Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heidelberg - A Romantic Getaway in Germany

When I think of Heidelberg, these adjectives came into my mind...Romantic, Idyllic, Picturesque, Magnificent and Tranquil...For those who are romantic at heart, Heidelberg would be a great choice to spend the holiday especially with your loved ones. Heidelberg, being one of Germany's most popular travel destinations, has so many interesting places to offer, namely Heidelberg Castle, University of Heidelberg (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität), Königstuhl, Old Bridge, Studentenkarzer, Heidelberg's Old Town, Philosophenweg and many more.

I went on a trip to Heidelberg organised by GLOBUS, a tutor-based organisation at my university that take care of the international students here.I had a wonderful time and tremendous joy exploring the awe-inspiring city with my international friends.We managed to explore some of the fascinating sightseeings and highlights of Heidelberg.Enjoy the pictures!!!

My facebook & Twitter status while on the bus "Sitting on the bus with the Spanish guys..chomeyl geela dorunk buat lawak..the journey has just started and i'm already having much fun! ".
I spent most of my time in Heidelberg with the Spanish guys, Pablo & Javier and also Sangpil, the Korean guy.

View from the bus

Our first sightseeing place after getting down of the bus.

From Karlsplatz, you can see the magnificent Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg in Spring...Best time of the year to explore Heidelberg...The weather is just nice, not too hot nor too cold.

Bergbahnen - It's like Bukit Bendera's funicular train.This train took us to the Castle in less than 3 minutes.

Heidelberg Castle
The Heidelberger "Schloss" (Castle) rises up on a rocky hilltop over the city's Old Town. Heidelberg's "Schloss" is one of the most impressive castles in Europe and a highlight along the German Castle Road.

Breathtaking views from Heidelberg Castle

I can simply stay there enjoying the view the whole day...lovely...

Group picture...part of the 50+ students who joined the trip

Nak letak caption awwwwwww je bleh?

Nak awww jugak...tp tambah eh ah eh ah skit...

Palace Courtyard
Once inside the Castle courtyard, you’ll see quite clearly that parts of the castle were built at different times in different styles. The architecture of the buildings is really impressive.

Can you see that clock tower? It's awesome. However, due to the daylight saving and same time across European countries, the time on this clock is not the same as normal watch because it's determined by the position of sun which is different at other places in Europe.Pening? I baca balik pon pening skit..

Great Wine Barrel
Here you can see the great wine barrel which is located in the cellar under Heidelberg castle.

The ruined tower of Heidelberg Castle

Gelati Ice-Cream
 The weather was really nice for an ice-cream.Gelati caffe bar is the right place to get your ice-cream...It's so cone licking good..

University Library of Heidelberg
Germany's oldest university library dates back to the 14th century. Today it is one of the largest and most up-to-date of its kind.Heidelberg is very famous for having the oldest university in Germany.Now there's a New University which is regarded as the center of the Old Town campus.And the library is situated in the New Campus.

Old Bridge
The view of the Old Bridge from far..

In front of the medieval gate of the Old Bridge.

You guys were awesome!!! Thank you for the great time we've spent together!

Oh I'll definitely visit this city again one day...
Cepatla datang Germany jadikan I tourist guide bawak jalan2 sini..hee..

There are other places worth visiting such as the Old Town, Philosopher's walk, The King's Throne and Untere Strasse.Click here to get more infos on the top attractions in Heidelberg.

"Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren"

Till the next post...Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Dawa said...

teringat zaman time main rugby kt heidelberg dulu. huhu

Raja Syakirah said...

waaaaaa.. okay. teringin =)

OdydOdif said...

so wonderful and lovely places at there...the building seems like in old movies,classic!

hud aikara said...

wow..best sungguh en nabil dapat mengembara ke negeri orang!...(jeles nih). =)

.:rizaL:. said...

i want to enjoy the view as well...

oh ya, u'll definitely be tourguide. haha,,,btw, bile balik malaysia?

*pening about the watch! ahha

sully86 said...

DAmn nice place. WOuld you bring me here one day...lol

The Lady & Mr Vampire said...

gempak la!! best gila kot! eh.. yang tadi tu jam matahari ke? correct me if i'm wrong.. haha.. english dapat B je masa SPM hari tu.. wakaka..

ada souvenir x dari germany? haha..

nama.aku.lynn said...


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to dawa:
Kat Heidelberg ke? Best2..

to Raja Syakirah:
Datang la sini..

to OdydOdif:
I love old buildings macam dekat Heidelberg ni...nice architecture..and full of history...

to hud aikara:
Alhamdullillah lucky dapat mengembara..dah ada kat sini guna la peluang tu kan..hee..jgn jeles2..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rizal:
Haha..dah agak akan pening about the watch..tu ayat I sendiri..deswai pening skit.insyaallah balik middle of july..x sabar nak beraya kat Malaysia.

to sully:
Come here and insyaallah i'll take you there.

to The Lady & Mr Vampire:
Betul2...jam matahari...teruja masa first time tengok tapi x reti baca..haha.. Kalau boleh nak angkut satu lori balik Malaysia tp malangnya x mampu..hee

to Lynn:

Hanis Zalikha said...


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Hanis:
Haha maloe taw..but you're right about that..akan makan lagi banyak and gigih work out...

.:rizaL:. said...

yeke...bleh la kita lepal kat Bangsar Village hehe

uknowme said...

i see a rainbow..rainbow

Izzatul Nadhirah said...

breathtaking. :')

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rizal:
Boleh je..insyaallah.

to nad:
baru nak tanya mana satu gambar nampak rainbow..haha..kunings..kunings.

to izzatul:
Yeah it was indeed breathtaking..

haifaa tunku said...

ouh menarik! lawa kot.

achik ezam said...

eh nabil dh tembam :)

nice place...sok2 kolo nk honeymoon nk pi situ la :))

nurain said...

i envy u.tu je nak cakap..and hat ice cream...huu..nanges!!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to haifaa:
Kan..teruja masa first time tengok tempat tu..

to achik:
Haha..tahu xpe..muka je..badan still slim slender cam hanis kata.Sila la datang bawak bapak2 ibu2 semualah..

to nurain:
Eh jangan nanges...datang la sini..i blanja ice-cream.hee

La Petite Cherie ♡ said...

Gorgeous and picturesque!! I wonder what are the history behind these awesome architectures :)

DoOrDie said...

mana baby phat!? kenapa tak nampak? howoe!

reez said...

mcm syok je.....tapi x romantic lah tempat tu u p reramai kan

:: Azizah Alwi:: said...

The place looks great,suka tengok bangunan lama macam tu and seriously the ice-cream looks yummy! :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to la petite cherie:
Hurm..I wonder too..I didn't get the chance to read on all the history.It was just a day trip..next time nak gi lagi and enlighten myself.

to DoOrDie:
Haha..ambik gambar biar angle elok x nampak baby phat..muka nampak tembam kan?

to reez:
Agakla kan..tu maksudnya kena gi lagi skali tu...

to Azizah:
It was..One of the best ice-creams I've tasted here so far..

nadja malek said...

ich vermissen schweiz!!!