Friday, February 3, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan in Manchester

Exploring a world of flavours with a wide range of restaurants available in Manchester. Even before going to Manchester, my friends have been telling me on how great the food there is." You should try this and that and this and that!" So i was really keen on going to Manchester not only to explore the tourist attractions but to have a food adventure as well.

Manchester offers a big range of restaurants that will give you an experience of gastronomical delight, with a fusion of traditional and modern touch. I like the fact that you can easily get a good variety of halal food in Manchester.Oh steak i want you steak... :)

Lets om nom nom nom!

Al-Jazeera (Rusholme)
A very popular middle eastern style kebab house among the locals. It's hard to say no to the well cooked, great flavoured half-chicken and lamb rice from this restaurant.Oh not forgetting the lamb meat that is grilled on charcoal and served with fresh Naan. The guys working at this restaurant are also friendly and funny.You would definitely have a great time at Al-Jazeera.

Moonlight (Rusholme)
Famous for its special drink called Faluda, Moonlight is the perfect place to have a wonderful dessert in Manchester  There’s a wide range of ice-cream flavours available, which you can enjoy in a cone or a milkshake or you can turn it into a Faluda. Faluda is a Persian dessert which contains basil seeds, rose syrup, vermicelli and normally made with vanilla ice-cream.You can choose your own ice-cream flavour though.Because the place is quite small, it can get pretty cramped in there.But seriously, the 10 minutes queuing was really worth it! A must when you're in Manchester!

I Love Bobo Tea (Arndale)
Craving for a cup of bubble tea? This is the place! Located in Arndale Centre, Manchester, I Love Bobo Tea is a kiosk cafe selling bubble tea with flavours ranging from honeydew, banana and strawberry, to other exotic fruit flavours such as lychee and guava.Oh and not forgetting that the drink comes with chewy tapioca balls or juicy boba balls that pop in your mouth. Oh i just love that...Remembering the name of this kiosk is easy when you really mean it.. Yeah I love Bobo Tea!

Halima's House
Being the sweet nice girl she is, Halima invited us to have a dinner at her place.We had a wonderful time eating and chatting all night long.. Thanx Halima for the hospitality!

English Breakfast by Wani and Anem & Nasi Goreng Kampung by Syafea
Waking up to a sweet smell of coffee, seeing a pile of pancakes, a bowl of red beans, chopped bananas and frenchtoast served on the table...Oh how nice...Thank you Wani and Anem for the lovely breakfast. Oh before i forget, thanx to Syafea for the awesome nasi goreng that she cooked for breakfast on the second day I was in Manchester...rindu nasi goreng kampung pedas camtu.. huhu

Pizza Co
"Pizza Co. It's the place to go" a cute phrase that says it all...the best thing about this restaurant is that everything is halal.So you don't have to order only Margherita or seafood pizza. :) This place offers a great variety of pizza flavours that you'll have a hard time choosing the right one.A dish that you should definitely order when you're here is hot buffalo chicken wings.Sedap menjilat jari you know!!!

Rice (Piccadily Gardens)
"Authentic rice based dishes from around the world" The unique concept of RICE was derived from vast travels of the world bringing to your palate authentic, savoured rice based dishes.You can find a huge range of delicacies from all over the world at this restaurant.All the main dishes are combined with a choice of rice or rice noodles from across the globe. To read more about Rice at their website, click here.

Oh what a wonderful food adventure I experienced in Manchester.Would love to come here again and explore other interesting restaurants that Manchester has to offer. ;)

Till the next post
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Umar said...

Food galore!!!

Zinnirah Humaira said...

ahhh..sedapnya makanan T____T
saya makan nasi ayam je nih, kehkeh :)

eszyamin said...

seronoknye mkn byk2..

sully86 said...

nabs: tak tau pulak al jazeera the new broadcast company has open a food restaurant....

Myra said...

oh. jeles.


must go Manch soon! lol

Anonymous said...

OMG you make me really miss Manchester. These are all the places that I frequented when I was living in Manchester several years back with my family. Hmm I miss Kabillay Pilau the most!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to umar:
:) jalan2 cari makan la katakan...

to Zinnirah:
Kat Malaysia lagi best kot...huhu

to eszyamin:
Paling nak makan banyak adalah steak kat situ...nikmat terasa...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sully:
Haha kannn...i thought of the same thing at first...skaliii...jeng3

to Myra:
Yeah you should!!

to Anonymous:
It's nice to experience the culture and food here right? I'll definitely go to Manchester again!

siti.fizzie.fizz said...

Semangat letak gambooo, promote kedai dapat duit taaaak

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fizz:
Haha..dapat kasih sayang pembaca blog ok letew..ok geli.


Awesome place indeed..

btw i just voted for you for Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012.. All the best ya... =)

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Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Rubicon Mango is awesome, have u tried Rubicon Lychee? For me, it's more awesome...

Miss. Tina said...

Amazing food,amazing place to stay and amazing pictures too :-)


bai baizura said...

byk makan:) nmpaknya bolehlah perot 2 maju ke depan.HAHA^,^

Muhammad khairin Mohd Kassim said...

Thanks for the tips, bro. I will definitely try some of the places that you mentioned.

Btw, do you have any tips on 3G sim card with data? I will be in UK for 2 weeks.

Muhammad khairin Mohd Kassim said...

whoa!! I come across you page while goggle for halal food in Manchester thanks for the tips.. i will definitely try when i get there.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Muhammad khairin Mohd Kassim:
Oh have a nice trip then..about the sim card i used the carrier "3" if i'm not mistaken..they have this promotion where you can use internet at a good rate..try to find out about it..