Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebook turning into Fakebook?

"Do you have a Facebook?" is one of the most common questions that people would ask these days... Regardless of the person you've just met, or the person you've known for ages, keeping in touch with them has never been this easy. Just like Friendster and Myspace, Facebook doesn't really differ that much.Social networking is the 21st century way of communication. Yeah..

If you've read my old post on How it all started..., you would know how I've evolved from using Friendster to Myspace and now to Facebook..Oh not forgetting Tumblr and Twitter...Humma2.The amount of Facebook active users have increased tremendously in the past few years, reaching to more than 500 million users. Facebook used to be filled with lots of young users but the current statistic shows that Facebook users now come from all walks of life, different age groups and etc.

In my opinion, there are three types of Facebook users: 
  1. Someone who would just like to stay within his or her circle of friends, having about 50 to 100 friends at most and the objective of creating Facebook is to stay in contact with his or her closest friends and family members only.
  2. Someone who wants to limit his or her Facebook friends list to those he or she personally knows like family members and close friends but at the same time would like to get to know more about the person he or she has just met.
  3. Someone who simply adds and simply approves everyone on Facebook.He or she is living up to the motto "The more, The merrier".
The third one!!! Been there, done that..It was when I created Friendster and Myspace.I used to love having lots of people on my friends list and I think at that time it was really awesome to meet new people through these social network sites even though I know for the fact that the people I added, I would never meet them personally.Howoe.

I think it'll take a while before I go into the first category...So got me! I'm in the second category.Having said that, I've also added people I've never met but through the conversation that we had online, I know the person is sincere in getting to know me and I would definitely like to meet him or her one day.

As I've written on the sidebar of my blog, I have only one main profile on Facebook and a Facebook page.Nothing else.So if you guys found other profiles other than these two, that would probably be fake profiles.I would also like to say sorry for those who have added me on my main profile and didn't get my approval.It's not that I'm being snobbish or whatever,I just want to limit my friends list to those I personally know and I hope you guys would understand that.

 My main profile on Facebook

 My Facebook Page

The most important thing you should do when going on a social network websites is to be careful of what you write and share online.Take your own precaution by choosing the privacy settings that suit you best.Always be careful with the person you add online.It's better to get to know him or her personally first before adding.Sharing pictures is also another issue.Facebook is currently flooded with fake profiles.So take extra precaution.If you like to read more about Fake Facebook Profiles, click here.

By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent.

Mark Zuckerberg
Tschüss und mach's gut!


apezs shah said...


Aman Ibrahim said...

haha yup, like this entry~ we're in the same, No. 2 and so far belum ada lagi yg buat fake profile with mine pics. Nightmare =-='

Thanks for the advice, be careful with what we post, absolutely correct!

yaya|azura said...

I jatuh dalam category 2 but more to 1 lah kot? Tapi my friends ada dalam 600++. Hohoho. Time to clean up! :)

adiratnashee said...

sepp sikit.
i'm number 2 jugak :P

Judiene said...

You know what, while I'm reading your entry, I can't help but saying this to myself.
"I wonder how much Mark have paid you to say this on behalf of him."


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to apezs:

to aman:
thanx..just be careful yeah..privating your pictures to your circle of friends only is a good first step.

to yaya:
haha..i my family and friends pon ramai..hari tu dah buat spring cleaning tapi still 800..camne tu..haha...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to adiratnashee:
Yeay..sepp sepp bom bom.

to Judiene:
Haha..xde makna..but if only it was true...i would write more good things about him..

sully86 said...

attention seeking W***ES!!!