Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everland's Halloween Night

Remember I mentioned about Everland hosting a variety of exciting festivals throughout the year? At this time of the year, the theme is Halloween & Horror Night. I only wrote Halloween Night in the title cuz I didn't get the chance to experience the Horror part..Hee takut nak masuk Horror Maze letew.. :p

Anyways, with Halloween and Horror Night as the theme, the amusement park offers a wide array of new activities and entertainment such as Halloween Garden, Happy Halloween Party, Halloween Magic Tree just to name a few. I was lucky cuz I went there two days after Everland started this new event of year. Teruja skit lah..

Without further ado, let's get to the best part of this post. Picture time!!!

Halloween Garden
Here you get to enjoy the fragrant smell of chrysanthemums and be amused by the Halloween decorations especially the beautifully decorated pumpkins.

Four Seasons Garden
This has got to be the best place in Everland. Beautifully grown colourful chrysanthemum flowers surrounded by great Holland-style architecture. Such a lovely scenery and a very nice place to do photo shoots. :)
Okay ni contoh photo shoot ye.. :p

Ambik kaw close muka terus photo shoot ni..Ye saya memang tembam..Howoe..

 Sang-hyuk and I

 Nad and Sang-hyuk

Rose Garden
You'll simply be mesmerized by the beauty of the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is a European-style garden filled with more than 850 varieties of roses. Such a wonderful place to be with you loved ones, creating a romantic memory to be treasured forever. Awwwww..

 Eh terjiwang jadi mat bunga plak.. :p

 Oh I miss the sweet smell of roses at the rose garden in Everland...
Nak gi tempat ni lagiii...

Labyrinth and Victoria Gardens
They are actually part of the rose garden. The Rose Garden features five themed gardens, including the Labyrinth Garden, the Venus Garden, the Maze Garden, the Victoria Garden and the Cupid Garden. I managed to take pictures of the labyrinth and victoria gardens.

Makan bebola sotong for dinner..lapik perut je dulu...

Global Village
It's an exhibition of dolls dressed in folk clothes from all around the world. You'll be on a gondola and will be taken on an adventure around the world...chomeyl la tempat ni..

Moonlight Parade
The street lights are turned off, and a brilliant parade lights up the night. It features ten floats decorated with hundreds and thousands of colorful lights that brighten up the sky in Everland.

Halloween Magic Tree
It's a giant tree decorated with bats and halloween themed decorating lights.

I had a wonderful time in Everland, Korea. It's the best theme park I've visited so far. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to cover the whole theme park due to the time factor. Whatever it is, I'll definitely visit this awesome place again when I visit Korea in the future. Insyaallah..

Stay tuned for the next post..I'm taking you all on an adventure to Jeju Island!!!

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


yaya|azura said...

Wahhh! I was in Everland in 2003 .. time tu Spring! Haaa nak pegi lagi!!

sully86 said...

nabs: it looks mesmerizing at night!!

kuning said...

omg kita tak masuk the horror maze tu kan?! baru teringat.ala takpe next time.cant wait for the awesome jeju post!!

haney said...

bestnye :)

Hazwani Harun said...

Alaa,bestnyer..nak pegi jugak..teringin sgt...=(

Nabil Aizat said...

to yaya:
best kan..i nak try pergi at different time of the year..maybe time spring or summer..

to sully:
cantik kan lighting semua

Deswai..kena bayar lebih pon untuk tu..

Nabil Aizat said...

to Haney:

to Hazwani:
insyaallah one day dapat pergi tu..

eLiza nABILah said...

garden? best tu...rose byk2..pergh, mmg blh fefeeling lebih ni..hehe..takot eh msuk horror maze? hikhik..ngata org plak, i pun x pnh msuk mane2 umah hantu seumur hidup..lg bad, jantung telbih beat kang trus jalan..kekeke

::FAIZ:: said...

u know y people like u blog? bcoz byk sgt picture yg cantik

unknown said...


Nabil Aizat said...

to Eliza:
Hahaha...actually takot tu satu factor..lagi satu sebab kena bayar extra..and then kitorunk x cukup pandang sebelah mata je maze tu.. :p

to Faiz:
Hehe..thanx..banyak lagi gambar cantik dalam upcoming post nanti..

to unknown:

shera said...

jeju island!!! can't wait for that upcoming post :)

eLiza nABILah said...

oooh..mmg blh abes duit la gitu..sume nk extra.. aigoo2.."pandang sebelah mata?" hikhik..pas ni kalo pergi sne, bkn setakat pandang sebelah mata, jeling pn boleh..haha