Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why stay in Malaysia?

Have you heard of Idiosyncrasies of Malaysians? We are peculiar in our nature and behavior.The diverse idiosyncrasies of Malaysians often make us special and unique in our own ways and that is why I love to stay in Malaysia.

Lydia Teh, the author of 'Honk, If You're Malaysian' tells the various idiosyncrasies of Malaysians that often transcends the racial and cultural boundaries in a very enlightening and humourous manner.As Malaysia is a multi-racial country, these idiosyncrasies add more colour to the already colourful background and culture of the country.

Why stay in Malaysia? 
Would you like your answer to this question to be featured as quotation in a book? Well, why not right?
Zebedy Publication is coming up with a book of quotes on "Why Stay in Malaysia" under their Teh Tarik Book Series.They would like to complete the book with variety of quotes in the form of a one-liner from as many Malaysians as possible.You can say things like "because I can't live without belacan and cencaluk" , "because nasi lemak, roti canai, char kuey teow and vadei are awesome!!!", "because I have the privelege of living in harmony and peace with people from all walks of life without feeling insecure or timid." just to name a few. Got the idea? Oh you can send more than one quote..The best one would be featured in the book.

Take this opportunity and tell the whole world why you like to stay in Malaysia...Oh tanah tumpah darahku...
As to those who have Facebook, you can go to this page and click like before sending your quotes to this page under the comment tab.
Or you can send your quotes to these email addresses ,
Include these details:
‘Why I stay in Malaysia’ one liner
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The dateline is on the 15th of July 2011.What are you waiting for? Perah otak skang jugak!!!

Oh before ending this post, I would like to share a choral speaking script that my classmates and I performed  for our Choral Speaking Competition in 2005 and 2006 where we came in 1st for two years in a row..Our beloved English Teacher, Puan Leela found this script and had us memorized and practiced it over some time.This is the script as I can remember it...There are certain parts that I'm not so sure about but oh well..Enjoy!!!

Idiosyncrasies of Malaysians
Idio...Idio what??
Little personal behaviors or nature
Peculiar to Malaysians
Funny but it's true
That these observations we make
Can be about you

Malaysians by large ooze charm and care
Sensitive and mature
We compromise
And we share
But why is it
Malaysians, when behind the wheels
Mutate into monsters!
Rude ...
Selfish ...
Dangerous ...
Racing taxis, noisy cars
Rushing here, rushing there
Rushing here and everywhere!
Immature road bullies
Who smash windscreens and bones
While hooting honking drivers
Impatiently groan
We have drivers
Who turn highways into Formula One track
Fleeting motorcyclist
Who zig zag their way to death
Vroom ~ ~ Vroom ~ ~ ..................(Crash sound)
Motorists suddenly slow down
Necks outstretch
Eyes affixed
We ask ourselves, whatever for?
Just to note the number plate for the digit four

Public toilets
Can't live with them
Can't live without them
Mummy, mummy! Do you want me to sit or stand on the toilet seat?
No, no, darling! At home you seat, outside you stand!
Malaysians are somewhat unclear
About what goes into where
A peep into public toilets
Confirms your worst nightmare

We just love to eat
We munch and crunch
Chomp and chew
Through a feast of food
Check out the delicacies!
We have
The spiciest
The sweetest
Most sour
And most bitter of food
Nasi lemak
Dim Sum
Char kuey teow
Roti canai
High teas and buffet galores
Bring kiasus to the fore
Piling their plates with soooo much food
Still they come for more
For more
And more
And more!
Just to get their money's worth
The results
From size S to M
M to L
L to XL
XXL to ...
Heart disease
(doop...doop...tooooot )

There's a time in the year
Where Malaysians behave a little queer
Yesss! The sales are here!
Megasales up to 30, 50, 70 percent discounts
Buy 2 get 1 free!
Shop 'til you drop!
Run out of money?
Not to worry!
We have
American Express
Visa Card
Master card
Touch & Go card?!!
One for every occasion!
Spend now
Pay later
Spend, spend, spend
Bills, bills, bills
Enjoy now
Regret later

Malaysians have a complex that
Much is more
Bigger is better
Taller is terrific!
Thus, we have
The tallest Twin Towers
The longest canopy walking
The largest cooking contest
The biggest mooncake
Not forgetting the number of trees planted
A hundred thousand trees in a minute
See, we have them all
If we can't make it
To the Guiness Book of Records
The Malaysian Book of Records will do, thank you!
Having heard our view
Won't you say
Malaysians are
Peculiar in their nature and behavior?
These idiosyncrasies
For better or worse
Mark us as Malaysians
As we stamp our identity
That makes us
Proud to be Malaysians...

