about 190 degrees Celsius.
  2. Whisk the egg, milk and 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil in a bowl.Pour in pancake mix and whisk until smooth.
  3. Dip the Oreo cookies one at a time and carefully place into the deep fryer or the wok.
  4. Cook until the cookie batter turns golden-brown.
  5. Put them on a kitchen-towel to drain excess oil.
  6. Enjoy them while they are still hot..

Oreo Muffins - Will have you craving for more!!!

Imagine this in your muffins...yummy!!!

Look at these cute yummilicious muffins...

1 package of Oreo cookies ( 175 gram) - It depends if you like, you can put in more Oreo cookies in the muffin.
1 cup of buttermilk or milk
150 g butter, soft
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar (8 gram)
300 gram all-purpose flour ( About 2 1/2 cup approx)
1 packet baking powder (5 - 8 grams)
100 g chopped chocolate bar

  1. Whisk milk with butter,eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar together.
  2. Add in flour and baking powder into the mixture.Mix well but don't get it over-mixed.
  3. Stir in Oreo cookies and chopped chocolates
  4. Fill the batter into muffin tray, about 2/3 full each muffin cup.
  5. Bake for about 20 mins in a preheated oven of 175 degree Celsius. 
  6. Check with a wooden stick to see if the muffins are cooked inside.
  7. Enjoy!!!

So that's it, three great recipes with Oreo cookies to be added into your recipe book.The way you enjoy the oreo cookies will never be the same again...I've actually tried to use the oreo cookies to the fullest by using the filling as a topping on a chocolate cake I baked and also i've poured finely crushed cookies on my pancakes for breakfast.Oreo lover la katakan..hee

I hope you guys enjoy the recipes provided. Have fun and explore other recipes that you can try with Oreo cookies...Enjoy!!!

Till next time. Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Anna said...

yummy! thanks for the recipes. I could try them out on Mother's day. :)Mom loves Oreo!

Muhammad said...

Oreoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhohohohohoho !!

fav gua nieh.
tq untuk resepi oreo goreng tu.
me dah lama nak cuba.
tapi tak tercuba2.

hohohohoh,nanti me cuba buat ya.
*sambil kunyah oreo.

ps:me if makan suka simpan dalam peti sejuk sampai beku.lepas dah beku baru makan..yay,mmg sedap.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To anna:
Sweet..nanti dah try lemme know k..

To muhammad:
Oh really? X penah try plak camtu..ok..yeah u should try deep fried oreo tu..mmg terbaik!

DoOrDie said...

Something to work over weekend. thanks to u prince gorman!

zulaika.puad said...

kene cbe resipi ni

MissAisyah said...

thanx nabil :D :D

yang first tu mcm senang sebab tak guna any oven dan tak perlu goreng2.

mau buat bila ada free time nanti :)

thx again. do share more interesting recipes ok? :P

adi emran said...

nabil punya blog dah mcm blog kelas masakan.... :)

Violet Blue said...

tak pasal2 dah terliur..

sume ni dh pernah cube, eh?

eniey yusoff said...

hoooo eeeemmmm jayyyyy !
looks yummy....
meleleh air liur nih... kekekekkeee.

yaya|azura said...

Budak gileeeeer! Ich bin hungrig for Oreo now. Anyway, thanks for the nyummy recipes tapi kalau dah beli Oreo tu raasa tak sompek nak bikin ni semua dah terus ngap masuk mulut. Hihihihi.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to DoOrDie: problem adzra!

to zulaika:
You're most welcome..

to miss Aisyah:
Yerp2 yang first sangat senang and my favourite..deswai letak first.hee..

to adi:
Haha..agak ar kan...nasib ada selit2 post pasal benda lain..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to violet blue:
Uh uh pernah cuba.semangat experiment satu2..

to eniey:
Hehe..try la buat..mesti lagi meleleh air liuh..

to yaya:
Haha..dah agak you would say that...beli berlambak2 skit..baru sempat buat..

