Monday, June 13, 2011

Spending time with kith and kin in Deutschland

It's time to read on the activities I did with my kith and kin in Deutschland (Germany).The short three days they stayed with me weren't enough to explore various great places and do many exciting activities.Even though the time was very limited, we managed to go around the cities of Düsseldorf, Krefeld and  Köln.Weeee...

The pictures are courtesy of Amira and Family..Sebab semua orang pown gigih tolong ambik gambar ye...Enjoy!!!

Ayah Non, Nda Liza, Liyana, Amira and Abg Boboy arriving in Düsseldorf from Rotterdam.

After fetching them from the station, we went back to freshen up and eat lunch, Mee Kari which has been prepared by Hakim

We didn't wanna waste time that day so we went out again to Düsseldorf.Alang-alang beli day ticket might as well use it kan...

Walking in the city of Düsseldorf...

View of buildings along the Düsseldorf Rhine

Medienhafen...Port for private yacht..

My kin berbackgroundkan the famous telekom tower in Düsseldorf....

Tourist guide x berhemah..howoe..

In front of the famous Kölner Dom

Inside of the famous Kölner Dom

Hunting for souvenirs from Germany

Kuzens only...

Dom Hotel...located just beside the Kölner Dom

Welcome to the Hohenzollenbrücke!!!

On the Hohenzollenbrücke overlooking the rhine..

So sweet..the locks symbolize love that is eternity...kunci padlock pastu telan kunci ye...

Ye xnak besar lagi kan padlock tu...

Owh what a view...

We enjoyed Holland fries and potato chips on the stairs in front of  Köln central station

After that we went to Rudolfplatz as I've promised them that I'll give an ice-cream treat that day..

Teruja tengok semua semangat makan ice-cream..

Sape paling teruja kalau bukan Nabeyl..howoe..

Krefeld hbf yáll!!!

Didn't plan anything special to do in Krefeld so we just went Bowling that night..

OKK versus OMM....

Muka penat lepas main Bowling..Humma2

Aktiviti kemuncak in Krefeld would be gotong royong buat cheesecake and tiramisu..Everyone had fun...paling best time makan the masterpiece la kan..

So that's it...The three days that we spent together during the time my relatives were in Germany.We had tremendous joy together.Can't wait to meet you guys again in Malaysia!!!

Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


katak hijau said...

wow.. seronoknya... ^_^

Aman Ibrahim said...


Qarl said...


i rasa u patut seperate jd 2 entries

too much tuk buat i sakit mata ahahahaha

far_90 said...
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far_90 said...

wow...sonoknya...nnt dtg sne..leyh la tnjukkn jln..n bwk jln2..hehehe

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to katak hijau:
Hee..seronok kan..

to aman:
yeah it was..

to Qarl:
Dah la..Holland and Deutschland..letak eyemo skit ye..:p

to far_90:

jackieKOH said...


cacah said...

eh.. nabeyl kat Germany... my friend is there, he's handling students under JPA's scholarship... kenal tak? Khairul Nizam?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to jackie:

to cacah:
Ofcourse I know him..nabil under Jpa scholarship..tapi jarang turun Frankfurt so En Nizam x kenal kot muka ni..

cacah said...

oh.. ahaha.. nanti i promote you elok2 kat en.nizam tu...
take care and belajar elok2.. :D

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to cacah:
Haha..xyah la promote2..maloe i..thanx for the wishes...take care