Thursday, February 28, 2013

Belated Birthday Seprais Party ke tidokkk?

It was supposed to be a belated birthday surprise party but a teeny-weeny blue bird accidentally spilled the beans earlier..Haha that was hilarious..Anyways it started with an event plan by my housemates, Darwin and Adam. They decided on celebrating Hakim's and my birthday which fall on 27th January and 12th February. It was a lil bit belated birthday party because everyone was busy with their exams and nothing could be planned earlier.

It was a small gathering with friends from Krefeld, Duisburg and Bochum that took place few days ago. They decided on having a Raclette birthday party..It was perfect! Oh I love Raclette! It's fun and exciting!
Oh to make things interesting, Darwin and Adam made a special cake for Hakim and I...Terharu sangat ok. But they did ask for my supervision though..haha..chomeyl je..

Enough with the talking, let's enjoy the pictures!

Darwin and Adam making the birthday cake

Susun butterfly bourbon biscuits atas heavy cream..

And lastly top it with chocolate flakes...
Pastu masuk dalam fridge and tunggu semua orang makan sampai kenyang..
Save the best for last la katekan..

Some of the ingredients for the Raclette...njam njam..

Ok Raclette Party has started!

Kitorunk start dulu sebab takut nanti ramai berebut pulak kan.. :)

 Muka teruja sorunk2 enjoying the raclette...

 Njam njam cheese on a baguette...

Okay semua dalam guest list dah sampai...
Makan beramai-ramai jom!

Kuey Tiow Goreng made by Hakim, Lan and Peja

Curry puffs made by Nani

Durian!!! Thanks Zikri!

Bau durian harum semerbak satu rumah..hehe..

Dapat banyak ulas ke cik kak?

Oh mai..x sabar nak njam njam..

 Sementara tunggu nak makan durian kita makan second round plak..

Birthday Boy, Hakim

Chomeyl je gambar ni..semua teruja nak makan durian!

Fizz prepared the pulut to go with the durian.
Sedapnyeee makan durian ngan pulut ngan santan..

Sesi melantak durian...:p

Butterfly Icebox Cake 

Selamat Hari Jadi...Happy Birthday...Zum Geburtstag viel Glueck!

H and N initials for Hakim and Nabil

 Thank you so much for the wonderful belated birthday party. 
Thanks to everyone who made this party a great success especially to Darwin and Adam. :)

Till the next post... 
Tschüss und mach's gut!


AlyaniOshyn said...

Nak resipi birthday cake tu boleh?

shafiqah supangat said...

wahhh, birthday cake guna cream ngn biskut jek

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Alyani:
Oh boleh2..erm camne i nak bagi ek..u email i kat

to Shafiqah:
Bila letak dalam fridge atleast 5 hours biskut tu jadi lembut cam cake.. :)

Hanan Izzati said...

Happy belated birthday to Nabil and Hakim! btw, the cake.. looks yummy!

munamuni said...

RASENYA ORG DUDUK JERMAN LAGI malaysia dari yg duduk malaysia ni ha, makan pulut durian ..nakkkk

MasReena said...

Ingatkan tadi nak buat Durian Crepe!hehe