Thursday, February 21, 2013

Salam Selamat Annyeong Hola Düsseldorf!

Exploring Düsseldorf again but this time it was with my international friends. We have Prabu from Indonesia, Bokyung from Korea and Kevin from Spain. It all started when Prabu, my friend came to stay with me for a few days before going back to his home sweet home in Indonesia. He introduced me to his friend, Bokyung and then she introduced us to her colleague, Kevin. And the rest is history...

I spent most of the time exploring Düsseldorf city with Prabu and we only meet up with Bokyung and Kevin after the working hours. From Königsallee to Franziusstraße, we managed to cover a lot of activities and explore a number of sightseeing places. Shopping was on the top of the list, followed by fine dining, sightseeing and watching opera. We had a really good time in Düsseldorf not just because of the great places it has to offer, but also because of the awesome companions and delicious food that we get to enjoy with it..

First Day
After shopping at Königsallee, we went to meet Bokyung and had dinner together

We had Korean food. This is the famous Haemul Pajeon

And I ate Tofu stew... ")

The ambiance of the Korean Restaurant

Toykio Hotel
Later that night we went to have a drink at Toykio Cafe

Toykio Cafe offers a variety of beverages and a very nice artistry environment

Going down the stairs to the art exhibition

A number of amazing arts being exhibited here

Second Day

 On the second day, I took Prabu to Medienhafen in  Düsseldorf.
Here you get to see private yachts and interesting buildings.

Art Gallery at the Medienhafen

Hyatt Regency
With the view of the Tv Tower from Hyatt Regency

In front of the cafe at Hyatt Regency

Gehry's Buildings in Düsseldorf

We made our way along the Rhine River towards the Altstadt...
This is the view of the Tv Tower along the way

We had Thai food for lunch..delicioussss...Siap ada pengat pisang lagi..

Townhall in Düsseldorf

 Berbackgroundkan Düsseldorf Rhein

Kunsthalle (Art Museum)

Sugarbird Cupcakes

Delicious cupcakes with surprise center..Njam njam!

Opera "Tosca" at Oper am Rhein

First time tengok opera ni..nebes and excited! 

Kevin, Prabu and Bokyung

The Opera was Bokyung's treat. Thank you, Bokyung!

3rd Day
Sila Thai Restaurant

Oh mai Tom Yam!!!

Pineapple Fried Rice! Dap dap...

We had a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends. wonderful conversation and wonderful food..
Nuff said!

Last Day

Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant

Tea time before sending Prabu off at the airport...

We had a great time together exploring the city of Düsseldorf, meeting new friends, taking beautiful pictures and eating delicious food.. Till we meet again, Prabu!

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


sitiezahim said...

menariknya makanan2 tu..hehehe

mr.syazwan said...

Pineapple Fried Rice!

look nice

travel travel travel

im so jealous


kasih said...

dalam banyak2 pics makanan tu, tertarik dengan tingkap bangunan je. unik. hahaha.

tempting la makanan tu semua. *drooling*

tak aci kan, nabil selalu dapat makan benda sedap2. *jealous*

munamuni said...

Ya Allah, Nabil, how lucky you are, traveling different places, meet new people and eating delicious foood (this part is the envious part)

shahnonsalleh said...

yang nasi dalam nenas tue lawa

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kak siti:
Hehe..menarik kannn. :)

to wan fuyooo:
haha alang2 cuti winter break ni..cuti2 la skit..

to kasih:
:) bangunan2 tu memang unik..guna design lain and material lain..bab makanan tu kat Malaysia lagi best kot makan..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to munamuni:
Alhamdullillah dapat belajar kat sini kena la guna the opportunity to the fullest kan..

to shahnon:
Lawa dan sedappp!