Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello Goodbye UK!

I just got home from a week of adventurous journey in the UK. I was so excited to say Hello to the UK on 23rd of Dec. Lots of great activities have been planned in advanced by me and my friends. The main objective of the trip would be shopping on Boxing Day la kan... :p 

In this post, I'm gonna write about the journey from Germany to the UK before proceeding to write articles on the activities that my friends and I have done throughout the wonderful trip.So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Semangat x edit google map jadi camni..howoe.. 

Düsseldorf Weeze to London Stansted

We arrived at Düsseldorf Weeze airport at about 11pm on 22nd of Dec.The flight was on 23rd of dec at 6.45am. So we had to wait nearly 8 hours at the airport...Sigh...

Berkelah kat airport makan biscuits ye..

At 11pm

At 2am

We had to hang out at the Kiddiland cuz that's the only place you can find sitting area at the airport...

This is the view after they dimmed the light to allow people to sleep...

I didn't sleep at all as I wasn't comfortable and also cuz I wanted to look after our luggage.
So I watched Charmed to kill time..

Muka penat x cukup tidur at 6am.

Finally we got on the plane...x larat nak dengar safety precautions..terus pengsan time ni..

Up, Up and Away...

We took the bus from London Stansted to London City

Muka ceria, muka x cukup tido, muka x mandi, muka lapar semualah...

London Kings Cross to Manchester Piccadily

We travelled with Virgin train from London to Manchester

Indulging Ocean Catch from Burger King on the way...

Arriving in Manchester...

Sempat posing time tarik bag kan..

Manchester to Cologne/Bonn

On the bus to the airport...


Anem and Fizz

Wani and I

Minum2 while waiting for the boarding call...

Half of me was happy that I'm going home, but my other half is sad to say goodbye to the UK..

We got a picnic pack for the 1 hour plus journey..

Safely arrived in Germany... :)

Oh I wanna take this opportunity to wish you all
Happy New Year!!!
Selamat Tahun Baru!!!
Prosit Neujahr!!!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
Till the next post...Tschüss und mach's gut!


Farha Ghouse said...

Happy New Year 2012, Nabil! Have a great year ahead! Take care! :D

~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

=)) hpy new year

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Farha:
Happie New Year!!

to Nur Zulaiha:
Thanx..same goes to you!

Adam bin Ahmad said...

Jadi..ape yang menarik time boxing day? tell us please. Malaysia no boxing day. lol

Zamri A. said...

BOXING DAY? Tidaaaakkkk! Not fair! Hahaha.. mmg miss giler kat Boxing Day in London. Xper, this year will go insyaAllah.

Happy New Year 2012 Nabil! :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to adam:
Hee..sure will do in one of the upcoming posts..

to zamri:
Thanx for the new year wish...Same goes to you..nak ikut gak gi boxing day!!