Monday, January 9, 2012

Skiing in Winterberg!

Skiing - Have you tried it out?
I used to watch this type of winter sport on the TV and will be amazed by how these sport people have the courage to go down the hill or high mountains using skis.It's exciting but nerve-wrecking as well to see the skiers moving very fast downhill, skiing, racing, and carving.Oh and I always wonder how it would be like to try it on my own.

My friends, Adam and Syahmi planned a winter sport event on Facebook. 7 people showed interest in joining the exciting event. Those people are Adam, Syahmi, Ibrahim, Anisah, Fizz, Darwin and Nabil.So yesterday I got the chance to go skiing for the first time in Winterberg, Germany.Terrified I was but I dared myself to try on something new that I might not get the chance to do again next time.Oh and I wasn't the only one beginner.Anisah, Fizz and Darwin have never tried skiing as well.So mari gelabah beramai-ramai ye.. :p

Before proceeding to other pictures, let me enlighten you all with a bit of information on Skiliftkarussell Winterberg. (Source from Wikipedia)
  • It is located near the town of Winterberg in Hochsauerland region in NRW.
  • It is a popular tourist attraction, not only attracting the locals but also international skiers mostly from the Netherlands.
  • The highest points are Kahler Asten (842 m above sea level), Bremberg (809 m), Kappe (776 m), Poppenberg (746 m) and Herrloh (733 m).
  • The ski resort offers 21 ski lifts (8 chairlifts, 11 T-bar-lifts and 2 toboggan lifts)
  • The resort has snow-making machines to ensure snow safety. More snow means more fun!

Picture time!!! (Pictures are courtesy of the cameras from Anisah and me)

Journey From Krefeld to Winterberg

 The view along the way to Winterberg

Arriving at Winterberg

Shopping for Skiing Apparel

NKD was having sales..terus kitorunk ramai2 beli pants and other necessary things for skiing kan..

Check in at the Ski Renting Shop Winterberg
You've gotta check in using this computer first to print the receipt in order to collect the equipments that you need

There's no more rental for ski apparel so you need to dress up properly. I got a new jacket, a new pair of ski pants, a new snow hat and a new pair of gloves... :)

Ibrahim and I.. Oh you can also wear jeans but not advisable cuz it'll get pretty wet and uncomfortable..

Ski Rental Shop

Syahmi and Ibrahim went for snowboards while the others took the ski equipments.

Tak try snowboarding, bergambar dengan snowboard pon jadilah...

Semua tengah x sabar nak main ni...

There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy the winter sport at Winterberg.You can choose to play the whole day, half day or even following the points system.Each lift has its own points.We bought 25 points for 9 Euro and we managed to get on about 7 to 9 lifts.

The view of the hills
The view from below..

Anisah and I..We're partners in crime..We had so much fun as beginners, falling down, helping each other getting up again, falling together, hitting the skis of the other was fun!

Adam has already getting the hang of skiing...Dah pro turun laju je kan...tinggal lah I ngan Anisah terkedek2 turun bukit.. :p

Group pictures

Coffee Break

 Exploring higher altitude and more challenging slopes

Photoshoot with a snow jet ski

Saying Goodbye...
Last picture before packing our stuff and heading home....

On the way to the train station, i saw this cool bench...

KFC Treat

 We treated ourself with KFC after a long day skiing and snowboarding...

I posted a status on FB and Twitter after a long day of skiing.It goes like this:
I had tremendous fun skiing, falling, getting up again, skiing and falling again.. Well, it's just like the ups and downs in life.. ;p

I'm so gonna come here again.I had so much fun that I had a hard time saying goodbye to this place...We'll meet again Winterberg!
Till the next post
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Umar Kadir said...

Waah! Sangat best!! *masuk dalam my "one day" list! Hehe

nabila azmi said...

teringin nak ski jugak=)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to umar kadir:
Seriously best...nak ski lagi!

to nabila:

miss nana said...

wah terujanya membaca entry en nabil..belum pernah try ber-ski..harap diberi kesempatan satu hari nnt :)

Hizami Rahim said...

nak jugak. tapi entah bila la dapat cuba. adeh.

dear yayah said...

can see all of u had fun there... huh, jeles2..

NIZAM said...

whoa! sooo many pictures. cantik sgt. :)) sgt teruja bc entri ni.

sully86 said...

nabs: nak join tak ski-o-lympics contest....end of this month ada competition...

Tishya said...

x sah kalau xde gamba makan laa kan... hehe

Umar Kadir said...

haha! last time when i visit NZ mmg xsempat sbb salah musim. tgh autumn time tu. huhu

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to miss nana:
Insyaallah..hee..i pon teruja bila baca balik..:p

to hizami:
Cepat2 datang sini sementara i ada.. :)

to yayah:
Seriously it was a great moment for us...we had so much fun!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Nizam:
haha..actually lagi banyak tau gambar..nasib dah tapis2..haha

to sully:
Erk...baru first time main dah ajak join olympics?

to Tishya:
Haha...kan nabil dan makanan xle dipisahkan..

to Umar:
Oh ada satu mountain tu full of snow kan...kalau gi NZ i wanna try to do bungee jumping..

sully86 said...

nabs: ok u gi training..I training guna simulator kat sini...bila dah ready kita participate k??

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sully:
Haha yeah right.

ieda said...

hi nabil,
Sgt menarik kaw winterberg ni..kalau dr amsterdam bgmana nk smpi ke sini? Kalau dtg x mao main ski mrk akan benarkan x?
One more question, any b&b yg affordable n safe x utk bermalam kat area situ? Thanx...really appreciate if u reply...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

Hi ieda,
Oh from amsterdam u nak drive ke ambik train? kalau train ada tapi kena tukar kat Dortmund.Boleh je..ada untuk kanak2 jugak..boleh je datang main salji kat sini.. :)
Oh we didn't stay there but im sure ada banyak b&b kat situ..

ieda said...

Thanx nabil ...

We plan utk ambil train utk ke cologne n stay 1 nite di sana...dan spend 1 wholeday kat winterberg...

If u hv any tips n willing to share with us....i really appreciate it... :-)

Thanx again...