Thursday, February 23, 2012

“Jedem Jeck sing Pappnas”

That's the motto of the Carnival celebration in Cologne this year. The phrase “Jedem Jeck sing Pappnas” means "Put on your clown’s nose, everyone"... Hee because it's a Kölsch dialect, we didn't understand what the motto was all about..So we didn't wear the clown's nose..Seufz...Thanx to Mr.Google for the website with translation!

The only words in Kölsch that I'm certain about is "Kölle Alaaf!" which is a typical greeting during the festival. And it means Long live Cologne! So you would hear this phrase being shout out everywhere anywhere all day long.. :)

I've actually posted two articles about the Karneval celebration that my friends and I experienced in Cologne 2 years ago. You can read about the articles by clicking here and here.

5 of us (Fizz, Fuad, Nuzul, Ainul and I) went to Cologne last Monday to experience the Rosenmontag parade. Lots of people got themselves masqueraded and costumed.We got to see beautiful, eye-catching floats going around the city entertaining the visitors. The floats not only try to be beautiful but also represent ironical, political and traditional topics .The best part would be as the floats pass by, Kamelle (sweets, candies, chocolates etc) and Struessjer (Flowers) were being thrown to the crowd while they sing Karneval songs. That was serious fun!

Enjoy the pictures...

On the way to Appellhofplatz to see the parade...

Along the streets...

Sitting/Standing areas

The motto on one of the floats...

A collection of various costumes and floats

Poodle guy



Flags from the associations in Cologne


Blaue Funken...They gave the best chocolates..

Mariechen (Acrobatic dancing troupes of girls)

Group pics berbackgroundkan Rosenmontag parade

Yeay we managed to collect 2 bags of Kamelle..

Dapat gak chocolate besar and teddy bear...

Time to divide Kamelle and Struessjer

Bajet chomeyl letew.. :p

Ni la hasil kutipan kitorunk.. ada yang bleh makan ada yang xle makan...howoe..

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!


eszyamin said...

...segak berbaju melayu..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to eszyamin:

Ema said...

tkjut tgk gmbr second. ek knp nabil mcm chubby >.<

sitiezahim said...

heheh bes kan..kengkadang bukan nak makan sgt gula2 tp seronok berebut aje..hik hik hik

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ema:
Actually bukan macam..memang kot..time2 winter ni memang muka i chubby skit.. ;p

to kak siti hajar:
haha..betul tu..kesian budak2 terpaksa berebut sekali ngan orang besar..

sully86 said...

nabs: pengutip choco..nasib baik bukan pengutip sampah sarap..ahahha

~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

girl bertudung 2,, really comel.. =)

wahh!! meriah!!
owhh,, nabil aizat ada musim2 jd tembam ada musim tak.. winter jer jd tembam... LOL

Zamri A. said...

Meriah! Ini nampak gaya macam Cologne's version of Notting Hill Carnival. =)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sully:
Heh aperkah..

to Nur Zulaiha:
Haha..thanx on her behalf..
:p yeap2..dulu masa first time sampai sini naik 6 kg sebab musim winter..deswai..

to Zamri:
Oh kat Notting Hill pon ada.niceee.The carnival in Cologne is the biggest in Germany if im not mistaken..

Anonymous said...

berbaju melayu,impressive B)

blog-tips-kurus said...

selepas 'till the next post' tu, macam mana nak sebut?? bahasa melayu juga yang mudah.. :-)

Paige a.k.a Hani said...

mcm bnyk je event kat german... mcti cool gler.. next month my friends pon nak fly further study ke sne.. jeles~ nk gak tgok event2 kat sne. =(

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to anonymous:
Hee.. :)

to blog-tips-kurus:
tschuess sebut cam choose in english.. hee bahasa melayu jugak mudah..betul2..

to Paige:
Oh nice...ikut la datang sekali.. :)