Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a day...

On Saturday was the farewell party for Seniors also known as the Gala Nite. I had to wake up early that morning cuz kononnye everyone have to help to decorate the main hall and arrange the tables and chairs.Owh btw we were told to come at 9 am sharp...i repeat SHARP 9 o'clock...skali dtg kul 9 nobody was there....MENSCH!!!So ein Mist!!Dah la tunggu cam budak bodoe yang sngt baik dan rajin serta ikhlas nak tolong..eceh..aber das macht nichts...ich war froh,weil ich seniors sehen konnte. All the seniors dressed up formally and were looking great..jeles skit arh...dorunk ada prize/certs giving ceremony...besh nye...looking forward for that next year...x dpt hadiah pown gi je dah cukup best...erm wut else...owh kul 9.20 cam2 baru la ada budak lain dtg.

9.20am : Arrival of Pekerja2 sambilan yang rajin membantu..

10.00 am: Kerja men-chanteq-kan dewan dimulaka..

11.00 am : Setelah kepenatan skit, pegi ke cafe untuk breakfast.

11.15 am : Melarikan diri untuk balik ke hostel bersiap2 ke The Curve

11.40 pm : Arrive at The Curve - Nabil, Jennifer, Ina and Shikin

We were actually there to look for wut we can wear on that nite. Susah skit ar nak pikir ape nak pakai. Seufzen...

BEST gler Padini Concept Store buat Grand Sale...70% plak...so i bought myself a shirt.murah...tahniah la...but that shirt was nt for the gala nite....so suche ich die Kleidung weiter...

12.30 pm : Ina thought of going to OU instead...she didnt find any dress to wear here(THE
CURVE).Shikin found one but decided not to buy cuz it lookd so simple...Ich war ihre

2.00 pm : I just drop Jennifer, Shikin and Ina at OU cuz I have to get back to Subang...Lot of
things to be done..

3.00 pm : I need to change my wireless headset cable that i bought last 2 weeks...something is
wrong with the cable...So I went to SS15 to look for the Shoplot but unfortunately I
couldnt find it...gemein betul...

3.30 pm : Lepak2 kat umah layan Internet

to be continued....

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