Monday, January 2, 2012

M&M's World London

Don't you just love M&M's? These dragée-like colourful button-shaped candies that come with the world famous slogan “M&M’s melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”

Guess what? There's an M&M's World awaiting to be explored by all of you in London.The M&M's World carries a slogan "So much more than chocolate". I've gotta tell you..It is sooo right..The moment you enter this M&M's World, you'll be amazed by the variety of merchandises you can  find here. Rambang mata ok!!!
Macam-macam ada such as plushies, t-shirts, bowls, mugs, keychains just to name a few. Not only you can buy M&M's here but you can also get them in at least 25 different colours filled in plastic boxes of various shapes and sizes you can ever imagine. Teruja x? :p
M&M's World store in London officially opened to the public on Monday 13 June 2011.Located in Leicester Square, the store is the world's largest candy store, at 35,000 sq ft (3,250 sq metres). Source: Wikipedia
The view of the store from outside

The surroundings of the M&M's World..

Muka teruja nak masuk...

Fizz, Wani and Madir

Lead the way ladies...

4 levels of fun y'all...weeee

Paintings of M&M's spokecandies

M&M's Home Decorations

M&M's Apparel

M&M's Candy Dispenser

Muka teruja nak explore tempat ni letew..

Posing je lebey kan..

2 kali 5 gak...

Bang, I want 100 grams of each M&M candies k...

I dunno where to start, what to buy, which flavours and colours to choose from...ok pengsan...

"Everything is under control" Red

"Inside everyone there's a little nut" Yellow

"I melt for no one" Green

"Never let 'em see you melt" Blue

"I'm a dead man" Orange
You wanna piece of me?

M&M's Teapots and Bowls
Kalau minum petang guna benda alah ni mesti ceria je slalu..

Oh i wanna do pillow talk with you...

M&M's Souvenirs : Keychains, Fridge Magnets, Mirrors and etc.

M&M's Jewellery

 Remember The Beatles on Abbey Road? We got M&M's Road here!

 Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Maicher said...

so cuteeeee all of them.

"you wanna piece of me?" is the one that captured my attention.


sully86 said...

nabbs: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! that is freakin exciting..

Adam bin Ahmad said...

Teruja x?

TERUJA GILER ! They have colours eh? ingatkan ada blue, green, yellow, red jek.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to maicher:
Haha..cute kann..erk yang tu je that captured ur attention?

to sully:
Yeah you got that right!

to Adam:
I knew they have more than the four colours but i didnt know there were so many...howoe..teruja gak tengok..

Umar Kadir said...

Homai! I hate you for this! *Ttbe ayat dengki!! Haha chocolates are my best friend!! :D anyway, boleh nightmare when you wake up and everything around you semua m&m! LOL

Syazana Nazri said...

save me some chocolated till next raya. haha.

untunglah nabil. kikiki


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to umar:
haha..please don't hate me for this.erk..nightmare ke? I'd love it if i could jump into a pool filled with M&M's..

to syaz:
Haha...banyak lagi chocolates kat sini..cepat mai sebelum terlambat.. :p

Tishya said...

waaaaaaa nape x tahu punnnn.... da blk sini br tauuu tsk tsk....... siyes pengsan kalau tgk mcm2 kalee tu

TunTeja said...

cute gile m&m tu semuaaaa!!!

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

M !! cekbolat minat coklat ni.. dlu smpai je airport mcti cri cklat ni >_<

Anonymous said...

Thaw was a blast! Going to a place with full of chocolates is the best feeling ever.

Hizami Rahim said...

wow. menangisssssssssss

FaiZaH Fyn said...

cool! The Beatles on Abbey Road! eh kalau datang sini mesti rasa taknak balik haha

Babyrenn Ayon said...

Hi, I'm ur new blog reader. Found ur blog thru Intrend, Nov issue. Keep on blogging ya, bestlah…walaupun saya blm prnh smpi London, but just by reading ur blog, terasa seolah2 kat sn :)

Anonymous said...


azhani said...

nabil,ur blog osemm!tgok ur blog x sabar nak cuti sem!baking time!wewewewe!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to tishya:
I pon xtaw friend, Madir yang bawak..kalau x x terdiscover pon tempat ni.. :)

to Tun Teja:
Kannn...geram je tengok..

to cekbolat:
Haha..i kalau kat airport dulu slalu cari toblerone.. :p

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to anonymous:
Yeah as if it was in a dream..

to Hizami:
Jom nanges sama2.. :p

to Faizah:
deswai...kalau dapat makan free M&M's memang x balik dah lah..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Babyrenn:
Oh thank you so much..Glad that u like to read my blog..

to anonymous:

to Azhani:
Haha..that's great! Nanti outcomenyer bagitau la ye..

aimi said...

hamagadd! this is sooo cool.thanks nabeyl for sharing :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to aimi:
No problem..glad to share it with you guys..

Lala said...

I am so jealous! was there in London in March 2011, lalu kat Leicester Square tu and saw M&M's world still under construction and searching for workers :(
anyway, how much the ones you bought tu per 100gm?

Raja Syakirah Raja Omar said...

want it some! sangat comelllllll

Zamri A. said...

HOMAIGOD! *pengsan!
Mmg best gilerrr ni. Tak sabar pi London balik. Haha.
kalau x silap, location ni kat the new W Hotel kat Leicester Square?

sully86 said...

nabs: kalau saya ada m&n store saya sendiri ..mesti saya buat diving pool full of it...eheheheheh.siap Olympic size lagi...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to lala:
Hee...I just said that for fun..i didn't really buy the chocolates there..cuci mata je masuk tempat tu.. :)

to Raja:
Me too!!!

to Zamri:
U're going to London soon kan? It's somewhere there, i think..Madir was the tour we just followed him.. :p

to sully:
wahh...angan2...I'll be the first person to try the pool k?

sully86 said...

nabs: boleh jer...I nak jadi u spokesperson bagi kedai m&N saya ...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sully:
Erm why M&N? Bukan M&M's ke