Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wonders of Nature : Jeju Island

Do you know that Jeju Island is chosen as the new 7 wonders of Nature? No?

Well, I didn't know this too till I got there. It's amazing that Jeju Island along with Amazon Rainforest and River, Halong Bay, Iguaçu Falls , Puerto Princesa Underground River, Komodo Island and Table Mountain are listed as winners of the New7Wonders campaign.

Newonder it's a popular vacation spot for tourists and also locals. If you ask me, where is the must visit place if you're in Korea, I would definitely say Jeju Island. This well-known island which is also known as the "Island of the Gods" offers breathtaking natural beauty, interesting coastal culture and adventurous activities. So it's a very commercial spot for everyone, families and friends and especially for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. :)

Jeju Island has a number of impressive outdoor activities. You have the chance to visit small islands, beaches, mountains, caves, waterfalls just to name a few. A wonderful list of nature wonders to be explored when you're here. Unfortunately, time was a big factor for Nadira and I. We only managed to cover the west and south parts of the island. Insyaallah next time we'll try to cover the north and east part plak.. :p

So you wanna know which part we've covered? Enjoy the pictures!

Jeongbang Waterfall
This waterfall is the only one falling directly into the sea in Asia. How cool is that?

Oedolgae Rock
The lonely rock that protrudes 20 meters from the sea level. It's a popular tourist attraction providing a beautiful scenery of the island.

Jungmun Saekdal Beach
This beach has different shades of black, red and grey that are beautifully mixed into the white sand of the beach. This beach is famous for tv commercials, windsurfing and other water sports. Oh here you can also see the mermaids of jeju a.k.a Haenyo (Korean female divers). Special thing about them is that they dive into the ocean without using any special tools or fully equipped like the scuba divers. They collect clams, abalone and seaweed.

Mountain Sanbangsan

Yeongmori which means Dragon's Head got its name because of the part where Mt Sanbangsan stretches into the ocean and it looks as if like a dragon head is entering the sea.

Jeju Island Beach
Oh just look at this beautiful view of the beach on Jeju Island..Simply breathtaking!

Cheongjiyeon Waterfall
It's one of three famous beautiful waterfalls of Jeju Island. The name Cheonjiyeon means sky connected with land. The view is more beautiful at night because the waterfall is illuminated. Just don't forget to bring your tripod along for a better picture quality.. :)

So yeah..You've seen just part of the wonderful nature of Jeju Island. There are a lot of other beautiful places to visit on this island which we sadly didn't get the chance to. I would suggest you all to give priority to the west and south part of the Island first as from what I've heard from my cousin who've been to the other parts of the island, the south and west part offers the best sightseeing spots of Jeju.

Till the next post
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Arfiqkah Binti Sudin said...

Nabil... seriously!! hebat terbaek dari ladang.... sekarang musim apa kat sana? tak ada limau tangerine ke...

sully86 said...

nabs: aler ingat keju island. adohai. hampa sekali saya.

Anisa Anuar said...

it look awesome.. byk tmpt2 tu ada dlm running man...tu yg tahu pasal jeju island ni keajaiban dunia...baru diiktiraf...anyway..love to see those awesome pictures

cik marikh said...

subhanAllah!!! 1st time tengok pulau jeju yang cantik macam tu...

rupanya, yang ditunjuk kat tv tu tak semua...

thank to u, for sharing this ohhsemm scenery!!

hud aikara said...

MEMANG SANGAT CANTIKKK..cuma dlm drama2 Korea tidak tunjuk sangat keajaiban di Jeju..banyak adengan kat hotel je..tapi teringin betul nak pergi!

The Singing Pilot said...

erm,, jom pegi korea utara, teringin ahaha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Arfiqkah:
Xde la limau tu..eh masa i gi tu musim autumn...

to sully:
Haha..makan je tau ko ni..

to Anisa:
Thanx Anisa.. :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to cik marikh:
No problem.i'm glad to share my experience dengan you guys..

to Hud aikara:
Hehe..tu la dorunk patut promote jeju more sebab memang sangat cantik pulau ni..

to Ramadhan:
Haha memang xla nak gi situ..

zila manaf said...

gile bestttttt

mr.syazwan said...


bestnyeee la hai..


iLa_nUr said...

you really should be henry golding..like host for a travelog. plus you have the face also...but i guess you dont have the time, huh.
just a silly idea.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to zila:

to wan:
Hee..kena gi wan..best2..

to ila:
Haha..thanks im flattered..but i dont think the video cam loves me..and i sound weird on videos..

sully86 said...

nabs: biasalah. Kan makan tu spice of life.=)

HaneulSonata said...

salam. can I use this entry for jeju tourism blog? Tq!

Nabil Aizat said...

Salam Haneul.Sure boleh je.