Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deutsche Botschafter Besuch...(A visit to German-Malaysian Ambassador's residence)

Herr Botschafter in between Rumitha and I

Nie mmg chomeyl...nak gak cangkung bagi sama tinggi

Haha..luckily im tall enuff to stand next to him

Jpa Officer

Nabeyl and Susanne

Hallo. Yesterday was one of the best days since my college life started. We (german students from KBU) were invited to the German Ambassador's residence in Kuala Lumpur. Such an honour!!!I had to prepare a speech in German language and also some questions to ask him.whoa...nervous gler...We created some bombastic questions...memang gempak skit arh....

So at about 2pm 2 of the KBU vans took us to the destination. Not only the students and my German teacher were there, but also the big2 boss from KBU and the principal of KBU as well....On the way, we had fun teasing each other...INA- si ELEPHANTE...GOH- GORILLA...SHUN LING- SCHWEIN LING..chomeyl la gak...we even talked in perfect BM with good intonation and ke-BAKU-an.

Seriously i have to say i was so looking forward for this day once we arrived,everyone greeted each other...Guten Tag!!Freut mich Sehr!!!Halo!!sngtlah bnyk kali dikatakan..As i was giving my speech,my hand was shaking slightly...maloe skit...but luckily nobody saw that except for Rumitha who was standing next to me at that time..hurm..

The german ambassador(Dr Gruber) was so friendly....He even acted how people ski in Germany...omg...chomeyl...He doesnt act his age at all...Wir haben ueber vielen Thema mit ihm gesprochen....sehr interessant!!There was this one german lady, Susanne, who is in charged of the expenses for the german ambassador..i think...She was also very friendly and approachable.Owh before i forget, there was this one tall guy, Andreas(if im not mistaken)....gler tinggi...serious..his voice mmg mesmerizing but u can hardly understand any words he's saying.Schade..

The food was nice especially the chocolate brownies...yummy..sehr lecker!!At about 5pm, we said goodbye (Tschuess,Ciou,Servus,Moin Moin)semua nie maksudnye bye2..We didnt get back to our hostel, instead we went str8 to OU.Now is the European film festival and yesterday it was showing the movie titled One Day in the movie very much...chomeyl sngt..I would like to watch another movie if i have the time...

What a day....

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