Saturday, October 13, 2012

When it rains in Jeju Island...

If you noticed in the previous post, Nadira and I arrived at Jeju airport at the time when it was covered in fog and rain. Oh nooo...we still got half the day to enjoy.

So what to do when it rains in Jeju Island?!

No worries. Rain or no rain, sun or no sun, Jeju Island is the place you wanna spend your holiday at. This beautiful island has a lot to offer, ranging from beautiful beaches to magnificent museums. Tourists get to enjoy not only the adventurous outdoor activities but also be amazed at the various indoor activities such as  museums, art galleries, memorial and concert halls.

After checking into Tae Gong Gak guest house, we immediately looked for indoor activities that we can do to fill the half day left.Our guest house is located in the south part of the island known as Seogwipo-si, so we planned on going to museums which are located nearby. Two museums caught our interest! The first one is Teddy Bear Museum and the other one is Alive Museum. I must say that we did a good decision in choosing these two museums.They are simply awesome!!!

Teddy Bear Museum
Teddy bear lovers out'll go crazy over this museum. It is full of teddy bears from all over the world ranging from the ones aged about hundred years till the latest one created. If I'm not mistaken, the Teddy Bear museum is divided into 2 main galleries.In these galleries, you'll get to see teddy bears from various countries with variety of themes.Such an adorable sight!

The history about teddy bear is also interesting. Teddy Bears have been loved and cherished since they were first introduced over 100 years ago. The name teddy comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Teddy". Chomeyl je.. Other than the two galleries, you can also enjoy yourself at the extra exhibition, museum shop, café, restaurant and also the outdoor park.

In front of the Teddy Bear Museum

Entry fee : 8000 Won approx : RM22

We were welcomed by these cute frames of teddy bear collage and art.

The Beatles!

Some of the earliest teddy bears...

Pergh siap ada teddy bear shaped Terracotta Warriors

History of the Berlin Wall..

Teddy bear art of Mona lisa and Vincent van Gogh

The Fifer, Edouard Manet and The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet

Teddy bears in traditional clothes...gwi yeo weo!

Teddy Bears in movie characters pon ada..For example daripada movie Princess Hours.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage...

Bang, saya nak pisang berangan satu!

This was the main source of living for people on Jeju Island in the olden days. 

Perghh teddy bear made by Swarovski..Approximately RM30,000..baeklah.

Teddy bear pon mampu pakai LV y'all! 
Harga teddy bear ni USD 2,1 million . which is about RM6.5 million.

Fefeeling anak teddy bear...

This is so cute..ada mini teddy bear factory..

Mom, can I have this for my birthday?!

Teddy Bear Museum Souvenir Shop!

Kalau x beli souvenirs x sah la kan.. :)

Seriously kalau you guys suka teddy bears don't miss out on this opportunity! Yang x suka teddy bear pon bawak jerla keluarga, sedara mara, kawan-kawan ke sini..surely you'll enjoy yourself!

Alive Museum
It's the second 'trick art' museum in Jeju Island. This museum offers variety of art and illusions that will make your pictures turn out awesome.This is because of its optical illusion which use perspective to manipulate a person view of reality. This is a great museum for everyone!

Tips: Go to this museum on Sunday night or weekdays afternoon so that it won't be crowded. I was there on Sunday night and had the opportunity to take photos at my own pace and I didn't have to wait at all. The Museum has a big indoor space of 3,300m2, so be prepared to spend about at least 2 to 3 hours going around the museum. Posing posing pon dah berjam-jam kan.. :p

We arrived at the museum at about 8 pm. Kalau x hujan boleh enjoy the outdoor area which is a french-styled park.

Entry fee : 9000 won. Approx RM25

Bajet Leonardo da Vinci jr plak :)

Ish2 x senonoh tul perangai...

Amboi panjang tul kaki model wannabe ni.. ngeh2

Tarik jangan x tarik Bang Beyl!

Big foot!

Puteri mana plak ni...

Breakdancing ke Bang Beyl?

Let's get a close up of this tiger...

Nad, hold on there..I'll call superman to save you! ok lame.T.T

Kepala sape tu...

Termenung ku sendiri
Memendam rindu tidak menentu

Amagadd it's King Kong!!!

Ni baru breakdancing kan Nad kan?


Pergh being eaten by an anaconda...

Terasa cam character dalam X-Men tu jap..

Stretch dulu sebelum try benda ni..kang ada part yang sakit kang..

No...don’t say your goodbyes, Rose. Don’t you give up. Don’t do it.

Floating plak

Hee this is cool kan?

Goodbye...I'm going to a land far far away... T.T

Boleh la rasa naik gondola ala2 kat Italy...

I'm trapped...Get me out of here!!!

Skit je lagi Nad...skit je lagi..

Sape giant sape kerdil ni..

Oh don't forget to visit this cute section called Provence art on the way out..

Banyak background lawa untuk berposing..

Ok dah puas meronda museum ni...

Kita makan ice-cream sebelum balik...pergh ice-cream dia..memikat jiwa raga!

Alive Museum is an awesome place to enjoy yourself, pose and take fantastic pictures and see how great they turn out. There are a lot of sections in this museum : trick art, digital art, objet art, sculpture, and Provence art. Take your own sweet time to enjoy every section in this museum.You'll never regret it!!!

So that's all for this post
Stay tuned for the outdoor activities in Jeju Island!
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Cik PensiL said...

wahhhh ! awesome places :D

laskar pelangi said...

tu yang impian nak g korea.uwaaaa bestnyaaaa tgk bebear tu semua:)

Fizah Ibrahim said...

Uniknya museum dia ! Kena pegi nih hehe

Anonymous said...

Dah pandai ckp korean ye bang beyl.. Cnt wait for the nxt post! Beautiful sunny jeju :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to cik pensil:
Hee kann..sangat awesome!

to laskar pelangi:
Seriously kena pergi..Jeju Island is a must!

to Fizah:
I ingat next time nak try trick museum lagi satu tu..

to anonymous:
haha.thanks mr google..tengok la kerajinan i pilih gambar..ngeh2

azalia hjsalleh said...

best gilerrrrrrrrrrrr!

humaira balkiss said...

SUMPAH BESTTT! :D lagi lagi update tang pulau jeju pulak . :D

reyna said... nyer...

kuning said...

ada ke panggil gue mr

sully86 said...

nabs: love the optical illusion museum. awesome cool

Arfiqkah Binti Sudin said...

La...nabil.. outside museum xde ke? by the way memang best giler tengok 'mengkome' syok sendiri dgn gambor2 tu... lepas ni mesti kalo teringat blog ni, i akan ingat museum dah.. dulu kalo ingat blog ni, mesti ingat makanan n traveling je. museum x sah lar kan... hahaha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to azaila,humaira and reyna:
Stay tuned k..nanti nak tunjuk part nature in jeju island plak..

to kuning:
Hahaha..yang u ajar tu i dah lupa mr google membantu mengingatkan..ngeh2

to sully:
Yeah seriously awesome..

Shafika Hanis said...

gossshhh awesome places is too awesome bro !

Anisa Anuar said...

really want to go teddy bear museum... =)
maybe have to wait 3-5 years to go there...i think

eLiza nABILah said...

wow!! hebatlah yg alive museum tu..mmg berpinar2 mata tgk skrin pc nak detect ne yg bpe nk btul dlm gmbar tu..hehe..seriously listed on my list!! thanks, nabil!!

Fendy said... tempat ni...aku nak jejak gak satu hari nanti..

Tishya said...

alive museum tu klakaaaa tgk aksi u hahaha lawak