Saturday, March 10, 2012

Germany's Biggest Mosque - Merkez

The Merkez Mosque in Duisburg is the biggest mosque in Germany since 2008. The mosque which has been described as a miniature of the great Istanbul monument, Hagia Sophia, becomes a symbol of successful integration between the various religions in Germany.

 Credit to dpa

The interior of the mosque. Credit to arne.list

Let me enlighten you all with a bit of information on the Merkez Mosque

  • The mosque, with its ground area of 40 x 28 meters, its 34-metre high minaret, 23-metre main dome and numerous smaller domes can accommodate up to 1,200 worshippers 
  • The interior is dominated by a giant gilded candelabrum with 100 lights 
  • The windows are made of blue glass, the walls are decorated with detailed wall paintings and the carpet which is red in colour gives a beautiful combination that makes you go awwww... 
  • Large plain windows were put in the ground floor at the request of German residents who wanted an open, transparent mosque.There's even a webcam in the prayer hall. 
  • The total cost of this mosque was around €7 million, €3.2 million from the state of NRW and the rest came from donations.
Now that you've known a bit about the mosque, lets have a look at its pictures!

Merkez Mosque

A dome-like masterpiece outside the Mosque

The exterior of the mosque

A cover story on the mosque coming up soon?

There's a bistro under the mosque where you can have a cup of turkish tea with other various turkish treats.

The famous turkish tea..

There's a book counter selling religious books in two languages, German and Turkish.
You can also have a souvenir made with your 5 cent coin.

Entering the interior of the mosque...

Cantik kan?

The biggest mosque in Germany so far...

Another mosque will be built in Cologne that'll become the largest mosque in Germany.The mosque which is still under construction is designed by a german architect, Paul Böhm.
Oh I can't wait to see the end result of it!
Nanti dah siap I post pasal mosque ni plak ye.. ;)

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Pak Su Man MAS said...

Masyaallah.... Semuga Allah SWT memberi kebaikan didunia dan diakhirat kepada mereka yg berusaha sehingga masjid ini dapat didirikan untuk kesenangan dan keselesaan umat Islam di Germany beribadah serta menyebarkan syiar Islam, ameen

Arfiqkah Binti Sudin said...

cantiknye masjid kt Germany..

Paklung Tony said...

Very beautiful place it is :)

Good to share with us....

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ayah:
You should come here when the largest mosque is ready.. :)

to Arfiqkah:

to TOny:
I'm glad to share it with you all..

FaiZaH Fyn said...

cantik sangat..nak cari siapa arkitek masjid ni :)

Anonymous said...


saya ada add nabeyl di msn @, tetapi still x approve or pending lagi. saya harap nabil get back at me a.s.a.p ye, saya ada nak tanya tentang preparation study ke germany.

email saya

terima kasih,

A'kum w.b.k.t

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To Munzirr:
Salam.Sorry mmg dah lama x guna msn..boleh hantar email je...akan reply kat situ.