Monday, June 6, 2011

How nice it is to be a patient..

Have you ever been to a hospital and have a monologue "How nice it is to be a patient!".It's not about getting boxes of chocolates or bouquets of flowers from the visitors but because of the services and technology at the hospital that you can enjoy as a patient.

It's been a while since the last time I came to Rotterdam to meet Ayah James, Aunty Jolanda and Falinda. I've postponed few times due to my studies and plans that have came up.So I planned earlier to come on this weekend so that  I can meet up everyone again and also my relatives from Malaysia who came here on a holiday trip.On the way to Rotterdam, I got a bad news that Aunty Jolanda got admitted again into the hospital due to her lungs infection.She was taken to the hospital with an ambulance.The service was really good and everything was well taken care of.

I went to the hospital on the next day.It is a newly built hospital with a great infrastructure and modern technology.How I wish the hospital in Malaysia would be this awesome...

Maasstad Ziekenhaus ( Maasstad Hospital)

Main Entrance of the Maasstad Hospital

View of the buildings from the room
Aunty Jolanda and Nda Liza...It's great to see that aunty Jolanda is getting better now.
Let's pray and hope that she'll get well soon...
The room in the hospital is really visitor-friendly.There are many chairs provided and due to the limited space in the room, the chairs are designed to save space when not in use.

The toilet on the other hand is camwhore-friendly...hee..the picture says it all..

This is the coolest thing ever!!! There's a touchscreen lcd with many options and applications such as TV,Movies, Radio, Games, Internet, News just to name a few.The patients can also order their food by using the menu app on this lcd.How cool is that?

Aunty Jolanda asked me to use the lcd while waiting..hee..ape lagi..terbukak facebook sekejap...humma2
Okay this is also cool.You just choose how you would like to lay on the bed, press few buttons and walllaaa!!!

Everything is computerized...Nurse uses the computer to attend to the patients..

Free Coffee and Tea for everybody..There's also a lounge provided for the visitors

Kitorunk memang suka camwhoring ni..hee

Kalau penat nak jalan jauh2 tempat parking, bleh mintak abang buggy ni bawakkan ye..
The indoor view of the hospital

Outdoor view..


I have a video I would like to share with you guys..The problem is that it is in Dutch.You should just directly go to min 2:10 to see how the hospital was built. It's awesome!!

Well, being a patient is never nice, suffering from tremendous pains and sickness, having the risk of never getting cured and feeling depressed most of the time.But with the great service from the hospital and the ability to enjoy new technology advancement at the hospital will allow the patient to feel stressfree and enjoy their time at the hospital better.They won't feel so lonely and will get connected with their family and friends at all time through facebook and etc.

Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut from Dr tertibe wannabe...


namaakulynn said...

sangat sangat sangat cool!hospital yang dah jadi ala2 hotel.5stars! ;))

p/s:wish ur aunty cepat2 sihat. =__=

~nsar~ said...

teknology dia sangat..... errr apa word yang sesuai ek?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To lynn:
Tahu xpe...oh lupa bagitau kat sini everything is covered by the nikmati jerla..

To nsar:
Haha..speechless ke?

SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥ said...

pergh memang best..kalu tgk mcm tu..orang xsakt pon bole buat2 sakit sebab nak duduk sepital..very conducive..hehe

amin said...

serius nice..and hope aunt sehat cepat :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To syafawani:
Deswai..dah la insurance cover...bleh relax xde sress2 sakit..

To amin:

Shurazirah Sukhur said...

sumpah awesome!:D

hope your aunty get well soon..

cik bit said...

btol22..keadaan hospital yg akan buat psakit rsa mcm pesihat psychologically..nice 1..

p/s: nk tukar profession ke tetiba?
p/sS: x approve pon akk nye FB T_T

La Petite Cherie ♡ said...

How wonderful it is to live in a developed nation :)) Sorta reminds me of the Deutsch movie "Anatomy" hehe.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to shurazirah:
Thanx shurazirah...

to cik bit:
Haha..mana bleh tukar profession tertibe..x minat pon jadi doctor..hanya lakonan semata2..sorry my main profile is only for those i personally know..

to la petite cherie:
Ececeh..i've never been to a german hospital..x sure..yang kat holland tu mmg gempak ar..

namasayasitipanggilfizzieponokay said...

lol thank god the movie Anatomy was in Heidelberg!

Judiene said...

Being able to get excess to website like Facebook and Youtube is already enough for me if I were at the hospital.
I don't have to bring laptop along anymore.

anaz said...

like..seriously...AWESOME!pt pon msti cpt recover..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To fizz:
Anatomy takut ke?

To judiene:
Hee.kan..dah bleh enjoy terus baek..

To anaz:
Haha..kalau dah best sangat nak lepak hospital je..

ZEBY said...

Hopefully Tante Jolanda cepat sihat...

Falinda dah pindah dah?

2 weeks ago when I came with my family, nampak dia Alhamdulillah sihat.Dah dekat Rotterdam tuu... singgah2 la Groningen :P

Che Kay said...

perrghhh! serius kagum tgk hospital ni!