Oh I just love this skript...Hope you guys enjoyed it...Aren't we just proud to be Malaysians?
Till the next post...Tschüss und mach's gut!


Aman Ibrahim said...

I'm proud to be Malaysian. Pernah perform choral speaking guna skript nih haha..

namaakulynn said...

pic bersongkok senget sangat comey.hahaha.
love malaysia.. ;))

:.ciklaila.: said...

I love the script too. may I put it on my blog pretty please?? :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to aman:
Hee..I know this skript is very's a very nice skript..i wonder who created it..

to lynn:
Hehe..actually tu pic lama...ada guna dalam post time merdeka dulu..saja recycle balik..thanx..

to ciklaila:
Sure2..sharing is caring..

illmie rozlan said...

kau hafal lg benda ni...haha... aku sambil baca poem tu sambil buat melody choral speaking dulu...haha

Syed Danial said...

thank you!

Jαnnαhツ said...

yeah. malaysia number one.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to illmie:
Haha..rindu kan...aku hafal skit2...found it on the internet..tapi dah kena aku retweaked balik..hee

to syed danial:
Why thank me??

to jannah: should do the quotation...cepat2

Judiene said...

Oh man, you just made me recall my memories during my choral speaking competition back in 2002.
I was in form one and maybe my teacher saw the potential in me (LOL), so she invited me to join the group.
And it was one of my sweetest memories in high school, even though we didn't win.
Hey, we're all-boys school, so we couldn't be all gedik gedik like the girls group.

Judiene said...

And yeah, I'm sooooo damn proud to be a Malaysian!


Syed Danial said...

if it is not because of this post, i won't be knowing about it :)

Paklung Tony said...

Thank you for your great post! I cannot wait to stay in Malaysia for a while... who knows, maybe it will become my second home? =)))

naz & sya said...

malaysia best tau! i'm proud to be a malaysian. hee.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Judiene:
Yeah.we're proud to be was a wonderful memory for me too..That's why I can still remember it till now

to Syed Danial: worries..Have you sent you quote yet?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Tony:
Hehe..we are happy to accept you'll bring more colour into our colourful community..hee..

to naz: kan duduk Malaysia!

.:rizaL:. said...

why? because Malaysia has everything that other countries don't have. Yes, everything listed above are all true especially roti canai mamak. mana mau cari kat ngara lain kan Nabil Aizat Putra Al-Haj? haha

miss nana said...

those script mmg famous...saya pernah guna dan dapat tempat ke tiga dlm ptandingan tu..hehe

Izdiyani Musawir said...

DUDEEE AKU SOUND EFFECT SCREAMING KOT. argh old times. my screeching ear piercing scream. yet puan leela said i have such a sweet voice in the class back then ahh.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rizal:
Kan tu la pasal rindu geela nak balik Malaysia ni..

to miss nana:
Because of the content yang sangat best kan..memang tunjuk our identity as malaysians..

to iz:
Haha..aku jadi suara budak kecik tanya mummy about the toilet seat..suara cute kah itu?

Syed Danial said...

yeap! sent. right after i saw this :)

RoSe RaiHaNa said...

dulu kami pun pakai script tu untuk choral speaking kami...:)

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Patriotic posting, I'm happy to read this .... Keep it up anak ku...
And by the way, have you open this website:
..explains the methodology to memorize / hafazan Al-Qur'an dengan mudah....
Interesting taw....!!
- Ayah

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syed danial:
Great!!!Glad I've influenced someone..hee

to Raihana: kan..i rasa ramai je sekolah yang pakai skript ni..

to ayah:
Thanx ayah..Yeah i've read that website..I tot of getting one set of it..

MonaLessa said...

heello again Nabil:)
thanks for your explained about German's Uni. I'm so impressed about it.I can't wait for the result nearly somewhere on August about my application to German.(wish me luck)

I like your choral Speaking's script.You have a very good memory till it shows that you still remembered it now.

it reminds me about my script too:)
just a few sentence..

Nasi lemak
carrot cake
cheap to buy
nice to eat
till there i just remembered it.This script was somewhere on 1999 ..if i'm not mistaken:)

like to read your blog.It's COOL!!!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Mona Lessa:
Hi, no problem bout that..glad i could help..All the best to you yeah!!Haha...i can still remember how i was performing the skript..well good memories stick longer to your head right? Thanx for the compliment.keep in touch yeah

farveena said...

ilike your script 😁✅✅.