Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Korea's Everland!

Have you heard of Everland? No..it's not Neverland like in Peter Pan..This is South Korea's largest theme park.. I repeat..Largest theme park!!! There are so many great activities that you can enjoy at this awesome amusement park. Everland is divided into five zones namely  Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land, American Adventure and Global Fair.

Zoo-Topia offers an exciting adventure through the wild world of animals. European Adventure will leave you awing at the beautiful gardens it offers. Magic Land on the other hand brings out the child in you.It's a mysterious land of magical fairy tales. American Adventure promises a thrill and mind boggling experience. Last but not least, Global Fair is the shopping paradise for visitors, offering an international market full of shopping goods. Did I catch your attention? :)

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned about Everland hosting a wide range of fantastic festivals throughout the year. Special events such as Snow Festival, Tulip Festival, Summer Splash just to name a few. Oh how exciting! I can go on and on telling you guys on how wonderful this place is. I was so excited when I first set foot at this awesome theme park. It was like stepping into a fairy tale book. :p

I'm gonna write two posts on Everland. This one is going to cover the activities that we did in the afternoon. The upcoming post will give you all an insight on the wonderful activities that you can experience in Everland at night. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Everland is located in Yongin which is about 1 1/2 hours from Seoul.
Luckily we have Sang-hyuk to drive us there. :)

Before going into Everland theme park, Sang-hyuk gave us baked eggs. 
He showed us the way to eat it. You've gotta crack the egg on your head. Entah betul ke tidokkk!
Anyways I got the energy to go on rides..weeeee...

First, we gotta go on a bus ride to the theme park. 
The journey from the car park is less than 10 minutes.

Time to buy the tickets!!! Sang-hyuk got a special promotion.
 Instead of 40000 Won, we only paid 28000 Won per person. 

The first thing we saw upon entering Everland.  

Oh this is the Halloween Magic Tree. It's the time of the year that Everland celebrates a special event called Everland Halloween and Horror Night.

We headed straight away to the Safari zone

We arrived at Monkey Village... "Friendly" Monkey Village katanya...

Sang-hyuk and Nadira

Erk xde kerja kan...

Alahai chomeyl monyet2 ni...

Okay cool plak Orang Utan's Sky Walk ni...

 Haha...nasib chomeyl je expression...

Next, we went to the Polar Bear house...teruja dapat tengok polar bear..

Haha i have no idea why they are called jackass penguins..but they are really adorable...Penguin is one of my favourite animals.

Taken at Sea Lion Stadium

Chomeyl sangat Harbor Seal ni berenang terbalik.. :)

Here comes the Animal Wonder World!!!

 Harimau y'all..

 It's not everyday you get to see black parrots kan?

Posing jap tu penting... ngeh2..

 Fennec Fox..so adorableeee...Telinga tu menjadi pojaaann..

 What do you see?

 Baby white tiger..mata biru plak..

Petting zoo for you pet lovers out there!

Amazon Express - reminds me of the Colorado Splash in Sunway Lagoon. 

Best2...siap ada cover untuk kurangkan kebasahan..tapi kalau nasib x baik kena teruk gak..

Hee siap ada fan and heater untuk keringkan baju kalau basah lencun

 Queuing to go into Safari World. Excited sangat time ni... 

Sementara beratur tu boleh la enjoy dia punya artifacts...

Awesome when you get on the bus and then it goes into a big cage of wild animals such as lion, bear and many more.

 You get to experience the living nature of the wild animals...

Yeay Sang-hyuk belanja ice-cream.. Humma2...

Suasana Everland...

We thought of watching the Live Madagascar show. The show was supposed to start at 6pm but a long queue already started at 5pm. T.T

X dapat tengok, dapat ambik gambar pon boleh lah...

Walking in Everland...

Because they are celebrating the festival Everland Halloween from Sept to October, we got the chance to watch Happy Halloween Party and Parade. So colourful and exciting!

Pengacara dia semangat geela ok..Siap ajar kpop dance lagi.. ;p

 Dorunk ni kalau buat parade mesti over the top...Happening sangat...
We didn't watch till the end cause there were so many people and it was getting too crowded..

So we headed to the most awesome ride in this theme park which is the T Express
It is South Korea's first wooden roller coaster and the steepest in the world.

The first drop inclined at 77 degrees...But you get the feel as if like it's 90 degrees..

The longest attraction time in Asia which is 3 minutes.

Sambil beratur tengok wooden structure ni pon dah scary...

Tertibe ada benda alah ni plak kan...so kita stop ambik gambar jap.. :p

 Muka sorunk2 sebelum naik T Express..Lepas dah naik xyah cakap lah...F%X*)&#_@^!

 So you've read the first part of the Everland adventure. Stay tune for the upcoming post on Everland at night.
 It's simply magical!!!

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


eLiza nABILah said...

yay!! antara terawal..hehe..safari diorg mcm best je..de tiger!! suka2.. basically everland ni ada cm sunway yg lagi besar eh? ni kene masuk dalam list nak berjalan ni..korean kalo travel wajib de telur rebus and paling penting ketuk kat kepala..mau berbenjol kepala.

sully86 said...

nabs: if i reach the place before i step in, i will do this, shout: " WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PYYYYYYY!!!!

sully86 said...

nabs: and instead you become human, you become count nabs the dracula..Ish ngeri betul!!

이름이없음 said...

Tabik springg korang naik t-expres tuuu wuwuwu :D super duper scaryyy ahah

Why Farouk said...

jackass penguin? haha.. never heard that.. the place kinda cool btw..

Izzul Wafi said...

Haaaa! Everland! Miss that place... hopefully can be there again...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Eliza:
Haha yeah tu penting untuk energy..Everland sangat best sebab lagi besar and dia bukak sampai malam..at the end of the day ada fireworks.. :)

to sully:
Hahaha..wanted to do that tapi maloe..

to 이름이없음:
Teringin nak naik lagi..takot tapi mahu..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Why Farouk:

to Izzul Wafi:
Same here!

Nurdalila Akmal said...

salam and hi nabil.
sorry this might be awkward, but do you mind sharing about this trip, i mean as if telling me the brief overview, tips and info(budget, transport, accomo etc) cause im planning to transit for 2days in Korea in next June. thanks very very much! ;)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Nurdalila Akmal:
Salam Nurdalila...I think it'll be easier if u email me straight..sebab comment ni kang panjang lebar plak...my email is NabilAizat@hotmail.com

widiea azira said...

im jelessss. .huaaawaaaaa

syameen said...

Hi nabil! I enjoy your blog very much especially your days in German and trip to london :) Baru jer pegi korea sebulan yang lepas, and yes everland is amazing!!