Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fastelovend a.k.a Karneval 2013

It's my third time celebrating Fastelovend a.k.a Karneval in Germany. It might also be the last celebration for me so I thought that I would definitely get dressed up for this crazy and colourful festival. The carnival period started on Thursday (Weiberfastnacht) and ended today (Aschermittwoch). The peak of the festival was on Monday (Rosenmontag).

I've actually posted three articles about the Karneval celebration that my friends and I experienced in Cologne 3 years ago. You can read about the articles by clicking here and here and here. :)

Billy Cullen ke tidokkk?!

My housemates (Darwin & Adam) and I decided to get dressed up and went to Cologne on Saturday for Karnevalssamstag. We heard that there was gonna be a Geisterzug (Ghost parade) going on that evening. Sadly we got there a bit late and didn't get to catch the parade. So we just walk around in the Innenstadt and enjoy the view of the city which was full of people wearing costumes and doing silly things.It was fun to be part of this crazy night.

Posing kat rumah dulu..ambik feel katanya.. :p

Darwin in his pirate costume...

Nabeyl as vampire and Adam as a viking

The ambiance in front of the Dom

Haha..posing in front of the Dom

I'm thirsty for blood!

Vampire vs Viking

Ni plak pirate vs viking..

Camwhoring while waiting for the train to go back home..

Eh geget leher ke pipi ni?

Rosenmontag was the highlight of the "crazy days" event. On this day, you'll find colourful and exciting parades and the typical goodies which are Kamelle (sweets,candies, chocolates and etc.), and Struessjer ( Flowers). These are the main attractions for the Rosenmontag event where Kamelle and Struessjer are given out for free by the people marching in the parade. Nice huh? We were all dressed up for the Rosenmontag. Fizz and I went earlier to Cologne to get a nice spot to collect Kamelle and watch the parade. Adam, Darwin and Zikri came later to join us.

Aww group pic...Zikri, Darwin, Adam, Fizz and I

Looking for the best spot to see the parade..

Nampak x chocolate terbang kena baling tu.. :)

Haha tergoda ke tidokkk?

Fizz got Struessjer!

Posing jap...get into character...

Sesi tukar2 costume..

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


mr.syazwan said...

wow meriah dan bestnye...

ini sempena besday nabil la tu ye


semoga pjg umur ye

cepat2 balik tanah air ye

miss ur cookies n also u!!!


achik ezam said...

cool gila!

sitiezahim said...

rajinnya pegi koln hehehe

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to wan fuyooo:
Alololo thank you so much wan...rindu korunk jugak..insyallah balik nanti kita jumpa k..boleh tukar cookies dengan dadih.. :P

to achik:

to kak siti:
Hehe..Koeln memang city kegemaran kitorunk.. :)

Anonymous said...

cool! even a bit weird.haha

Nazrul Ashraff said...

blerghhhhhhhhh. bestnya. I wish Malaysia have that!