Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reichstag, Berlin

Reichstag building is one of the must visit sights in Berlin. It is not only Berlin's famous sightseeing but also act as a historical and architectural monument.This building was constructed to house the Reichstag (Parliament of the German Empire). Completed in 1894, the building functioned as the Reichstag until 1933 before it suffered heavy damage in a fire during world war II. The building underwent reconstruction led by internationally renowned architect Norman Foster.Today, the building functions as a modern Bundestag (Institution of German Parliament).

The best part of this building is the Reichstag Dome.It is a 360-degree viewing platform where you can climb up to the top and while doing so, you get to enjoy both, a panoramic view of the city and the magnificent inner parts of the building.I was impressed by the audio guide that is provided in this building.It works with sensors along the way to the top of the building.So you get descriptions of the historical sights outside of the building as you walk along the platform.Cool huh?

The only thing that's not cool is that you have register in advance to enter the building.They are more strict after the global changes and situations that are considered as threats to Reichstag.So you'll to go through the security before being able to enter the building.Most important thing to remember is the advance registration which you can do by clicking here.

Lets enjoy the wonderful pics my friends and I have taken... :)

Stone carvings with the names of the members of the Imperial Reichstag

International Students' Day Out!!!
We visited Reichstag directly after the pillow fight..
So you'll get to see feathers in my hair in some of my pictures.. :p

When you get this tag and the audio guide, you are ready!

 Reichstagskuppel made of 800 tons of steel, 3000 square meters of glass and 360 mirrors.


Ok muka sorunk2 teruja...

Oh such an awe-inspiring architecture...

Great views from the Reichstag building...

Jadikan background pon awesome gak...

If you zoom in this picture, you can see the parliament from the glass ceiling

The top of the Reichstag Dome

I'm on cloud nine...

: D

Roxana and I

I can't get enough of this magnificent view!!!

The mirror will continue changing its angle to provide light into the building.
When the mirror faces you, what do you do?
Make up boleh, snap2 picture boleh, bagi pose maut pon bolehhhh...

Around the glass cupola, you'll get to read the facts and history of the building


Double Awesome!

Super duper awesome!

The phrase "Dem Deutschen Volke" ("To the German people") is carved above the main façade of the building

Group picture to end the post...

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


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