Ijah EmoTemo said...

huwargh! sangat lapar kalau masuk belog ni. haha.

thx for share the recipes :)

nama.aku.lynn said...

aaa..i love orea!hv to try laa..:D

Sofeana Z. said...

Bukak blog nabil mesti ada gambar makanan.
Meleleh air liur tengok. :D

:: Azizah Alwi:: said...

Ada lagi satu biscuit yang macam oreo that is cream o.I would choose cream o than oreo.Tapi kalau oreo tu mixed jadikan kek memang sedap.I pernah buat masa my dad birthday.Your blog is so nice.Bila bukak je mesti rasa nak makan.thanks for alway keeping me hungry,nabil..haha ;)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ijah:
Haha..sabar problem..sharing is caring..

to nama.aku.lynn:
You should!!

to Sofeana:
Hye sofeana.Congrats on your spm result..rajin2 la comment ye..jangan lupa try buat..

to azizah:
I've tried that..sedap gak..tapi oreo tetap pujaan hati..Haha..thanx..keep on commenting k..

La Petite Cherie said...

Omg yummmmy. Everything looks amazingly delectable!! The most I did was Oreo cheesecake!! Hehe. Yours is another level. The truffles look especially mouthwatering!! Mcm Ferraro Rocher :)) Dah boleh open a confectionary dah Nabeyl nie :))

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to la petite cherie:
Haha..yeah right..x laku kang..I suka try somthing new..just experimenting with new recipes.Kalau sedap, i'll put them on my blog.U should try the truffels. They are very easy to make.

cik intan said...

woowww sedappnyew!!rupa2nya boleh dipelbagaikan ye oreo ni nabil..just a yummy entry!!good!

.:rizaL:. said...

if u sell them, i'll buy!

lyeinalilies said...

hurmm..deep fry oreo tuh kne buang ke dieny cream tuh?? or xyah buang??

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To cik intan:
Thanx..yummilicious kan..hee

To rizal:
Make sure you kalau buat sendiri lagi nikmat terasa kot..

To iyeinalilies:
Semua recipe i bagi ni xyah buang cream..deswai senang...and lagi sedap lemak berkrim..

.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

Nabil selalu buat saya rasa sgt lapar!!!

oh rosak diet ku..mama, nak orea goreng buleh? LOL XD

Emmie Idris said...

i've tried deep fried oreos first time when i was 15 years old (gosh, tua gile skang ni!!) sangat yummeh okeh~ memang favourite deep fried oreos~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to public enemy:
Hehe..sorry bout ur diet..skali skala makan sedap2 apa salahnya kan..

to Emmie Idris:
Haha..memeris kan...

crazy_labelle said...

mulut i da berair.. mne nak carik muffin pukul 2.24am ni...

Muhammad said... akan try.
*tapi still tak try,sebab bila beli makan.
beli jerk me makan.
huaaa..tak sempat nak goreng pun

u letak dalam peti eis.
sampai beku.
sebab dia akan jadi..sangat2 rangup.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To crazy_labelle:
Hoho..sorry..tengahari u kluar gi cari ye..

To muhammad: sooo gonna try that...beli lebey2 lagi..time dah bukak one box terus start buat dessert with another box..hee

Food Safety Certification Online said...

Hey there Nabil! This is a really great rundown of oreo's great recipe lists! You just gave me an idea I can do in my monthsary. Thanks!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Food Safety Certification Online:
No problem..I'm honoured..

Food Handling Safety Tips said...

I definitely love the Choco-coated Oreos! Did you use a specific kind of container? I was having a hard time making them round.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To Food Handling Safety Tips:
The Oreo truffles are the best..i didnt use any specific container.I just roll them into balls with my hands. :)

Mrs.P said...

i'm gonna make'em right away,ASAP...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Mrs.P:

Nur Liyana Sariman said...

Sharing is caring! Yummy yummy!