Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bowling : Senior vs. Junior

What's the best way to enliven a gathering between seniors and juniors? Food fight!!! eh no...Bowling!!!

We all met up yesterday in Cologne for a bowling fun slash tournament. 8 of us from 5 different batches of KBU-GERMANY students were present at the bowling alley last night. Fizz - 3rd batch, Nazmi - 4th batch, Nabil and Ina - 5th Batch, Irfan - 6th Batch, Hazim, Asyraf, Hassan - 7th batch. plak bila letak everyone under one roof.. :)

We got ourself two bowling lanes and put all the seniors on one side and the juniors on the other side. Senior versus Junior y'all...sadly we only managed to play 1 1/2 games due to the time constraint...The seniors won in the first game.. wink2 ..The 1/2 game tu was very competitive so i have no idea how the result would actually come out but as seniors we would just give chance to our young padawan..eceh...

Enjoy the pictures!

West Bowling Köln ..

Are ya ready kids?!

Lets Bowl!

I love this pic..semua nampak like having a good time..

Roll roll roll the ball...

Score Board... ;)


In the mood for karneval? Bawak rambut palsu siap...

Haha...x bleh blah..nampak cam rocker x?

Hee chomeyl gambar ni...Fabulous ye cik siti...

Tu dia..abg rock kapak kita..

Macam Kimora Lee Simmons dah I tengok..

Score animation..

Meet the super junior...

Senior Power!!!

Eh tertibe ada Kak Limah dalam ni..

From Back Row Left : Irfan, Hazim, Hassan, Ina, Fizz and Nabil
From Front Row Left : Asyraf, Nazmi

We had so much fun playing bowling, catching up with each other, laughing our lungs out, explaining about the life and hardships in Germany to the juniors and3...Oh terasa sangat senior plak... :p

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Arfiqkah Binti Sudin said...

xda gambar makan2 nmpak.. hahaha.. just kidding.

sitiezahim said...

comel fizz pakai rambut pelesu..hiihihi

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Arfiqkah:
haha u just wait..nanti banyak gambar makanan plak..

to kak siti:
Hee chomeyl kan..haha..

Hizami Rahim said...

haha. jgn rambut pjg betol betol dah la.

Nazrul Ashraff & Syaza Athirah said...

bowling!!!!!!!! ooo sweet

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Hizami:
Haha..x hawt ke camtu? :P

to Nazrul:
Rindu bowling kat Malaysia..main satu game murah je..kat sini haish..

Anonymous said...

Woww..da ade 7 batch.its amazing how fast time flies.viel spass in de yaaa.once da blk msia,sure rindu thp gaban. :) gruess,1st KBU batch.ok,tibe2 rs super tua!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to anonymous:
Oh x sangka tahu gak blog ni..kena buat reunion la untuk semua batch kbu kan..mesti gempak.. :)