Friday, November 28, 2008

Besuch der Firma Airfoil ( A visit to the Airfoil firm/company)

Imagine this in 6 years to come...whoa..

Integration....future engineers

engineer wannabe

The turbine

Thanx rumy for the pictures..

Zul and Ina mmg sker enterframe..

Airfoil Company under MTU and Lufthansa (both are German companies)

Preparation for the visit:
1 . We have to know a little bit about what the firm is all about,what they do...where is it....when it is established etc.

2. My German teacher sempat bagi the firm's website to us so that we read everything about the firm.

3.Because the visit will take a long time and reduce our time for german studies,we had to come early on that day at 8.30am..Sehr Frueh!!

4. Like usual,before a visit,we get some questions ready....

5. Finding transport.....20 people cannot fit in the college another car is needed...luckily my roommate's driver is available...Gluecklicherweise!!

9.45 was the time when we began our trip to the company.It is not that far from our college,estimation of 15 minutes. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Joachim, consultant from Germany who is also my teacher's friend. He is a very nice guy,aged 70, and has been working in Malaysia for about 2 years.He brought us around the working area, where the process of repairing the turbine's blades is being carried out.Kewl.Wir haben viel Informationen bekommen und das hat uns sehr gut gefreut!! The processes are kinda complicated. New terms like ceramic peening, Advanced Recontouring Process (ARP), ionisation and polishing of ceramic stones were gler skit ar..Ich konnte nicht alles verstehen,weil damals der Lärm sehr laut war..Seufz..Ok...that'll be all...please read the history when u have time....

History about Airfoil

Airfoil was setup in 1991, with an agreement between MAS and MTU to set up a common jet engine airfoil repair facility in Malaysia. The operations started in 1993 with CF6-50 Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) Blades repair.

MTU then decides to lead the new shareholder structure and in 2000, MTU set up a “Center of Excellence” for High Pressure Compressor (HPC) and Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) airfoil repairs.

In 2002, Airfoil was 100% owned by MTU, and later decided to split the joint venture with Lufthansa Technik in 2003 by 50/50 joint venture. By 2003, we already have repair capability for CF6-50, CF6-80 & V2500 for HPC.

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