Friday, February 22, 2013

Selamat & Vanakkam Köln!

Köln a.k.a Cologne is like my second home in Germany. Even though there are other bigger cities such as Essen and Düsseldorf closer to my place to hang out and shop, I would still choose Köln as a place to have fun. One of the factors would be that I'm already familiar with the city. I did my preparation course for about 7 months in Köln and have been coming to this city countless number of times throughout the 3 years period I'm studying in Germany.

So I could actually be an intermediate tour guide for the city, Köln. From Kölner Dom to the Chocolate Museum, I've explored a number of places in between and know a bit about the insider tips on this city. Last week I went to Köln with Prabu to take him around and explore Germany's fourth-largest city. Two days after that, I went to the Cologne again with Darwin to meet up with Rumitha, her sister, Mithila and their cousin, Nivanyah. I had a good time and I bet they did too.Let's have a look at the pictures that we took!

Selamat Köln!
Kölner Dom

Kölner Philharmonie

The view of Philharmonia Cologne

 Playground for kids I think...

Walking along the Rhine River in Cologne...

Chocolate Museum from afar...

Student rate for the chocolate museum is 6 Euros..

The main attraction of the Chocolate Museum, the chocolate fountain!
To read more about the chocolate museum, click on my previous post here.

Njam njam chocolate coated wafer...

The view of the Rhein from the chocolate museum

Here you get to see the mould used to shape chocolates

Chocolate boxes...

Prabu and I on top of the chocolate museum

Bawaku terbang..

Altstadt Köln

Penat berjalan kitorunk stop makan pizza jap...njam njam

Rathaus a.k.a Town hall Cologne

Spot the unexpected!

Drinking apple caramel macchiato while overlooking the street of Neumarkt, Cologne

Vanakkam Köln
Kölner Dom


Hard Rock Cafe

Abang Hard Rock baik hati bagi kitorunk John Lennon "Imagine there's no hunger" bracelet..

Campfire Diva Style...kau hado?

Our guests, Mithila and Nivanyah

Rhein River


Breda Cafe, Rudolfplatz

Mars Exhibition, Cologne Central Station
 Asyik talking to the moon je, let's fly to the moon plak.. :p

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


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